Kennedy and Lincoln

“God is the judge; he putteth down one, and setteth up another” Ps 75:7

Kennedy and Lincoln were martyrs of the Bankers Why? Same reason Jesus was Crucified, Money. Jesus turned the tables on the Money Changers because they charged Usury (Interest) on gifts God gives for Free. Lincoln printed Greenbacks effectively ending Central Bank control over the US. Kennedy printed Silver Certificates and had $Billions of them ready for printing when he was murdered. By who? The Secret Service. The Simpsons predicted the Trump presidency and pictured Trump in a casket guarded by the Secret Service, who work for the Treasury Dept and 77th US Treasury Sec Stephen Mnuchin, a Skull & Bones Satanist like GHW Bush whose Aircraft Carrier is CVN 77 and GW Bush who watched US #77 hit the 77 ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Longitude on 9/11 and agent of Rothschild (Goldman Sachs) Bankers. Aleister Crowley wrote Liber 77: Book of the Goat; pretty coincidental eh?
Jack Kennedy was a Bigamist, married to Durie Malcom; she and Lyndon Johnson were involved with the murder and resumption of the Opium pipeline called the Vietnam War or Spelly’s War (Cardinal Francis Spellman); likewise Lincoln was assassinated by his wife Mary Todd’s opium pusher 33 degree Mason John Wilkes Booth.
The Secret Service is an arm of the Central Bank/Federal Reserve/Treasury Dept set up by the Creditors (Bankers/Money Changers) to protect the $US, not the US President. Donald Trump held a pre-inaugural party in front of the Lincoln Memorial; you may recall a picture of Trump dead in a casket, guarded by the Secret Service appeared in an alleged episode of “The Simpsons”; occult information?
From the Lincoln Center (Lincoln was head of AMORC “American Order of Rose and Cross”) and the Columbus (Columbus was Fernando Zarko a Sephardic Satanist “Marrano” pretending to be Catholic; the US is Columbia the Roman goddess of Freedom) Circle in NYC where Trump Tower is located on 57th St.; 57 is the number of years it takes for the Sun and Moon to return to their exact same positions.
God gave 120 years warning before the Flood. 120 years ago political writer Ingersoll Rand wrote Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey about a man named “Donald” taking the young Baron, a spitting image of Baron Trump, to Russia from the exact address Trump Tower would later occupy, after a political outsider and Bankers tool becomes president and chaos erupts in the Big Apple (Apple is Aplu=Apollyon of Rev 9:11; Trump’s 66th floor penthouse is a shrine to Apollo; Putin held the Sochi Olympics featuring the Chariot of Apollo) There are 7 Left Hand Forks (Druid means “Knowers of Trees; Esus is the Left Fork) in Broadway to Union Square Park where the Occupy Movement was headquartered next to a flag supported by the Fasces. The Lincoln Memorial also features the Fasces Symbol, rarely noticed by tourists gazing at the larger than life “Honest Abe”. What is implied here is a Fascist World Union with Freedom from God and Equality with God. The Occupy Movement, Tea Party Movement and Anonymous are Jesuit/Masonic organizations intent on Secessation of States from the American Union as a prelude to a One World Military, Currency and Government “of the people”; God will have no part in this Gnostic endeavor.
The Order was portrayed in the wake of 9/11/2001 in a Dec 2001 movie starring Jesuit Jean Claude Van Damme and 33 deg Mason Charleton Heston (Moses); the theme was the intentional demolition of the Mosque of Omar and al Aqsa Mosque pitting Sunni Islam against America. The playbook is straight from Sodomite 330 Mason, Confederate General, KKK (John Wilkes Booth was an initiate of the predecessor Knights of the Golden Circle) Albert Pike’s plan for 3 World Wars to pit forces of “political Zionism against Islam”; America’s Government is in full agreement as his statue stands at the Justice Dept in Washington DC. A critical part of this plan is “to unleash the Nihilists”; Anarchists such as Barbara Bush’s illegitimate father Aleister Crowley (Mason/British MI-5 agent) who coined the phrase “Do what thou wilt”; they create “Chaos” out of which “The Order” can be revealed, an order based on Lucifer.
