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“There is no God. Nobody is directing the Universe” Stephen Hawking
“The more I look at the Universe, the more I’m convinced there is no God” Neil DeGrasse Tyson
“The fool hath said in his heart There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good” Ps 14:1

“Science” means “To Know” and is used twice in scripture; in Dan 1:5KJV “Tongue of the Chaldeans”; in 1 Ti 6:12 “Vain and Profane Babblings” opposing scripture.

Shiva at CERN

CERN uses a 666 logo, is built over an ancient grotto of Apollo aka Apylloyon/Abaddan of Rev 9:11 with the Hindu Destroyer Shiva dancing the Nataraja “Dance of Destruction” in front. CERN is Cernunnos aka Herne, the “Horned One” aka “Little Horn” in Dan 7:8; 8:9, the 4th Beast which Destroys the Earth (Dan 7:7).

July 4, 2012 CERN announced 99.99% proof of the Graviton “Independence Day”; the Particle received the nickname “God Particle” because the claim is the Graviton is the source of the Force of Gravity, the Force Carrier which gives “Order to the Visible Universe” and “Mass to Visible Matter”; Sounds like God but it is pure fiction.
On Nov 22, 2019 Axion ie Dark Matter discovered! Same day the 5th Fundamental Force dubbed X-17 is discovered!! More occult Bullshit! “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing” Job 26:7 Move over WIMPS and MACHOS, Axion (Axis + On=Heliopolis or Osiris) is the best candidate for Black Matter aka ALICE Matter the Prima Materia of Creation; “Discovered” using what else but Japan’s (Japan=Jih + Pun “Rising Sun”) XMASS (X=Chi=Osiris) detector. Axion streams split Left from Right, much the same was God splits Goats from Sheep in large part over the issue of XMASS, the birthdate of Saturn “Prima Materia”. Same day the 5th Force is “Discovered”. In Witchcraft, the Forces of nature are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Quintessence or Aether, the theoretical Dark Matter of Space originally made up in Egypt. Made up? Yes in the Pineal Gland as Illumination. X17 is the theoretical Force Carrier that connects Visible and Dark Matter. In Dan 11:39, Antichrist is described as the “God of Forces”; Well folks I’m guessing were about there! Why X17? X=Chi Space is “EMPTY” “NOTHING” Dark Matter is 100% Bullshit!

Isaac Newton, a Luciferian Freemason and Rosicrucian proposed “Gravity” when observing Jupiter and its Moons; Jupiter is Tzeddeq “Righteous”, the planet regarded by Chaldeans as Planet X (X=UNKNOWN GOD), Marduk, Merodach (Calf of the Sun), Zeus etc. Newton was regarded by his peers as the last of the Alchemists rather than the 1st of the Scientists; his life was dedicated to creating blueprints for the Temple God brings to Earth in Eze 40:47; Rev 21:2.

CERN uses DAVID and GOLIATH detectors controlled by CESAR to detect Alice MatterBig Bang,  Black Holes, WIMPS, RAMBOS, MACHOS, Bubbles, Worm Holes and P-Branes detected by EROS. Gravity and Dark Photons are Force Carriers of the visible and invisible Universe Warping Space-Time Fabric. The Vatican uses WISE and LUCIFER Telescopes to detect Hot DOGS. Sounds like Bullshit because it is.

Big Falcon Ship (old)

SciFi drives Science Elon Musk’s BFR (Big F— Rocket) looks like Flash Gordon’s Rocket from the 1920’s; his Spacesuits look like they came straight off the set of Ender’s Game.
Sir Arthur C Clarke wrote Renedevous with Rama; in 2017 Ouamuamua “Scout” a Hot Dog shaped asteroid or as some claim a hollow spacecraft, matching the description of the cylindrical spacecraft in Rendevous with Rama (Rama is the Hindu Supreme Being), the first extra-solar visitor came from Lyra and its Alpha Star Vega about Alien Contact, a novel written by fellow SciFi writer Carl Sagan. No apparent accelerations, english speaking aliens and planets with the perfect temperature and atmosphere in Lost in Space, Star Trek and Star Wars.

Biblical Truth: Gen 2:6 says a uniform mist watered the whole Earth. An Oxygen content of about 32% seen in bubbles encased in amber, higher partial pressure of O2, higher concentrations of CO2, combined with UV Light blocked by a vapor canopy yielded far longer lifespans, faster healing and larger size proven in the “Fossil” record. The authority to eat flesh came after the Flood, thus “Dinosaurs” like Man were Herbivores living in Tropical conditions ie “Paradise”
Constellations named in scripture remain the same today negating any talk of the Big Bang. The Sun and Moon in a ratio of 1/400 in both size and distance provide the necessary conditions for telling time and predicting both lunar and solar eclipses beg a Creator. Hydrologic Cycle continuously cleanses and circulates Water and regulates Temperature necessary for all life; no other planet has verifiable Water. Photosynthesis provides an equal balance for Plants and Animals to exist; they needed to be Created simultaneously. Thermohaline Conveyor circulates equatorial warmth to otherwise frozen parts of the world; Salt Water makes this possible and could only form by streaming up from inside the Earth. Magnetic Field protects everything living from deadly radiation and supplying continuos unlimited free energy. Size just right to provide a stable atmosphere and 1 G acceleration. Proximity to the Sun to provide a livable temperature. Atmosphere guards against deadly incoming meteorites. Plate Tectonics and Carbon Cycle change Silicate to Carbonate (Weathering, Sedimentation) and back (Magmatism, Volcanism, Metamorphism) providing a Global Temperature balance. All by chance? Don’t be a fool.
Darwin (Erasmus and Charles) said our ancestors were mutating Fish and Monkeys; Evolution theory requires a diverse gene pool, yet Charles married and fathered 10 children with his 1st Cousin. A simple time lapse photograph proves Earth is the center of the visible stars.Image result for stars rotating at night Stars rotate around Earth’s Axis hardly indicative of the Big Bang and Solar System

—Jesuits have a new Periodic aka Idiotic Table of Elements based on the Big Bang without a shred of proof elements heavier than Helium can be produced by Nuclear Fusion.
—Neil Armstrong was photographed descending the Apollo “Eagle” Lander to the Moon yet nobody claims to have been there to take his picture.
—Plastic Camera Film melts at 165F; the Sunlit side of the Moon is 350F

PT Scientists (Part Time) to land a Module + 2 Rovers aboard a Space X “Falcon 9” rocket on the Moon in 2018 to track down Freemason Gene Cernan’s Rover from Apollo 17. Alrighty then! Here is a video of Gene Cernan on stage disconecting his space suit cable (first scene at 16 sec) providing the illusion of reduced Gravity (also a myth) Here are a few NASA engineers admitting no living thing can survive the Van Allen Radiation Belts surrounding Earth

Godspeed Van Allen Probes

NASA Orion Engineer Kelly Smith admits nobody has solved the problem of traveling through the “Deadly Radiation” in the Van Allen Radiation Belts.

Col Terry Virts admits “No person has ever flown outside Low Earth Orbit”
“We can only fly into Earth orbit” Col Terry Virts

NASA Orion scientist Kelly Smith admits “Van Allen Radiation is very dangerous..future missions will need to solve the problem of transiting the region of deadly radiation before we go to the moon”. Here are NASA Liars on the Lunar Stage

“We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space”-Kelly Smith

A video uploaded to YouTube by a user named Streetcap1 focuses on an image which purports to show a ‘stagehand’ reflected in the visor of an astronaut after Apollo 17 landed on the moon in December 1972
On that mission (pictured), Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt spent about 22 hours on the surface in the Taurus-Littrow valley, while colleague Ronald Evans orbited overhead

Oops, someone without a Space Suit was reflected in Gene Cernan’s visor during the alleged Apollo 17 Mission. 22 Hours in a Spacesuit that must be pressurized with 100% O2 to 5 psi and regulate a 750F temperature (sunlight to shadow) differential in a vacuum. Neat trick.Image result for picture of cern alpha experiment”Alpha” Anti-Matter (Dark Matter) and Anti-Gravity experiment at CERN. “God Particle” gives “Mass to Matter” and “Order to the Universe” Sounds like God eh? “I am the Alpha and the Omega”-Jesus Christ Related imageBig Bang Theory is a Lie. Required Nuclear Fusion Energy rises as Elements produced from Hydrogen to Helium to Lithium and other elements further up the Periodic Table; the exact opposite of Big Bang Theory.

Photosynthesis equations and descriptions

Greenhouse Gasses create “Greenhouses”; lowering CO2 levels creates Deserts.  Anthropogenic Global Warming is a Lie Green Houses achieve CO2 levels of 1500PPM using CO2 Generators, a 3-5X improvement over current levels; Plants use the CO2 to produce Oxygen, the fuel source of human and animal life. Global Warming increases Evaporation; increasing the Hyrdologic Cycle (Rain) and all life on Earth. CH4 (Methane) oxidizes on contact with O2 to form Water Vapor which is lighter than Air and rises to the Saturation Level forming Opaque White Couds which reflect Infrared Light, the only source of Solar Heat. Global Warming is Bull Shit, a clever, crafty Lie to convince people to reduce CO2, killing Plants the producers of Oxygen and indeed all life on Earth. Earth has 2 primary mechanisms to correct Temperature: 1 Evaporation or Hydrologic Cycle and 2. Thermohaline Conveyor. 75% of the Earth’s surface is covered by Water, most of it Salt (Haline) Water. Warming increases Evaporation; Water Vapor is lighter than surrounding Air, so it rises to the Saturation Level. Clouds form which are White and Opaque reflecting Light away from the Earth’s surface. Red Light refracts to form Infrared which interacts with Water in the Atmosphere causing Heat Energy. More clouds, less heating, it’s that simple.