The Order was again put on display in 2003 with Heath Ledger (Heath was initiated in 2001 in “The Patriot” with Jesuit Mel Gibson weighing 2 Oak Rocking Chairs at 9lbs 11oz 2 months before 9/11); Heath played a Carolingian Priest called the “Sin Eater”; that rejection of Jesus Christ, his portrayal of the Joker and the Hangman Tarot Card ended his life “God shall not be mocked” after all.
Jesuits hide behind the name “Society of Jesus” or “Knights of Malta” aka “Sovereign Military order of Malta, Cyprus and Rhodes” or “Knights of St John of Jerusalem”. Jesuits are Samaritans, they will play both sides of conflict against each other, while pretending to be Jewish, Catholic, Protestant or Muslim when expedient. “God has no son” is written at the Dome of the Rock. The Sahada “There is not God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” is written on the Papal Chair of St Peter. IHS “In Hoc Signo Vinces” is displayed on Presbyterian and other pulpits; these are Jesuit slogans. Jesuits have been expelled from dozens of Nations (Jesuit missionaries were formally recognized during the Reagan-Bush years), their initiates populate the ranks of Government, Media, Religions, Universities, Science and in secret societies aka “Shadow Government” in Freemasonry, symbolically controlled from the Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC and Jesuit Georgetown University directly west.
Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” 19 Nov 1863 drew comparison from Ps 90:10 “Four score and 7 years…” a reference to God’s appointed lifespan as well as Rosicrucian 330 Freemason Ben Franklin’s choice for July 4, 1776 for the “Declaration of Independence” during a very rare 5 planet occultation suggested by his Masonic/Sabean astrologer Ebenezer Sibly; America’s Flag at that time was the Evergreen Tree (a Samaritan symbol from Babylon), soon replaced by the Serpent and soon after by the Masonically designed Betsy Ross Flag. Lincoln was murdered on “Good Friday”, likely by his occult obsessed, opium addicted wife Mary using a ,41 caliber Derringer (Booth shooting toward Theater patrons with a large, smooth bore Derringer would have been very risky and left evidence; Derringers work best in very intimate settings) in a very public, Freemason orchestrated event. Likely a Sodomite, Honest Abe was indifferent to his wife as was the serial womanizer John Kennedy who 50 years ago may also have been murdered by his occult obsessed, amphetamine and human placenta addicted (Jackie and Jack were administered pain killing drug cocktails by Dr Max Jacobson; human placenta was and is referred to as “Miracle Tissue Regeneration” or the “Elixer of Life”, a driving force in Stem Cell research) wife Jackie using a similar if not identical Derringer in a very public Freemason orchestrated event ordered by Sodomite/Freemason FBI Director J Edgar Hoover using CIA operatives Frank Sturgis, E Howard Hunt and George HW Bush and covered up by Masons on the Warren Commission; the Magic Bullet theory courtesy of generational Satanist Gerald Ford.
Sodomite Barack Obama stood next to his beard/wife Michelle wearing a “Black Widow” dress in Springfield Illinois behind Rocket Proof glass on the stage where Abraham Lincoln was elected; he took the same train stops to the Inauguration where “America’s Pastor” Rick Warren invoked Jesus and the Arab “Issa” (same as Druid Esus and Roman Mars worshipped as the UNKOWN GOD at Mars’ Hill aka Areopagus) as Sodomite Jesuit John Roberts using the Lincoln Bible allowed the President to not swear to defend the US Constitution; his repeated Oath of Office did not use any bible. Critical as Jesus is the Word of God in Flesh and Lucifers Demons “Archons” are subject to Him. Obama is one such Archon initiate of “Boule”, and offshoot of Prince Hall Freemasonry who designed his Rising Sun Logo and the Carbon Fund Logo.