World ocean thermohaline circulation

The Thermohaline Conveyor works because Salt Water is heavier than Fresh Water. Salt Water also differs from Fresh Water in that Colder and or Saltier Water is denser; circulation occurs as denser water migrates toward less dense. Warming at the equator is offset by melting of Fresh Water glaciers nearer the poles. Heavier Salt Water dives under Fresh Water inhibiting the heat distribution at higher latitudes, both north and south. Again, Earth has a self correcting system to keep the temperature necessary for life just right.

CERN’s GOLIATH Magnet powered by DAVID, controlled by CESAR is attempting to capture proof of the Dark Photon; Come on folks? Really? The BaBar Collaboration seeks proof of the Dark Photon and Dark Matter by Annihilation of Visible and Dark Matter. BaBar is a mythical Indian animal like a Leopard that is greater than a Tiger or Lion CERN calls it the Guage Boson “A”.

Science: “Vain and profane babblings” (1 Tim 6:12) “Tongue of the Chaldeans” (Dan 1:4)
Dark Matter, Antimatter, God Particles, Gravity, Big Bang= Satanic Bull Shit.

On Dec 19, 2016 CERN announced the ALPHA Experiment using ATHENA (AnTiHydrogenEN Apparatus) produced Anti-Hydrogen. Why? Hydrogen combines to form Helium “He” in Hebrew means “God is with me”; Jesus’ title is “I Am He” Awake Yet?

AWAKE (Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment) will increase energy levels in the God Particle; Stephen Hawking could destroy the Universe; relax, it’s all Dis-CERN-A-Bull. JESUS is Alpha; in Hebrew “H” means “God is with me” seen in Abram and Sarai becoming Abraham and Sarah. Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus and Minerva aka Athena, the virgin born daughter of Zeus sprang fully mature from Zeus’ forehead (Pineal Gland) clad in Armor, she became the embodiment of Wisdom and Purity symbolized as the Owl of Wisdom. Her Holy Tree is the Olive Tree because Jesus is the Olive Tree. H is JESUS; Anti H is Antichrist. Pretty simple communication from the inventors of the God Particle.

Two Coronal Holes on the Sun Viewed by SDO The Sun’s Magnetic Field Theory is based entirely on Bull Shit; the Sun is not a “Bar Magnet” nor does the Sun’s Magnetic Field swap every 11 years. A bar magnet is made by passing electric current around ferrous material like Iron, heating it above its Curie Temperature (approx 700F) and allowing it to cool with the proper molecular alignment. The Sun has no ferrous material, Iron or anything else, it converts Hydrogen into Helium through Nuclear Fusion, period. When disasters happen on Earth like Earthquakes, Hurricanes, EMP blasts etc don’t blame the Sun, blame Man thinking he is God.

jon and an apollo 13 space suit

The glamorous life of the Astronaut is one of deception; if you think dealing with one’s Fesces in a Space Suit for several days is fun; just Lie about it. Every exhalation increases CO2 which lowers the partial pressure of O2 and must be corrected.
The well funded life of Astro-physicists is also one of deception; if you think Space is full of Dark Matter, Black Holes, Worm Holes and Space-Time Traveling Aliens from Alternative Universes, join Freemasonry or the Jesuit Order who make this Bull Shit up. If you are tired of the Lies, ask JESUS to help you Dis-CERN the times.


Aug 10, 2016 Murder at CERN? not quite, Hoax at CERN
A UTube video of a purpoted Human Sacrifice posted Aug 10. So the videographer happens to have his camera running ahead of time and get surprised by the black robed ceremony? Nice touch with tennis shoes and shorts; notice the video ends with a picture of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. The video is a Hoax on par with CERN itself.
God Particle
On July 4, 2012 CERN posted the dance “Syncronicity”, and a Choir full of Black Robed Scientists singing prases to Peter Higgs who named the Higgs Boson aka God Particle after himself. Bull Shit people, nothing more. Shiva is Apollo=Apollyon/Abaddon from Rev 9:11, this is simply more propaganda about the return of Zeus’ son Apollo.
5th Force
July 14, 2016 CERN announces proof of a 5th Force. The Dark Photon is the Force Carrier of Dark Matter. 5th Force is none other than Quintessence the mythical Aether of the ancient Greeks, Plato’s Dodecahedron (12 Sided Pentagon), 5th Element, Divine Spark (All Spark in Transfromers), TULA “Dark Sun” of ancient Egypt and Black Sun of the Nazi SS (NATO HQ is the SS Lighting Bolts). Quintessence is Witchcraft; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Quintessence or Illumination. Got JESUS in your life? Quintessence is a Pale substitute.

Flat Earth nonsense

Flat   Earth Map

Is the Earth Flat? Is a pool or the Ocean flat? It may seem so, but it is not; a long enougn Bowling Alley would circle back on itself right? Flat Earth Theory is making a comeback in 2016. So how can Earth have a curved Ocean? It is Expanding outward. Gravity? Nope, that’s a Lie. Why in 2016? “With enough repetition people can believe a Square can be Circled” Nazi SS Propaganda Minister Joeseph Goebbels.
So where did all the Water above, on and in the Earth come from? NASA claims Water hitched a ride on Asteroids; that’s right folks, we are stupid enough to believe perhaps a Trillion Cubic Miles of Water shot through Space and arrived on Earth. Well Not me.
Space Travel
“Engineers have yet to find ways to protect astronouts from cosmic rays and solar radiation. Radiation causes immediate issues such as vomiting, fatigue and vision problems and leads to heart disease, immune deficiiancies and symptoms like Alzheimers” Smithsonian Magazine May 17, 2016. Still think Freemasons actually went to the Moon eh?
“Russia readying for yearly manned space flights to the Moon by 2025; Construction began May 30, 2016” The Russian dog Arkla was sent through the Radiation Belts in 1959; it’s selfie camera recorded it being killed by intense Radiation. The US and Man’s greatest achievement of landing a man on the moon is a Lie Russia knows quite well. Nothing like a movie of the 1st man to walk on the moon being taken from the lunar surface or a plastic film camera panning the last Apollo lander taking off from the surface to make a believer out of you eh?
The Radiation Belts prevent anything living from leaving or arriving on Earth. Like the US at Roswell, Russia has planted fake Alien crash sites and “Leaked” the evidence. Why in 2009 after all these years is material coming forth proving the event was planned in advance and staged? America is set to become the Scapegoat for Babylon.
Evolution Theory
Evolution is a Lie LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) a 4B yr old Myth was found in a Deep Sea Vent July 27, 2016 according to Nicholas Wade, published in the NY Times; Bull Shit people; LUCA is Noah, our 4340 yr old common ancestor. Evolution, Gravity, Helio-centrism, Big Bang, Relativity, Dark Matter are Jesuit Lies. The Speed of Light is not constant nor is the Universe Expanding.


Evolution is a Lie

DNA can only copy itself. One Species cannot not Evolve from another. Different Species cannot interbreed with each other.

"It is my dream to prove that String Theory exists" ~ Gionstein

F=MA Gravity violates the most basic physics law. Gravity requires nearly infinite force over nearly infinite distant and nearly infinite time which requires nearly infinite Energy; Dark Matter and Dark Energy were made up to provide that Energy. Gravity became the basis of Heliocentric Theory.

Heliocentric Theory depends on Gravity from the Sun moving the Earth and planets and an invisible Black Sun at the Galactic Core to move Stars. The Big Bang, even if true creates sub-atomic particles and Atoms which need to combine in Nuclear Fusion to create heavier atoms; this requires ever increasing energy which violates the basic law of Thermodynamics. Relativity requires Light to be a Massless Wave and Particles with Mass; Space cannot transport Waves of any kind as Waves are a displacement of Matter. Gravity as a Tension Force cannot be formed with similarly charged particles. Science is described in Scripture as Vain and profane babblings and the tongue of the Chaldeans (Dan 1:5; 1 Tim 6:12)
CERN announced 99.99% proof of the “Higgs Boson” God Particle, a particle with mass of 126GeV/c2 on July 4, 2012. On Dec 17, 2015 CERN announced discovery of a new particle, heavier than the Higg’s Boson emitting Gamma Rays. 2015 is the UN Year of Light and CERN’s Year of Light. My guess is one day soon a new particle will have a mass of 137GeV/c2 Why? 137 is the 33rd Prime number called the DNA of Light. The particle will be made of 100% Bull Shit! The God Particle forms the basis of String Theory and String Theory forms the basis of Space-Time

Anthropogenic Global Warming
God said “Go forth and multiply” Global Climate Change is a Lie The Paris Climate Summit insists Global Warming must be corrected by reductions in Carbon. Reduce Carbon and life on Earth dies . commercial Greenhouses increase Temperature, Humidity and Carbon di-oxide to 1500ppm. Lifespans in the pre-Flood world approached 1000 years during a time when global CO2 levels were perhaps 7000ppm.
Carbon as Methane “Natural Gas” CH4 and CO2 is Plant Food. Methane oxidizes on contact with O2 to form Water Vapor. Global Warning is Bull Shit, a clever, crafty Satanic Lie. Earth has 2 primary mechanisms to correct Temperature: 1 Evaporation or Hydrologic Cycle and 2. Thermohaline Conveyor. 75% of the Earth’s surface is covered by Water, most of it Salt (Haline) Water. Warming increases Evaporation; Water Vapor is lighter than surrounding Air, so it rises to the Saturation Level. Clouds form which are White and Opaque reflecting Light away from the Earth’s surface. Red Light refracts to form Infrared which interacts with Water in the Atmosphere causing Heat Energy. More clouds, less heating, it’s that simple.
The Thermohaline Conveyor works because Salt Water is heavier than Fresh Water. Salt Water also differs from Fresh Water in that Colder and or Saltier Water is denser; circulation occurs as denser water migrates toward less dense. Warming at the equator is offset by melting of Fresh Water glaciers nearer the poles. Heavier Salt Water dives under Fresh Water inhibiting the heat distribution at higher latitudes, both north and south. Again, Earth has a self correcting system to keep the temperature necessary for life just right.


Gravity Theory is a Lie. Dec 5, 2015 CERN (Cernunnos=Horned One or Old Horny) produces ALICE or Shadow (Krampus is the Shadow of St Nick) Matter by smashing Lead Ions together at 1 PeV (Quadrillion eV) the Quark-gluon plasma that filled the Universe (Prima Materia) moments after the Big Bang aka Big Bull Shit. Satanists think it’s funny; the Egyptian creator Atum (Atom) ejaculates the Universe into existence and Quarks attract together by gluons (God Particles) forming RAMBOS and MACHOS. I wish I were kidding; the Big Bang requires ever increasing Energy and Order which violates the most basic Thermodynamics and Physics principles.


The Moon Landing was Staged in preparation for the Alien Hoax.

Van Allen Belts
Earth is shielded from Solar Gamma and X-Ray radiation by the Magnetic Field and from UV Radiation by the Ozone Layer of the Atmosphere; attempts by Russia and the US to penetrate the Van Allen Belts ended in failure; hydrogen fusion detonations designed to create a hole in the belts failed. The Lie continues.

The van Allen Radiation Belts



Space X refers to X=Unknown; Mars is the UNKNOWN GOD aka Ares or Nergal, symbolized by the Rooster heralding the Rising Sun “Satan”
2015: NASA announces finding Water on Mars. Followed by Water-Ice, Glacier Flows, Tectonic Plates, Ice Mountains and Blue Skies on Pluto. Next came 8 planets/moons/asteroids with water and life from 1000F Venus to -350F Pluto. Then came the whopper: Alien Mega-structures in orbit around a Star 1480 Light-years from Earth. Next, the Curiosity Rover finds a Rusty Alien Machine on Mars; neat trick with no water vapor and a well below zero degree CO2 atmosphere and most recently on Nov 8 NASA claims the Pole Reversal on Earth is imminent just like the Magnetic Pole reversal on Mars that destroyed its Oceans and Atmosphere. Total Bull Shit! from the Apollo Program Liars. The Van Allen belts protect Earth from lethal Gamma and X-Ray radiation; how did Astronauts travel through it? They didn’t because nobody has or ever will and survive.
Mars and Pluto are 2 lifeless rocks with virtually no atmosphere, a mean temperature of (-150F and -400F . Roman Mars or Greek Ares was worshipped in Athens at Mars’ Hill (Areopagus), the UNKNOWN GOD god of War called Nergal in Babylon (1 Ki 17:30) Pluto is the god of the Underworld receiver of deceased souls in the Eleusinian Mystery (today’s Freemasonry). On Pluto the Sun would appear a distant Star; incapable of scattering light into constituent colors. Ever seen Pluto the Bloodhound before?
Water-Ice? Water changes state at 33F as do Masons becoming Sovereign just like JESUS , the Living Water did by dying on the Cross at 33. Water also changes state at 0C Zoroaster may ring a Baal because WWIII is the Zoroastrian battle of Good versus Evil coming to a neighborhood near you.
What timing! Just in time to convince taxpayers NASA needs $Billions for the Mars One Mission; the Martian movie is jut out and just ahead of Columbus Day. Natives were introduced to Columbus’ “Hounds of Hell” Blood Hound is a term for dogs given only human flesh to eat. Notice the fake picture of Pluto has Disney’s Blood Hound Pluto prominently displayed by a Desert like region; this is how occult communication works.

Stephen Hawking means Crown of Horus Hawking is a Jesuit sock puppet and a Liar. This man did not live 44 years with ALS in a wheelchair.


Hawking equates Columbus’ arrival equates with that of Aliens. Key word “Disease” 500 years ago Smallpox, today Ebola, the CDC manufactured immune system attacking disease that goes dormant until activated; Ebola means Balls of the Roman Flagrum and it’s back just in time for Columbus Day. Schools have a policy called No Europeans in America before Columbus to cover this mass murdering thief and Crypto (Satanist in private; Catholic in public) ejected from Spain on 9 Av 1492. 90% of the eastern seaboard died after Columbus (Crypto Fernando Zarco with Red Templar Crosses on his ships; Columbus is the Roman goddess of Freedom) Columbus stole Gold and killed Natives using Blood Hounds (almost comical how NASA images of Pluto from the New Horizons (Horus, the Alternative JESUS is the god of 2 Horizons) are identical to Luciferian Mason Walt Disney’s depictions of Pluto the Roman god of the Underworld) and Smallpox.

mat tea party girls

Scientists claim Earth is moving linearly at near Light Speed since the Big Bang; and orbiting in a Solar System which orbits the Galactic Center; and orbiting the Sun in the Solar System. What you have there is a gigantic Tea Cup Amusement Park Ride, now send the entire apparatus in a straight line velocity of 670,000,000mph and you have a theory beyond ridiculous.

Question: If Earth is rotating, moving around the Sun at 67,000MPH, moving 500,000MPH in the Milky Way Galaxy and moving at 670 Million MPH from the Big Bang, why do stars rotate around Polaris at every latitude? Why does the Pope teach Big Bang Theory?

If Stephen Hawking has survived ALS for 45 years, why does he show up on Billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s B-727 dubbed “Lolita Express” partying on a private island with underage prostitutes with Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Henry Kissinger et all? Tired of being played for a fool?

The mode of origin and the radioactive decay of radio-carbon (carbon 14) #fb

Radio-carbon Dating of once living things depends on a constant ratio of Stable Carbon-12 to Radio-active Carbon 14; if the Flood is true, the ratio would have dramatically been altered, resetting the Radio-carbon clock. Any Radio-carbon dating of material older than the Flood (2348bc) would show dramatically older ages that are unreliable.
Radio-metric Dating (Rocks) rests on Uranium decay into Lead; it assumes all the Lead in a Rock came from Uranium decay. This is not even remotely plausible.

Electromagnetic Radiation including Light are not Waves. Space is a Vacuum (Nothing in Scripture) and Waves are a “Displacement of Matter” which cannot travel in Space.
A Light Bulb produces Light inside the vacuum of the bulb, Waves cannot travel in a Vacuum. Light then passes through the glass, slowing down an producing heat (Same effect as a Green House). The Speed of Light is therefore not constant. Light then travels through the Atmosphere and finally into the Vacuum of Space. This disproves the Massless Wave Theory of Light and Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.
W=FXD (Work = Force X Distance/Time). Gravity, if it existed would produce near infinite Work, require near infinite Energy and require a Medium to transfer this Energy. A tensile force in a vacuum caused by like particles (Gravitions aka God Particles) is not possible. F=MA (Force = Mass X Acceleration) If Gravity is made of Mass-less Waves as Science claims, it would violate the basic Laws of Motion.
A Chest X-Ray or CT Scan, if left on more than a millisecond will kill you; this disproves any notion of Man leaving the Magnetosphere where far more radiation exists, much less traveling to the Moon.
Space is a vacuum How is it possible for a vacuum cleaner to lift debris against the theoretical “Force of Gravity”, yet the Atmosphere remains attached to Earth? This disproves Gravity Theory and Dark Matter Theory.
If Space were comprised of Anti aka Dark Matter and contact is made with Matter; a theoretical annihilation of Matter would occur. This would disprove the fundamental laws of Thermodynamics “Matter and Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed”. Obviously conversion of Matter to Energy does not happen; like most of “Science” it is fabricated nonsense.

Image from page 64 of "A high-school astronomy: in which the descriptive, physical, and practical are combined .." (1859)

Orbits are observed to be Elliptical A tetherball or golf ball on a string can be used to simulate the “Force of Gravity” and “Planetary Orbits”. The path is Circular rather than Elliptical, an impossibility in Gravity Theory according the Newton. Imagine cutting the rope or letting go of the string; the ball would immediately fly off tangentially (straight line); if the Sun were removed or Gravity turned off would the planets immediately do the same? You just disproved Newton’s Gravity Theory, Copernicus’ Heliocentric Theory, and Einstein’s Relativity Theory
V=AT (Velocity=Acceleration X Time) Human beings can function between 0 and 1.5 G’s max about 15ft/sec2 more than you are at right now; Man, much less imaginary Aliens cannot travel distances of 117,000,000,000,000 miles (20 Light-years), the claimed distance to Gliese 581g; Stephen Hawking’s “Golidilocks Zone” (no I’m not kidding, but Hawking is) much less the claimed 13.7 Billion Light-years across the Universe. You just proved long distance space travel is impossible.
Imagine riding the Tea Cup at an Amusement Park; the Cup rotates in 3 different circles increasing in size, just like Astronomers claim Earth does, Spinning, and Orbiting around the Sun, Orbiting in the Milky Way Galaxy. Now imagine the entire Tea Cup Ride is traveling at near Light-speed; talk about a head spinner! Truth is, Earth is Fixed.
F=MA (Force= Mass X Acceleration) Flying in an aircraft in level flight, we being connected to the aircraft are accelerating equal to the Earth’s surface acceleration of 1 “G” (32 Ft/S2); in other words the aircraft is accelerating in the vertical axis at 32 Ft/S2. Jump out of the aircraft and the Force connecting us to the aircraft goes to 0, as does our Acceleration. The Earth’s surface accelerates upward until impact is made; we do not “Fall”.
A bowling alley is not flat, nor are the oceans; they conform to the spherical shape of the Earth Example: Construct a bowling alley all the way around the Earth; roll the ball and negating friction, it would theoretically come all the way around the Earth following a circular path. This is only possible with upward acceleration equal to centripetal acceleration. Now you know where the ridiculous “Flat Earth” Theory and the Columbus myth was created.
EM Energy
Nikola Tesla proved the Earth conducts electricity becoming the “Ground”; the Magnetosphere attracts Solar Radiation (Gamma, X-Ray etc) as a shield; the Ionosphere is charged when visible light creates “Ions” in the Atmosphere to millions of volts of “Free Energy”. Gamma Rays pass through all materials and kill all life. X-Rays at far lower energy levels than found in the Magnetosphere cause cancer yet Lunar Astronauts appear unaffected? If NASA tells the truth, why is so populated by Luciferian Masons Oath sworn to lie for each other?


a11_v_bw_o_n (original press photo, Armstrong's first steps, TV image)

If Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon first; Who took his picture? Luciferian Freemasons didn’t walk on the moon because nobody can survive the radiation in the Van Allen Belts beginning 1000 miles from earth.