The Gettysburg Address identified the cause of the Civil War was “Secessationism”; the Emancipation Proclamation freed Slaves, primarily reducing British aided Southern Secessationist “Confederate” forces and paved the way for Corporate Personhood. Obama seems poised to preside over the Corporate break-up and “Fire Sale” of American assets through the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), TAP (Trans-Atlantic Partnership) and Operation Blue Seed, Trans-national Corporations bidding on American assets from International Waters just offshore. Bold plan eh? Its Gods plan and we just need to pick the correct side. His stamp is all over Lincoln and Kennedy.

· Southern envoys on the British vessel HMS Trent were intercepted by the USS San Jacinto on orders of Abraham Lincoln’s Masonic advisers without his knowledge in 1861. John Kennedy’s Masonic advisers cancelled need air cover during the Bay of Pigs, invasion of Cuba “Operation Zapata” without Kennedy’s knowledge in 1961.
· Lord Palmerston issued a series of ultimatums to Pres. Lincoln which brought the British people to war fever in 1862. Soviet missiles placed in Cuba brought Americans to war fever in 1962. Lincoln’s cool head prevented war the same way Kennedy’s cool head prevented War.
· Abraham Lincoln issued $449 million in “Greenbacks” at no interest in 1863. John Kennedy issued $4 billion in “United States Silver Certificates” at no interest in 1963.

· Lincoln and Kennedy were both named after their grandfathers.
· Both men had genetic diseases they kept hidden.
· Both men lost a son while president.
· Both men lost a sister prior to their elections.
· Both men married dark haired 24 year old spouses who were previously engaged and fluent in French.
· Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. Kennedy was elected to Congress in1946.
· Lincoln was runner-up for VP in 1856. Kennedy was runner-up for VP in 1956.
· Lincoln was elected President in 1860. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.
· Lincoln and Kennedy were both elected with less than 50% of the popular vote. Trump ditto.
· Lincoln and Kennedy both had their elections legally contested.
· Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation became law in 1863; Kennedy’s Civil Rights laws in 1963.
· Lincoln and Kennedy both had personal advisors named Billy Graham. Franklin Graham gave the Inaugual prayer for Donald Trump.
· Lincoln and Kennedy both had dreams of being assassinated.
· Lincoln and Kennedy were both were shot in the head on a Friday with military autopsies performed.
· Lincoln’s accused killer John Wilkes Booth was born in 1839, used 3 names with 15 letters and was killed with a Colt Revolver before his statement or trial in the State immediately west of his birth State.
· Kennedy’s accused killer Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939, used 3 names with 15 letters and was killed with a Colt Revolver before his statement or trial in the state immediately west of his birth state.
· Lincoln was killed in Ford’s Theatre Box #7
· Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln made by Ford in Car #7.
· Lincoln was succeeded by a Freemason, Southerner named Johnson born in 1808, elected to Congress in 1837. His father was a Janitor and he was accused of involvement in the assassination.
· Kennedy was succeeded by a Freemason, Southerner named Johnson born in 1908, elected to Congress in 1937. His father was a Janitor and he was accused of involvement in the assassination.
· Lincoln’s secretary was Evelyn Kennedy. She reportedly warned him not to go to Ford’s Theater.
· NY Superintendent of Police John Kennedy voiced his concerns for Lincoln’s safety
· Lincoln’s funeral occurred on 20 year conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.
· Kennedy’s funeral occurred on 20 year conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.
· Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland prior to the assassination.
· Kennedy was with Marilyn Monroe prior to the assassination.
· Lincoln was shot in “Ford’s Theatre”; Booth hid in a warehouse.
· Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln made by Ford; Oswald hid in a theater.

John Wiles Booth was a Shakespearian actor, Jesuit, Confederate, 330 Luciferian Freemason and initiate in the Knights of the Golden Circle aka KKK “Knights of the Kykos Klan” or Scottish Society of the Horseman’s Word; no more a Lone Nut Assassin than CIA asset Lee Harvey Oswald. Jesuit actors play the parts they are handed; examples are Denzel Washington (Book of Eli), Al Pacino (Godfather, Devil’s Advocate), Robert DeNiro (Mafia means Mazzini Authorizes Theft Fire and Poison; Sin and have Jesuit Priest “Sin Eater” absolve them), Bruce Willis (Live Free or Die Hard illustrated America’s Fire Sale), Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon refers to the Nails used to fasten Jesus to the Tree), Kevin Costner (No Way Out illustrated the Oath of Induction being a One way street), Martin and Charlie Sheen (Jesuit Alex Jones works with them), Sylvester Stallone, Keanu Reeves (Matrix spells out the entire Jesuit plan start to finish) and even 9/11 partial truth teller Webster Tarpley or Prison Privatization evangelist Charles Colson are all examples.