A refrigerator magnet produces force indefinitely; Where does the energy come from? Answer: A magnet creates a surplus of electrons (Neg Charge by convention) on one end and a deficit of electrons (Pos Charge by convention) on the other end. Relative to Ferrous Material, this generates an Attractive and Repulsive Force.

If Lunar Gravity affects Ocean Tides, why are Tides spaced 6 Hrs apart rather than 12? Answer: Gravity as a Force does not exist.
Without considering Expansion of Matter, how can you account for Gyroscopic Stability? Answer: Expansion of Matter causes Acceleration; this causes a Force which is greatest at the Equator ie largest Diameter of a Rotating Sphere or Disc resulting in Gyroscopic Stability.


Chemtrails: Geo-Engineering
Rabbis use then phrase Tikkun Olam (Repair the Earth) to attempt to return the Earth to pre-Flood conditions.
Geo-engineering is Man’s age old attempt to become God, direct from the opening line of the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes (aka Mercury or Aesculapius) ” That which is above shall be that which is below”; Hebrew “Tikkun Olan” means “Repair the Earth”. The Ionosphere is positively charged with respect to the Earth; like 2 poles of a battery, the Electro (Sun)-Magnetic (Earth) potential of 50v/ft X 150 miles( it varies greatly) distance between the Ionosphere and Earth is a Giant, Constantly Recharging Battery capable of supplying Free Energy to everyone on Earth; instead, this energy is used for Geo-engineering such as Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Weather Modification etc.

CERN is a Scapegoat. CERN is a cryptogram for the “Cernunnos” (Horned One), the oldest form of Satan on earth means “Horned One”. “Black Hole”, “Dark Matter” or “God Particles” are what Egyptian Priests called “TULA” or “Black Sun”; Daniel refers to Satan as the “god of Forces” and CERN has found him! NASA JPL Lab announced on Oct 1, 2014 “Global Warning affecting Gravity”, this BS on the heels of CERN announcing the “Discovery” of “Primordial Gravity Waves” (Beginning) and the “God Particle” (Ending). Gravity Waves or any other Wave cannot travel in a Vacuum; the BS begins at Time=0 in Astrophysics. CERN then claims he “Graviton” aka “God Particle” gives Mass to Matter; sounds like the Creator eh? Hardly, Jesus is the “Beginning and the End”. Why at CERN? The oldest depictions of Cernunnos were found in caves in southern France. Profanity means “Blasphemous contempt of God”; Daniel warned Science is the “Language of the Chaldeans” (Dan 1:4) and Paul warned Science is “Vain and Profane babblings” (1 Tim 6:12 AV) Science has largely been subverted by Chaldean BS!
Chaldeans Jesuits and Hasidic fake Jews are modern day Chaldeans. Science is a Religion called in the Word of God “Vain Babblings


Atomic Theory
relies on 4 opposing forces: Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction (Radiation), Electro-magnetism and Gravity, the latter giving “Mass” to “Matter”  and “Order to the Universe” according to physicists. E=Mc2 allows convertibility of Mass and Energy. 3 of the 4 are BS; the only observable “Force” is Electro-Magnetism.  EM energy is caused by the Sun (Electrons) interacting with the Earth (Magnetic Field) which produces unlimited “Free Energy”.
Gravitational Field Theory is now called “String Theory”, and with that came the bending of Space-Time as a fabric; pure BS! Thank Jesuit Roger Boscovich and Talmudic Satanist Neils Bohr for that nonsense. The theory goes like this. Primeval Atom (1st Atom) explodes and results in the Big Bang. Gravity Waves propagate outward and Red Shift (Expansion or Spatial Distortion) results. Think about it; outside the 1st Atom is “Nothing” ie a “Vacuum”; Waves displace Matter.
It is not possible for any Waves be they Light or Gravity to travel in a Vacuum. Thank Jesuit Georges Lemaitre for Big Bang and Red Shift blasphemous nonsense and Edwin Hubble for putting his name on it even though he wrote that he didn’t believe the theory. Modern Particle Physics relies on the “Uncertainty Principle” and Wave-Particle Duality of Light; thank Jesuit Theodr Wulf for that nonsense.
Space is “Nothing”; the idea of the Aether is not new, it began in Egypt over 3000 years ago with the same Chaldean Priests. Light and Gravity are currently held to be Massless Waves and/or Particles with Mass. As for Gravity, that magical Force has never been proven. As for Light, a Light Bulb couldn’t work if Light was a Wave, the bulb itself is a Vacuum. Ridiculous as it seems is that Light must start out as a Particle with Mass and magically change outside the bulb to a Wave capable of displacing Matter, and magically back to Particles with Mass to travel through the Vacuum of Space. Stupid in the extreme because the Graviton “God Particle” is Satan and Light is Lucifer, both “Vain and Profane Babblings opposing the Word of God” I Tim 6:20 KJV

Bullshit: Well crafted Lies
In Egypt Taurus “Bull” was worshipped as the Apis Bull where Apis means “Honey Bee”. Chaldean Dabar is Bee or Word; Honey then is the spoken Word of the Chaldeans. Dan 1:4 refers to “Science” as the “Tongue of the Chaldeans” and in 1 Tim 6:20 as “Vain and profane babblings in opposition to the Word of God”; Profane means “Blasphemous Contempt of God”. The Egyptian creator Atum was used for the word Atom meaning “To Finish”. The 4 “Forces” of the Atom: Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction, Electro-magnetism and Gravity then refer to the “God of Forces” (Dan 11:38). “Gravity” is the Jesuit made up Force which gives “Mass” to “Matter”; which is why it is called “God Particle”.
Science: Language of Chaldeans

“We have no proof of Gravity Waves or Space-Time Ripples from the Big Bang. It was just dust” ESA (European Space Agency) Jan 31, 2015 Why? Because Jesuits made up this BS including managing the Stephen Hawking (Crown/Martyr + Horus) Project. A Jesuit scripted puppet not ALS crippled 45 years, but a drugged sock puppet or more likely an actor put on a pedestal much like Newton or Einstein. The God Particle and Mirror Matter ends the charade Sept 23, 2015 as CERN intends to prove Rainbow Gravity where Time has no beginning and no end.
Absent God as the Creator, Gravity as a “Force” was necessary to give Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe with God Particles as the Force Carrier; enter Rosicrucian alchemist/magician, Luciferian Mason, Sir Isaac Newton. Big Bang and Atomic Theory sprang from this corrupt Tree; enter Jesuit Georges Lemaitre, sock puppet Edwin Hubble and Neils Bohr. Heliocentric Theory, a necessary outgrowth of Gravity glorified the Sun; enter Rosicrucian astrologer Nicholas Copernicus. Evolution improved on Creation; enter Erasmus and Charles Darwin. Wave-Particle Duality Theory and Relativity Theory was necessary for Space-Time Theory, Time Travel, Inter-stellar Travel and Rainbow Gravity; enter Zionist Albert Einstein and Space-Time Warping. String Theory and Black Holes provide Gates to Alternative Universes; enter Stephen Hawking. CERN’s Rainbow Gravity/Matter is the final iteration of Science.
CERN uses the 666 Logo; July 4, 2012 CERN announced 99.99% Proof of the God Particle. The time was 6:66 on this question on the game show “500 Questions”, the same day CERN ramped up power to 13 TeV, the movie San Andreas made its debut and the Kathmandu Earthquake happened.
On July 14, 2015 CERN claims to have proven the existence of the Pentaquark (2 Up, 2 Down and a Quark-Antiquark pair) Baphomet (Baph + Metis=Union of Spirit and Matter) should ring a Baal here.
On 3/22/2015 CERN accidentally created a miniature Rainbow Universe proving Rainbow Gravity and circular Space-Time. Skull & Bones is Society 322 because Man falls into Sin at Gen 3:22.
On Sept 23, 2015 CERN intends to prove Rainbow Gravity and Dark Matter (Black absorbs light), the day is #266 equivalent with human gestation period; Pope #266 Francis will be in Washington DC. Google 9/23/2015 and CERN’s location comes up; the concept of a Place and Time is seen in the movie “Tomorrow Land”.
Can you Dis CERN the times now?
2015: UN and CERN “Year of Light” 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. Special Relativity + Gravity=General Relativity, which presupposes “Gravity”, “Black Holes”, “Space-Time”, “Time Dilation” and an expanding Universe; all of which are made up Jesuit BS in opposition to scripture and common sense.
Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope declared “The Big Bang is real”. The Vicar of Jesus is a Liar! CERN vanity proved Gravity exists as the “God Particle” in March 2015. Gravity as a mythical Force is named after Luciferian Mason, Rosicrucian alchemist, Isaac Newton; Satan is the “god of forces” (Dan 11:38) Serial adulterer, plagiarist, attention whore, Communist, fake Jew Einstein is not what he seems

Time Magazine - Cover mit Einstein

Einstein: Time Magazine Person of the Century The cover features Einstein’s forehead with IM. “I AM” is the title of God, the Impossible Mission is for man to become God. 2015 “Year of Light” is the Time.
“Ion Television, Positively Entertaining”. Star Wars was never about hunter/killer satellites; it was the $2T ($8T in today’s money) Project Blue Beam to use the Ionosphere as a giant TV; Entertain means “Maintain a certain frame of mind”; this is the biblical “Strong Delusion”.
The Bible says Earth is Fixed; the magical Force of Gravity necessitates a Moving Earth. The Bible says God Created Man and saw that it was “Good”; Evolution makes God’s Creation “Better”. God says the Earth was created by separating Waters inside, on and above the Earth; Science claims the interior of the Earth is Molten Rock and Metal. Magnets lose their “Magnetism” between 300 and 700 F; Earth’s Magnetic Field forms from Magnetic Material inside the Earth rotating in the Solar Wind; Magnetism cannot exist in Molten Metal or Rock. One can easily see contradictions of Science and the Word of God.
Running out of energy? BS! Nikola Tesla patented and transmitted virtually unlimited, Free Energy over 100 years ago. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman demonstrated Cold Fusion and like Tesla, they were ridiculed and essentially sequestered. German based “Quant” (Walking Stick as one used by a Shepherd) has an Electrolyte (Sea Water) Flow Cell average people will never see. The Elite imagine a world of Ocean Fuel for their Yachts, Sea Planes and Cars minus the jealous hordes of humanity of course. Instead, Scientists use Oil and Atomic Power to destroy the Earth.

God Particle Druids “Knowers of Trees” and Bards awaited the time “When that which is great shall become that which is small” The Graviton is said to be the smallest particle responsible for giving Mass to Matter. At the same time Gravitons are the source of Gravity via Infinitely long Vibrating Strings which give Order to the Universe”. Druids (Re-born Initiates) are the masters of Physical Science while Bards the masters of Sublime Wisdom expressed in Music via Stringed Instruments, Poetry, and Myth. The Union of Wisdom and Knowledge is called Baphomet aka Goat of Mendes. The Cauldron of Cerridwen opens when CERN (Cernunnos=Horned One) begins final proof the “god of forces” (Dan 11:38) aka Gravity exists in Spring 2015. WWIII will pit the Grecian Rough Goat versus the Mede-Persian Ram; Little Horn (Cernunnos) will emerge from the ashes. Got JESUS in your life? Now is the time.
“Big Bang created a Mirror Universe where Time runs backward” Cal Tech 12/11/14 God said “In the Beginning…”
“The Universe has 11 Dimensions, one of many Multiverses made of Branes, one of which is a P-Brane; vibrating P-Branes form Music; this then is Einstein’s mind of God.” Michio Kaku Dec 2014 Got that? God is a Bubble Headed P-Brane ordering the Multiverses and Mirror Universes with God Particles and presumable Anti-God Particles. No wonder Pope Francis says the Big Bang and Evolution are true. A lot of God Particles in one place? MACHO of course!

Global Cooling was in vogue 35 years ago; 31000 PhD Scientists signed a petition stating Global Warning is nonsense; basic Science says it’s nonsense; God said “Go forth and multiply” not to the point the Earth will kill you.

Prove all Things
Uniting men like Copernicus, Euler, Dee, Newton, Boyle, Bohr, Darwin, Hubble, Einstein, Parsons and others is the Occult. Radiation in the Earth’s Magnetic Field prevents anything living from exiting or leaving Earth which is why they all had to Lie. Simple Experiments disprove Gravity, Heliocentric Theory leaving Earth fixed at the center of Creation.
With a Tetherball or Golf Ball on a String, one can easily disprove Newton’s Law of Gravitation, Heliocentric Theory and Einstein’s Theories on Relativity.
With a Light Bulb, one can easily disprove Wave-Particle Duality Theory of Light.
The Tea Cup Ride at a local Amusement Park easily disproves Big Bang, Red Shift (Universe Expansion), Heliocentric Theory and eliminates the possibility of long distance space flight.
Theoretically, Gravity is a Force that moves objects (Stars/Planets/Asteroids) at great distance over great amounts of Time. This transfer of Energy produces near Infinite Work.

CERN is named after Cernunnos, the “Horned One” in Dan 7:8 called “Little Horn” is Satan. Gravity and Gravity Waves are Satanic nonsense giving Mass to Matter ie a false Creator called “God Particles” Here are some quotes from Cernunnos’ Priests

“A supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist. When a person believes in God it is a Delusion; when many people suffer from delusion, it is called Religion” Richard Dawkins author of God Delusion
“God is dead and will remain dead; we have killed him with our Science” Frederich Nietzche
“Earth is in a unique if not central position, but the idea is unwelcome and must be avoided at all costs” Edwin Hubble managed by Jesuit Priest Georges LeMaitre
“Einstein is a beggar dressed in purple clothes and made king using dazzling mathematics that obscure truth” Nikola Tesla murdered by Otto Skorzeny; his patents weaponized for the US Army by Donald Trump’s uncle John Trump at MIT and handed over to Jesuit Fr Joseph Stalin.
“Relativity is a massive deception wrapped in beautiful mathematics” Nikola Tesla writing on Einstein
“Man’s intellect has come to the point where we no longer need God” Stephen Hawking Not mine Stevie!

Science “To Know” ie Gnosis is the root of Gnosticism. Logos “Logic” and Sophia “Wisdom” and using the Essene Cipher Sophia=Baphomet. Knights Templar worshipped “Baphomet” as a Goat “God Of All Things” Now you know why. The first citizen of the fist total Artificial Intelligence City NEOM is Sophia; the city will be built over Mt Sinai and the Wilderness of Sin.
Wisdom begins with Fear of the LORD

1 Tim 6:20 KJV declares Science is Vain and Profane Babblings in opposition to Scripture. Profane means “Blasphemous contempt of God”. Science is not Fact, it is designed to appear as fact.

Sun in Virgo (virgo logo detail)

Stephen Hawking proposed “M Theory” as the “Theory of Everything”; Why? Virgo is the symbol of the Society of Ormus (Snake/Serpent). The Rosicrucian Book Liber Mundi or “M” is the “Book of the World”, a compendium of Gnostic Rosicrucian Wisdom
M Theory is a Lie based on previous false theories
“Gravity Theory” requires Infinite Force to cause Infinite Work. “God Particle” or Graviton gives “Mass to “Matter”; with Mass comes Energy and Infinite Energy requires infinite Power Where is all that coming from? String Theory and Dark Matter are Gnostic Myths that originated in Egypt with worship of Tula the Black Sun or Black Hole; the Infinitely Strong Primordial Atom. Made of Apis Bull Shit to be sure.
I’m not kidding here Science is a world of P-Branes, Anti-matter, WIMPS, MACHOS, RAMBOS, and Worm Holes held open to Alternative Uniiverses by Negative Matter; it’s all Gnostic Bullshit!
There was no Big Bang; there is no Red Shift (Universe Expansion); the Speed of Light is not constant. Matter is not made from Stars and neither are People Nuclear Fusion creates Helium from Hydrogen; heavier elements require additional Energy.
Creation is approaching 6000 years of age, not 13.7 Billion years. There is no Space-Time dimension or Time Travel. Why? Space is a Vacuum, not a Dimension, and a Vacuum cannot be Warped. Time is only discernible by the relative motions of the Sun, Moon and Stars as God wrote it would be. The Sun, Moon and Precession of Earth’s Axis relative to Fixed Stars precisely calculates the beginning of Axis Precession at 4348 years; pre-flood years are accounted at 1656 years; do the math.
Earth is not orbitting the Sun “Heliocentric”; nor the Sun orbitting a Galactic Black Hole. Earth is Fixed in position at the center of Creation. Why? Centripetal Acceleration would destroy everything on Earth.
Evolution Theory is False; there are no Aliens. Why? DNA cannot improve; Humans cannot mate with any other Species.
The Earth’s Core is not molten. Why? There is no Energy source for this.
No human being has ever been more than 1000 miles from Earth. Manned Inter-planetary Space Travel is impossible Why? The Magnetic Belts contain 1000’s of times the lethal dose of radiation. G loading for such a trip is not practical; humans can sustaiin at most 6 G’s (200Ft/S2) for a very short duration.
Human caused Global Climate Change is False; Weather Modification is intentionally caused and NASA has admitted it Why? Man believes he can do better than God. Here is a guy who thinks he is a God
In April 2014, Buzz Aldrin stated “The Lunar Landing was “Simulated” Presidential Medal of Freedom (all 6 astronauts from Apollo 11 and 13 won this award) winner, 33 degree Luciferian Mason began describing the “Lunar Smell” while on the Moon. Once the astronaut crawled into a space suit, the only smell would have been his own farts. Neil Armstrong joked his Golf Shot on the Moon “Sliced”; no air, no slice! Time to wake up to the Satanic BS!

Astronomer Carl Sagan said “We are all made of the elements within Stars, Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, Oxygen and Iron…We are all Star Children” Carl Sagan is a Gnostic Liar as is his protege Bill Nye the Science Guy. The Sun Converts Hydrogen to Helium, Period. No Oxygen, no Carbon, no Iron, no Spirit and no Holy Ghost. This is the main problem with Science; Satan became Lucifer “Light Bringer” and various Sun-Gods, Osiris, Horus, Helios etc.