The cast of characters surrounding JFK were all CIA Jesuit Knights of Malta and Freemasons: J Peter Grace (SMOM Commander), John McCone (CIA Chief, SMOM Skull & Bones), Warren Commission Freemasons; CIA asset E Howard Hunt even gave a death bed confession detailing J Edgar Hoover ordered the CIA hit on JFK, his Secret Service ordered to stand down just like Lincoln’s body guard was called off, all managed from Dealey Plaza by George Bush Sr.
The Skull & Bones Bush family owns a 100,000AC ranch over the Guarani (Guarani are a 1st Nation people largely exterminated by Jesuits) Aquifer in Paraguay (founded by Jesuits); part of Unification Church owned land; Ban Ki Moon is one such disciple of Sung Myung Moon proclaimed “Messiah of the Universe” by the US Congress. Jesuits being the “Sin Eaters”, it’s important to remember Sin is known as Allah the Arab Moon God/Goddess.
2012 is unique because Thanksgiving is also on 11/22, 33 days before Christmas 2012 “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti”.
Sir Walter Raleigh organized expeditions to Hattaras Is and Roanoke Is to claim ownership of America, July 4 1584 is considered the first Thanksgiving because of these voyages. By Papal decree, Britain is owned by the Vatican and the US is still owned by the British; the IRS Form 1040 is in fact a tribute to the British Crown and a veiled reference to the preceding 1040 days before the 1260 day Great Tribulation which make up Daniel’s 2300 Days. Virginia was named for the Virgin Queen Elizabeth in history books, but in reality the Virgin Queen of Heaven “Columbia or Britannia”. She is represented by the Statue of Liberty and Lady of Freedom atop the Capitol Rotunda (Womb of Zeus) where Congress (Congredi means Meet for War). Raleigh had allies in the Puritans (Pur means Lots cast for Marduk) who brought Nicolaitane Doctrine (Elevated Clergy) to a base of operations at the edge of the Atlantic Gulf Stream. The round trip circuit of the Gulf Stream was know since the days King Solomon’s “Ships of Tarshish” proceeded west from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Yucatan, up the East Coast where America’s 1st 5 colonies Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston were placed on an ancient Great Circle “Ley Line”, extending across to Wales and back to Cadiz, Spain. Centuries later, Jesuit Conquistadores and Pirates plundered Gold, Silver and Slaves along the same path.
Raleigh’s marker called “God’s Longitude” is located on the 77th Meridian on what is now Freedom Hill because 77 is Cain’s or rather his son Lamech’s revenge (Gen 4:24) is “Seventy and Sevenfold” Meridian Hill Park sits on the spot in Washington DC today on a Great Circle that connects the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán near Mexico City, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, the City of London, Cathedral of St Sophia aka Blue Mosque, Troy and the Golan Heights near Baalbek “Temple of Jupiter”. Freedom Hill Park is on the 77th Meridian, north of the Pentagon, also built on the 77th Longitude beginning 9/11/1946 in alignment with the Washington Monument and White House. AA Flt #77 would hit the 77ft tall Pentagon 60 years to the day after the Cornerstone was laid in Masonic Ceremony on 9/11/2001. Puritans later moved north purchasing Manhattan (Man Aton is the Egyptian equivalent of God Man) Is for $24 in trinkets from the Canarsie Indians.