The concept of a Central Black Sun “Tula” (Black absorbs Light) at the Galactic Center “Ordering” the Cosmos “Order out of Chaos” is not new; modern science simply applied the names “Black Holes” and “Warped Space-Time” to it. The ultimate “Blasphemy of God” is the “God Particle”, a mythical mass-less particle traveling as “Light Speed” before Time (Chaos) began which provides “Infinite Energy” according to E=MC2 (Energy=Mass X Speed of Light Squared) and “Infinite Work” according to Work=Force X Distance. The “Great Work” is “Order out of Chaos”
The “God Particle” was announced as 99.99% proved on July 4, 2012. The “Great Work” aka “Order out of Chaos” is complete. In “Science” the equation for Work=Force X Distance; Science claims the Universe is nearly “Infinite”, therefore, so is the “Work” required to move planets and stars. Work is the “Transfer of Energy”; hence “God Particles” are of “Infinite Length”.
Force=Mass X Acceleration. The Word of God says the Earth is “Fixed” and the Firmament is “Stretched”; Physicists claim the Earth is accelerating around the Sun (Orbitting) and the Firmament (Universe) is expanding (Stretching). God Particles supposedly give “Mass” to every Atom, and connect every Atom in the Universe to every other Atom by “Force”; this requires “Inifinite Energy” and creates “Inifinite Work”. Infinite “Force”, Infinite “Distance” and “Infinite Energy” mean “Infinite Work” aka “Great Work”.
The God Particle, Black Sun, Star Children, Indigo Children, Tuatha de Danaan (Danu) etc are not new; Egyptians call their parent Star “Sirius”; Mormons call it “Kolob”, the Egyptian word for “Star”, because Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Abraham from teh Egyptian “Book of the Dead”; in Scientology the mythical Star is “Xenu”; Chaldeans called it “Tula”.
The motto of Skull & Bones aka “Brotherhood of Death” and Sovereign Masonry (330 is Sovereignty ie “No higher rank”; there are 33 vertebre in the human spine) of is “Order out of Chaos”; “God Particles” provide this “Order” which they refer to as the “Grand Architect”. Perhaps now you can see why Paul told Timothy in 1 Tim 6:12KJV Science is “Vain and Profane Babblings”. Vanity is believing you are God. Profanity is Blasphemous contempt of God.
The “Great Work” is nearly complete; 99.99% to be exact and the reason the “God Particle” was announced on “Independence Day”. No better “Fireworks” than a “Big Bang” eh?

Space is not Ether The concept of Space being a medium “Aether” is also an ancient lie. Modern Science simply refers to it as “Electric Universe” and “Dark Matter”; new terms applied to the age old idea of Helioplis “City of the Sun”, “On” (Recall the Priests of On in Heliopolis, Egypt?) or “Tula” (aka Thule); the source of Dark Matter aka God Particles. Folks, all this is BS designed to make the Earth one of billions like it, Man one of billions of intelligent life forms and the age of Earth to appear billions of years.
Radio-carbon dating is accurate only as far back as the Flood (2348 BC). Ages of pre-flood specimens such as the Wooly Mammoth appear to be 150K to 10K years old simply because they had less radio-active Carbon-14 in their systems than post-Flood specimens. Why? The Flood scrubbed the atmosphere of Radioactive Carbon 14; God preserved the frozen record and gave us a way to precisely date their age.
Gravity Theory, Heliocentric Theory, Big Bang Theory, Special and General Relativity Theories, Space-Time Theory, and String Theory are all Gnostic Lies. Likewise Evolution and Atomic Theories have no basis in fact and diametrically oppose the Word of God.
Ps 93:1 “…the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved” If Earth is not moving; Gravity must be non-existent, Period. 1 Chr 16:30 says the same thing.
Job 26:7 “…and hangeth the earth upon nothing” If Space is nothing ie a vacuum; Dark Mattter theory is false.
Dan 11:38 “But in his estate shall be honour the God of forces…” Gravity, Big Bang and Atomic Theory all depend on mysterious unproven energy sources and forces; occultists call it “Dark Energy”; I call it BS..


HAARP receives the most attention but HAARP is not the only problem. There are many Nations posessing Microwave and Electro (Sun)-Magnetic (Earth) Radar technology far more capable than HAARP; eg SuperDarn, SOUSY, EISCAT, Wood Pecker Grid etc. HAARP’ patent “Method and Apparatus for alterng the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere and Magnetosphere. Here is my nutshell version of the technology that will destroy most life on Earth.
“Solar Radiation contacts Earth’s Magnetic Field as Gamma, X-Ray, Ultra-violet “UV” and Visible Light. Gamma and X-Rays are guided through and on the Earth’s surface; they are “Electrons” with a Negative charge which makes Earth an infinitely recharging “Ground”. Visible Light travels through the Magnetic Field contacting Nitrogen and Oxygen in the Atmosphere; Electrons knock Electrons out of Atoms forming “Auroras”. Ozone is created when “Ions” of Oxygen recombine; Ozone absorbs life harming UV Light. The Ionosphere is a net positively charged region ranging from about 15 miles to 200 miles above Earth. The Potential “Voltage” between Earth and the Ionosphere is 50Volts/ft and constantly recharging. This energy differential forms a Battery used to power Electro (Solar)-Magnetic (Earth) powered devices.
Visible Light refracts (Bends) in the Atmosphere and Oceans ie the Speed of Light slows down. Slowed Light becomes Microwave and IR (Infrared) “Heat Energy”. Uneven heating caued by Night and Day cycles and evaporation over the Earth produces Weather.
Radars collect and discharge Electro (Solar)-Magnetic (Earth) energy back to the Atmosphere. These Electrons bounce off the positively charged Ionosphere (eg HAM or HF Radio) to form Standing “Scalar” Waves. Note: Waves (Gravity, Light or Radio) do not travel in Space; Space is a Vacuum. Copernicus, Newton, Einstein and Hawking lied.
Nikola Tesla pioneered this type of free energy transmission 120 years ago. For the past 66 years Gnostics have used this energy to control Weather using Hurricanes, Guided Lightning, Tornadoes, Droughts, Floods. The energy is also used to modify the Earth using Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions.

Science: Scire means “To Know”. The Gnostic world is a “Matrix” exactly opposite the Word of God. “Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh remain” Mat 10:36
An inscription on the Cross of Hendaye in southern France describes Science “Knowledge, Study and Learning is the last of all, but for us, the fist. Save for a small number all must perish”. Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si “The triumph of Science is realizing Earth can only support 1 Billion people” Georgia Guidestones in Elberton GA has as its 1st Commandment “Maintain world population under 500M people”

Revelation has 22 chapters; divide it by the number of days in Creation “7” and Pi results; the same ratio as the Perimeter divided by Height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
Israel was in Egyptian captivity the same time as the Inter-testament “Silent” years; multiply it by the distance between the Earth and Moon and the distance to the Sun results. Multiply the Moon’s diameter by that number (400) and the diameter of the Sun results. This relationship is the basis of Solar and Lunar Eclipses. This is no coincidence.

The Lunation Cycle of 29 days is equal to a woman’s Menstrual Cycle and Earth’s Tidal Cycle; no other animal has this characteristic. This did not Evolve. Darwin lied.
The Earth and Sun are 400X further apart than the Earth and Moon; the Moon is also 1/400th the Sun’s Diameter, both occupying 1 deg of the field of view; this ratio is necessary to produce Solar and Lunar Eclipses; think this is by chance? Guess Again.
The Great Tribulation is 1260 days; add the Day of Wrath and 1261/1260 is the ratio of Equatorial to Polar Circumference of the Earth which is mathematically displayed in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
The Great Pyramid stands at 29.9792458 deg N the Lunation Cycle and Speed of Light 299792458 m/s align. Interestingly, the Speed of lIght has been shown to be slowing in dozens of experiments, yet this Light Speed measurement was only possible to be calculated very recently.

“Oh mortal man, is there nothing you cannot be made to believe?”
Jesuit Professor Adam Weishaupt
“Einstein is a beggar given a purple robe and made king who uses dazzling mathematics to obscure the truth” Nikola Tesla

Science: Scire “To Know” Greek “Gnosis” An activity that appears to require study and method.
Religion” Belief and reverence for a supernatural power accepted as creator and governor of the universe. An objective pursued with fervor and devotion
Philosophy: Science of aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, logic, cosmology
Metaphysics: Speculative philosophy
Cosmology:Philosophy dealing with the structure of the Universe.

Where does one find Gnostics today? Universities, CERN, NASA of course.

Science opposes the Word of God Think the Earth is orbiting the Sun? Guess Again
“…keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called” 1 Tim 6:12KJV
“He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing” Job 26:7
“And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed…So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. And there was no day like that before it or after it…” Joshua 10:13
“…the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved” Psalm 93:1
“…the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved.” 1 Chr 16:30
“The sun and moon stood still in their habitation…” Hab 3:11
“The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose” Ecc 1:5
“And God said, Let there be light…”Gen 1:4 “1st Day”
“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven…”Gen 1:14 “4th Day”
“So God created man in his own image…God created…male and female” Gen 1:27 “6th Day”

A person’s first experience is usually to be “Weighed”; then he or she is warned not to “Fall Down”. Weight=Mass X Gravitational Constant (32 ft/s2 on earth). Gravity is a Gnostic Lie; Matter does not have “Weight” and there is no such thing as “Falling”. Sounds strange, but the world is a Gnostic “Matrix” of Lies in opposition to the Word of God; this “Inception” begins at birth and only a relationship with God can provide real “Truth”.

The Earth and Ionosphere function as a Battery of nearly infinite energy. Discharging this Energy as a Capacitor can direct Energy anywhere on, above or inside the Earth. Man is capable of transmitting Power and Information without wires everywhere on Earth. Transportation, Education, Personal Security, Water pumping/de-salinization/purification, Weather modification/Crop enhancement, Heating/Cooling have all been demonstrated; unfortunately, Gnostics are using this gift from God to destroy Earth and Man.
Chaldeans control Energy
Militaries, Oil/Coal/Natural Gas/Dams/Atomic energy, News, Security, Education are all unnecessary corrupted Gnostic $Quadrillion industries designed to enslave humanity and siphon resources into the hands of the Gnostic “Elite”.

Earth is not moving; there are no Orbits, Heliocentric Solar Systems, no mysterious Force of Gravity.
Space is made of Nothing ie Vacuum; there is no Dark Matter, Black Holes or Space-Time fabric.
The firmament of Stars are “Stretched”, not “Stretching”; there was no Big Bang, Red Shift has nothing to do with Universe Expansion.
Light produced by Stars is not the Light God made on the 1st Day; Sunlight is not a Wave(waves cannot travel without a medium)
Evolution is a lie. Man was created in the image and likeness of the Creator, not Aliens. Man cannot “Evolve” into God; that’s the primal Gnostic Lie

Here is how far Astrophysicists have taken their “Vain Babblings”: WIMPS “Weakly Interacting Massice Particles”; MACHOS “Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects”; RAMBOS “Robust Association of Massive Baryonic Objects”; Antimatter (Opposite of Creation), Dark Matter (Virtual Particles), Black Holes (Infinitely warped Space-Time); Pulsar (Highly Magnetized, Rotating Neutron Star; Neutrons magnetic eh?); LGM-1 “Little Green Men 1” (no I’m not kidding); Strangelet “Antihypertriton” (clears that up eh?); CASTOR “Centauro and STrangelet detecTOR”; “M Theory” (Proxima Centauri=Red Dwarf=M Star; Stephen Hawking’s new BS theory; Star Trek M Planets had Carbon based life), “11 Dimensional Super Strings”, Kaons, Peons, Quarks, Baryons, God Particles. Heard of the Mothman Prophecies? Astrophysicist M.Othman was selected the United Nations World Alien Ambassador. You want Vain Babblings? or do you want Truth?

Simple Experiments

With a Tetherball or Golf Ball on a String, one can easily disprove Newton’s Law of Gravitation, Heliocentric Theory and Einstein’s Theories on Relativity. With a Light Bulb, one can easily disprove Wave-Particle Duality Theory of Light. The Tea Cup Ride at a local Amusement Park easily disproves Big Bang, Red Shift (Universe Expansion), Heliocentric Theory and eliminates the possibility of long distance space flight. A Chest X-Ray or CT Scan, if left on more than a millisecond will kill you; this disproves any notion of Man leaving the Magnetosphere, much less traveling to the Moon.

1. Space is a vacuum. How is it possible for a vacuum cleaner to lift debris against the theoretical “Force of Gravity”, yet the Atmosphere remains attached to Earth? You just disproved Gravity Theory and Dark Matter Theory.
2. Use a tetherball or golf ball on a string to simulate the “Force of Gravity” and “Planetary Orbits”. The path Circular rather than Elliptical, an impossibility in Gravity Theory. Imagine cutting the rope or letting go of the string; the ball would immediately fly off tangentially (straight line); if the Sun were removed or Gravity turned off would the planets immediately do the same? You just disproved Newton’s Gravity Theory, Copernicus’ Heliocentric Theory, and Einstein’s Relativity Theory
3. V=AT (Velocity=Acceleration X Time) Human beings can function between 0 and 1.5 G’s max about 15ft/sec2 more than you are at right now; Man, much less imaginary Aliens cannot travel distances of 117,000,000,000,000 miles (20 Light-years), the claimed distance to Gliese 581g; Stephen Hawking’s “Golidilocks Zone” (no I’m not kidding, but Hawking is) much less the claimed 13.7 Billion Light-years across the Universe. You just proved long distance space travel is impossible.
4. Imagine riding the Tea Cup at an Amusement Park; the Cup rotates in 3 different circles increasing in size, just like Astronomers claim Earth does, Spinning, and Orbitting around the Sun, Orbitting in the Milky Way Galaxy. Now imagine the entire Tea Cup Ride is traveling at near Light-speed; talk about a head spinner! Truth is, Earth is Fixed.
5. F=MA (Force= Mass X Acceleration) Flying in an aircraft in level flight, we being connected to the aircraft are accelerating equal to the Earth’s surface acceleration of 1 “G” (32 Ft/S2); in other words the aircraft is accelerating in the vertical axis at 32 Ft/S2. Jump out of the aircraft and the Force connecting us to the aircraft goes to 0, as does our Acceleration. The Earth’s surface accelerates upward until impact is made; we do not “Fall”.
6 A bowling alley is not flat, nor are the oceans; they conform to the spherical shape of the Earth Example: Construct a bowling alley all the way around the Earth; roll the ball and negating friction, it would theoretically come all the way around the Earth following a circular path. This is only possible with upward acceleration equal to centripetal acceleration. Now you know where the ridiculous “Flat Earth” Theory and the Columbus myth was created.
7. Nikola Tesla proved the Earth conducts electricity becoming the “Ground”; the Magnetosphere attracts Solar Radiation (Gamma, X-Ray etc) as a shield; the Ionosphere is charged when visible light creates “Ions” in the Atmosphere to millions of volts of “Free Energy”. Gamma Rays pass through all materials and kill all life. X-Rays at far lower energy levels than found in the Magnetospohere cause cancer yet Lunar Astronauts appear unaffected? Are you sure NASA tells the truth? If you still do, why is so populated by lying, oath swearing, Luciferian Freemasons?
8. Bonus Question: If Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon first; Who took his picture?

//////Apollo: SATURN V=”SATURN’S NAIL”////////
Shadow lines in pictures diverge because there are 2 or more light sources on the stage.
There are no Stars in pictures because matching the Stars in a Stage would be easy for any amateur astronomer to uncover
500 alleged Moon Rocks are missing@$125M/Lb A lot of payoff money
Who took Neil’s picture if he was the 1st man on the moon? Luciferian Masons Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong hammer the US Flag Pole in the Lunar Surface; you can hear the hammering because it is faked on Earth in a Sound Stage.
Image result for neil armstrong descending the ladder to the moon

…let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven”-Gen 11:4

C Fred Kleinknecht was the Sovereign Grand Master of Scottish Rite Freemasonry during the Mercury-Gemini-Apollo Missions at a time when his brother Ken managed the programs.
NASA is the product of the philosophy of Aleister Crowley and Black Path Satanic Priest Jack Parsons both members of the Agape (Agape=Love;Charity means Love of God; Agape is the Gnostic version called an Orgy) Lodge, OTO (Ordo Templii Orientis ie Rising Sun Lodge of Saturn), L Ron Hubbard (Black Path Satanist, Scientology, Sci-Fi writer), Walt Disney (deMolay Freemason, Black Path Magician/Satanist), Werner von Braun (Nazi SS) and Hollywood Director Stanley Kubrick (Front Screen Projection; 2001: A Space Odyssey is his story of Black Path Satanism aka Saturnian Brotherhood. Everything is designed to promote the Alien Myth and vacuum huge sums of money into the Abyss.

33 Sovereign Luciferian Freemason Neil Armstrong descended the Apollo 11 “Eagle” (Eagle is the Assyrian Nisroch aka Saturn) and took his “Giant Leap” for Mankind on the Moon; Who took his picture?
Who took the picture of the last Apollo 17 Lander “Challenger” lifting off; How did the film get back to NASA?
Apollo 13 “Aquarius” Aquarius is the Golden Age of Saturn; made possible by the Saturn V “Saturn’s Nail” Rocket from Cape Canaveral “Cloaked Cape of Cain’s Bearers” became the lifeboat when Freemason astronauts saved the day by “Squaring the Circle” swapping CO2 scrubbers in the 1313Hrs July 13th incident; coincidence? Nothing like Sovereign Luciferian Masons to pull off a hoax in plain sight eh?
Explorer 1 lifted off on Imbolg “St Brigid’s Day” 1958, atop a modified Jupiter rocket re-named “Juno” (Roman 2-faced god/goddess and twin sister of Jupiter/Zeus); designed by Dr James Van Allen. Explorer 1 carried a Geiger Counter to measure radiation bands “Van Allen Belts” surrounding Earth. At altitudes above 1200 miles, ionizing radiation saturated the instrument, estimated at over 1000X the amount of radiation it was designed to detect; in addition, acoustic instruments recorded high velocity Cosmic dust impacting the vehicle 145 times; perhaps not significant for an aluminum hull, but another story for a pressurized spacesuit. Measured in REM (Roentgen Equivalent Man) Apollo astronauts were exposed to an average of 375 REM/day. The occupational dose limit considered safe is 5 REM/year. The brave or foolhardy astronauts, all or most all of whom were 330 Luciferian Freemasons would have gotten the equivalent of 4 million chest X-rays at. 03 REM each or 600 times the recommended yearly safe level on each mission; Hmmm! In August 1972, a Solar Proton Event increased normal solar radiation significantly; yet on Dec 7 “Day of Infamy” Apollo 17 headed to the Moon on Man’s last voyage. Mercury (aka Hermes or Egyptian Toth) sat atop “Redstone” and “Atlas” (Atlantis means Isle of Atlas) rockets; Gemini “Twins” (Horus/Set; Castor/Pollux; Remus/Rommulus; Esau/Jacob) on Titan (Cretian word for “King”) rockets and Apollo (Hittite or Nordic sun god meaning “Destroyer”) on Saturn V rockets. Saturn is pretty obvious; V means Nail, Victory and symbolizes the Assyrian Anammelech, the Wingdings symbol used for “A” in the above rendering.
Our Endeavour is the Discovery of Atlantis using Columbia (United States is called Columbia) to vanquish Enterprising Challengers; cute eh? Columbia crashed on re-entry on Imbolc 2003 due foam insulation dislodging a heat tile designed for 17,000 MPH and 23000F re-entry extremes; You betcha! Fuel tank O-rings designed for +1000F launch temperatures containing liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen fuel that vent at several hundred degrees below zero and operate at conditions of very low pressure and least -1000F conditions in the upper atmosphere at jettison suddenly become brittle and cause the Challenger disaster, because of +320F launch temperatures. BS. Regardless, the cause, Orion spacecraft (Egyptian sun god Osiris) will replace the Shuttle fleet sitting atop Ares (Egyptian Ra and Greek god of battle) rockets. Lunar missions are scheduled to resume by 2019 as a private venture called the “Artemis Project”. Begun during the Clinton administration; Artemis aka Diana, the Goddess of Witchcraft will mine the Moon for the stable isotope Helium-3 (named after Helios “Sun”).
The foundation for the Artemis Project (Donald Trump’s “Space Force” is really Project Blue Beam and Artemis 5G Global Broadband designed to present Antichrist and sterilize world population. Projects Mercury, Gemini and Apollo (Apollyon=Destroyer) missions.