June 29, 1676, was the 1st “Thanksgiving Proclamation”, celebrated for war victories against “Heathen Natives” “Thanksgiving” was Massachusetts Bay Colony Governor John Winthrop’s celebration of the pre-dawn murder of 700 Pequot Indians, in what is today Groton CT. Abib means Green Corn; God’s New Year begins with the New Moon following Spring Equinox on Abib 1. Pequot Natives were gathered for the annual “Green Corn Festival”; victims were awakened, shot, clubbed, burned alive in the Longhouse. Children were sold into English slavery via Bermuda and Liverpool; unsuitable survivors dispersed from their land. Wampanoag Chief Metacomet (his father signed the first Peace Treaty with British Colonists) was renamed “King Phillip”, impaled on a spike (Turkomen after whom the Turkey is named call this the “Palo”) and put on display 24 years as a warning of the event. $24 and 24 years are a veiled reference to the Greek letter X “Chi” meaning Christ or Messiah. Chi-Rho a symbol of the risen Solar Christ “Solis Invicti”.
Colonists referred to Chief Metacomet as “King Phillip” after King Phillip of France who arrested the Knights Templar in 1307 and disposed of their assets in 1312. In 1614 Patuxet Indians were loaded onto slave ships bound for England; those left behind were intentionally infected with smallpox; by 1620, it is claimed that only the ex-slave who developed immunity to the disease named Squanto remained alive; his years as a British servant developed his immunity. In Jamestown, Debtors were forced to work, starve or board ships destined for Debtors Prisons; they decided to poison the wine at a 1623 Feast in which 200 Indians died.
The American Union could not be broken up at the Civil War because there was no Debt; Lincoln had printed the nation’s own “Green Back” currency. Richard Nixon was forced to repay the Vietnam War in Gold; US currency was inflated 33 fold in a mere 8 years during the 1970’s. Today Corporate USA has some $50Trillion in unfunded debt and liabilities balanced by Water, Oil, Coal, Natural Gas and Food assets far in excess of that figure. This is why the “Fire Sale” will happen.
Freemason, Order of Cincinnati George Washington cut Thanksgiving festivities to 1 day. Cincinnati refers to Roman citizen farmer turned dictator Cincinnatus; the group is considered American Bloodline Royalty. The God worshipped by Colonists was a vague deity called “Providence”. Indians came to “Red Skins” not because of skin color, but because of the book Obadiah. Edom means Red; the House of Esau will be destroyed at the 2nd Coming; to facilitate a Jesuit falsification of the 2nd Coming, Communists trained in America are called “Red Diaper” Babies. No more out in the open than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and Ubiquitous Red Star. In George Washington’s Day, using severed Indian heads as soccer balls was a year long celebration; George reportedly even fired the first shots in the French-Indian Wars.
Rosicrucian Grand Master Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving an American (America means Amurru-Can; Priests of the Canaanite Serpent god Amurru and the Amaru, his staff of authority) National Holiday “Holy Day” during the Civil War. That same day, he ordered soldiers against starving Sioux Indians in Minnesota. A bit of a double standard eh?
Turkey was first domesticated by Aztecs. Rosicrucian, 330 Freemason, Hell Fire Club Initiate and avid Sabaean Astrologer Ben Franklin chose the Turkey for the National Bird because America was to be fattened, stuffed and consumed one day as the World’s Scapegoat. Turkey is a name derived from Turkish “Turkomen”; Arab means “Merchant”; Turkomen were Arabs living in Turkey whose religion was Kaballah; the Talmud is their oral law put in writing learned from Babylonian and Persian captivity. Turkey merchants of Madagascar then domesticated and marketed the Guinea Fowl called “Turkey”; the domesticated bird of the Aztecs. Aztec, Aztlan and Laban all mean “To make white”. Aztec corn was called “Turkey Corn”. Turkey is derived from “Hindi”, the Turkish name for Indian and “Dinde” which means “Chicken from India”.
Columbus was also a Rosicrucian who like Puritan colonists, used disease as a weapon and did not discover anything in his life let alone believe Hispaniola was India. Turkey is slang for “Stupid, ineffectual person”.
330 Luciferian Freemason Franklin Roosevelt commercialized Thanksgiving by moving it to the 3rd Thursday in November to kick off the month long celebration of Saturnalia, Brumalia, Hannukah, Christmas and the Nativity of Sol Invictus. Lucifer/Satans birthday goes by. “Merry Christmas”? setting up a Grove and celebrating the death and distribution of Jesus’ body is also pretty stupid. A Turkey Shoot refers to setting Turkeys up behind a log and shooting at their heads; George Bush Sr called the slaughter of Iraqis in 1991 on the Highway of Death a “Turkey Shoot”; soon it will be our turn.
30 days from Thanksgiving 2012 will be the Solar Solstice; the Sun will symbolically spend 3 days in the abyss (Galactic Center/Womb) and rise again. The Age of Pisces, represented by the Labrys (Fish Symbol or Eye of Horus) will give way to Aquarius. Annually the Sun leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on Jan 20, the Presidential Inauguration Day as it does every year. 2012-2013 is however quite unique. Not only will the Sun rise through the X (Chi) formed by the Ecliptic and Zodiac on the Solstice; the Vernal Equinox Sunrise will also occur in Aquarius, inaugurating a new 2160 year “Age”. 216 is an interesting number representing 6 X 6 X 6 as well as the cubes of 3, 4 and 5 added in the Pythagorean Triangle. The Sun (Arab Allah/Lucifer) in Taurus (Zeus was the White Bull) as Flood waters receded, was followed by Aries (Ram), Pisces and Aquarius. The Moon will (as far as I know) be a mirror image of this Sun cycle during the Roman Saturnalia from St Lucia (Bride of Light) day on Dec 13-Dec 25, progressing from Pisces back to Taurus.
Thanksgiving 11/22 to the Solstice (30 days) to Christmas (33 days) mimics a Mason’s evolution from Blue Lodge to Red Lodge and White Brotherhood. Albert Pike told brethren of the 30-32 degrees their God is Lucifer. Obama’s Logo is in fact a Rising Sun amid Red, White and Blue. Before we get too deep in these Luciferian “Holy Days”, it might be wise to give Thanks to the God conceived at Feast of Dedication and born on Feast of Tabernacles rather than the false god conceived at first light on Easter Sunday “Dies Solis”, and born in a manger on Dies Natalis Solic Invicti!
Bobby Kennedy
Thomas Noguchi, in his book King Coroner, determined that the shot which killed Robert F. Kennedy entered “through the mastoid bone, an inch behind the right ear.” Noguchi determined that the shot was fired from no more than four inches from behind Kennedy’s head. Sirhan Sirhan was at no time closer than three to four feet in front of Kennedy.

Sirhan couldn’t have killed Senator Kennedy. There was no way Sirhan Sirhan killed Kennedy. Dr. Diamond’s expert testimony got Sirhan Sirhan convicted of 1st degree murder and the death sentence penalty in the gas chamber on April 17, 1969. Sirhan’s lawyer, Larry Teeter said that Sirhan was the fall guy. His job was to get busted while the trigger man walked out. He wasn’t consciously involved in any plot. He was a patsy. He was unconscious and unaware of what was happening – Sirhan was the true Manchurian Candidate. That’s the way that they roll. “He is absolutely innocent. He is not the person who did the shooting. He was out of position and out of range and he couldn’t have done it.”
Sirhan’s hypnotist Dr. William Joseph Bryan, Jr. had been a military psychiatrist during WWII. Bryanworked clandestinely on dark dominance CIA MK ULTRA mind-control programs, and claimed to have moonlighted as a technical adviser on firm, The Manchurian Candidate. Dr. Bryan was found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room on March 4, 1977.

Mary Jo Kopechne worked on Bobby Kennedy’s presidential campaign and would have spilled the beans, so Knight of Malta Teddy Kennedy “Chappaquiddicked” her.

John Kennedy Jr was set to spill the beans about the Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs, his father’s assassination and Tesla’s “Fantastic New Weapon” developed by Russia in his magazine “George”, so the mastermind behind John, Bobby and John Jon’s murder George Bush Sr (Nazi George Scherff Jr) his body was dumped at sea.