Santa is a 3000 year old Hittite God
Wally Schirra on Mercury 8 coined the term “Santa Claus” to denote Alien ships in the vicinity; James Lovell on Apollo 8 emerged from the far side of the Moon saying “Please be informed that there is a Santa Claus”. Neil Armstrong’s quotes are ridiculous; “Alien ships warned us off”; “These babies are huge”; “They watched us as we stepped onto the Lunar surface”; “2 UFO’s sat on the Copernicus crater rim”; “Semi-transparent domes…tunnels many kilometers long, glowing blue from the inside…semi-transparent pyramid shaped objects”. William Milton Cooper wrote Behold a Pale Horse says “Its common knowledge at NASA, the alien base is called LUNA…it has a large mining operation using very large machines where the Mother Ship sends out the Flying Saucers”. So, what pray tell are they mining? Helium-3. The new movie Moon puts all this unbelievable nonsense out in the open.
33 deg Worshipful Grand Master Masons become Sovereign “No higher rank” at the Supreme House of the Temple, an exact replica of the Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world designed by Carian King Mausolus (Mausoleums take their name from him) and his Twin sister wife Artemisia (later, she became a Persian navy traitor in Xerxes attack on Greece). Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are Sovereign Worshipful Grand Master Masons who claim to have walked on the Moon and took pictures of Alien Bases and their Ancient Cities on the far side of the Moon. Before believing their story, I would watch the DVD A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon.
Burt Rutan received the “X Prize” for designing Sir Richard Branson’s Spaceship ONE; X would be Osiris/Jupiter the son of Saturn, and the same 11 year period from NASA’s founding to Armstrong’s alleged walk on the Moon exists from this low earth orbit plane to the 2019-2020 target date for the Lunar Base. Branson and Al Gore are major Climate Change Liars, in addition his Private Venture firm “Virgin Galactic” intends to take billionaires to the Moon one day; better take a lot of lead shielding Richard. Virgin Galactic refers to the Milky Way; “Sir” means “Knight in service to the Queen”; that would be Artemis and Richard is just one of the Worker Bees. Kaballah is called the “Work Upon the Sacred Tree”; that’s Witchcraft; that’s the “Artemis Project” and the Big Day is 12/21/2012 Earth symbolically passed through the Galactic Plane and the Ecliptic Plane ie the X at 11:11 GMT. “Artemis Project” has more to do with becoming a god and destroying God than saving Mother Earth.
Helium boils (becomes a gas) at 4K; 4 degrees above absolute “0” is about -4500F. The Moon rotates every 27 days; without an atmosphere, the Sunlit side is about +300F. Exactly how is Helium-3 going to get to the Moon? Remain on the Moon as a gas? Or remain locked in soil rising 700 degrees above its freezing point? NASA claims Lunar samples brought back during Apollo missions contain 3He; all the missions were on the Sunlit side, an obvious lie. Helium-3 3He and Deuterium 2H, Nuclear Fusion reactors are to my knowledge, still theoretical. Harvesting 3He on the Moon is ridiculous. Astronaut claims of Aliens and bases on the Moon are ridiculous. The Artemis Project is just another fleecing of the sheep and sounds more than a little incestuous; Apollo was after all the twin brother of Artemis. To gain perspective on how we have come from believing in the mythical Force of Gravity, to walking on the Moon with Aliens to building Lunar Bases in the “Artemis Project”, we need to prove or disprove a few basic concepts.
“Gravity” is a “Force” with no provable energy source; NASA claims a spacecraft could travel to a point where Earth’s Gravity was overcome by the Moon’s Gravity, or another Planet or Star and into an “Orbit”. CERN Large Hadron Colllider (Note the Saturnian 666 Logo) dubbed Gravity the “God Particle” the “Force Carrier” of Visible Matter. “Dark Matter” even has its own mythical “Force Carrier” called the “Dark Photon” nice eh? “May the Force be with you” is a Witchcraft term. Using Thrust, a spacecraft must adjust its speed and direction to exactly match the planet’s “Escape Velocity”; according to Newton, a circular orbit could be attained. Too bad “Orbits” are never circular. On return, at the critical moment, when direction is correct, thrust could accelerate the craft above escape velocity and repeat the process. I suppose it would be a little tense aiming at a spot in space where the planet would be when you got there given that most astronauts believe in the Big Bang eh? In “Orbit” or while adjusting speed or direction, linear, lateral and centripetal accelerations would be significant; at such high velocities; cabin occupants would be slammed against the walls of the spacecraft. Newton should have noticed the squared term in his fanciful equation F=GM1 X M2/R2 because gravity can never form a circular orbit. Elliptical “Orbits” are a function of the “Squared” term in the equation; the shape of an “Orbit” should straighten out rather than tighten if this force of gravity gets weaker with increasing distance. To assume “Gravity” is a force, it must have a verifiable source of power (Energy) and a means or medium to transmit that Force over very large distances. Where is it? How does the vacuum of Space transmit it? If astronauts were weightless enroute to the moon, how could they remain weightless accelerating around the earth or moon in orbit? Now consider that gravity is not an endless force of nature; it is still “Gravity Theory” after all. Outward acceleration of an object’s surface caused by expanding matter is one alternative, and the only one I have found to account for the Atmosphere remaining around the Earth. If interested in pursuing this line of reaoning, I refer to Mark McCutcheon’s The Final Theory. Regardless, basic physics laws say force applied over time and distance results in “Work” and this requires energy plus a means to transport that energy through space. Gravity must in essence act like infinitely long “Tentacles” in tension connecting every atom with every other atom. It already sounds like BS to me, and has never been proven to exist, but even still if the energy supply cannot be proved there is no point in considering Gravity as anything more than a “Theory” in direct opposition to Scripture which says the Earth was created before the Sun and was “hung upon nothing”.
Whether anyone made it to the moon and returned is made suspect by the fact Nazi SS Major Werhner von Braun, Black Magick practitioner Jack Parsons and Luciferian Freemasons like Neil Armstrong filled the space program. The Van Allen Radiation Belts contain lethal radiation; space itself contains lethal radiation in a very unforgiving environment and human beings do not function very well at other than “1G”; normal Earth acceleration. Spacecraft need to carry fuel enough to accelerate away from earth, decelerate and match the moon or planet’s escape velocity, and on descent to the surface, thrust would need to stop all lateral and vertical motion simultaneously; not an easy task to do. Astronauts were standing up in the Lunar Module; when thrust is out of alignment with direction by a fraction, the vehicle will go out of control immediately if not corrected. Pretty hard to control a spacecraft being tossed around every time a thruster is fired eh? The major problem faced with here, is all directional changes would need thrust, and that requires a lot of fuel; von Braun spelled all this out to Congress, it’s just that without a perceived space race, the Cold War would have also been a myth.
The Space Shuttle and satellites never really change direction or need to. They are accelerated linearly to orbital velocity and then coast at 0 G’s. They appear to curve in a parabolic arc around the earth to local observers, but to someone in space, they would be merely traveling in a straight path, and have to be because 0 acceleration “G’s” is just what the name implies, no change in direction or speed. Essentially, they are just like a bullet. Nearly every astrophysics claim (Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Worm Holes, Space-time fabric) is based on accepting the force of “Gravity”; I for one do not. Just Newton’s obsession with the building materials of Ezekiel’s Temple in Jerusalem (over 25,000 published pages) and his alleged leadership of the Prieure of Sion is enough to tell me to look into the matter.
I personally don’t care whether anyone went to the moon or not, I present this material because military contractors got filthy rich in the Moon program and arguably obtained nothing of value from it; ok a few alleged rocks. Drifting into the earth’s atmosphere and then flying to a landing, or opening parachutes in the atmosphere before splashing in the ocean, or landing on Mars under a parachute, inside a bunch of bubble wrap is a far cry from navigating and adjusting spacecraft velocity with thrusters alone, to a successful soft landing and having the fuel to return. A really far cry! Maintaining a breathable atmosphere for a week is tough enough, but basic bodily functions inside a pressure suit and using a lander without an airlock is tougher. Maintaining the proper oxygen mix and pressure in a suit exposed to no atmospheric pressure and 3000 F, refilling LOX tanks several times and providing protection from lethal solar radiation are obstacles I feel are insurmountable even with today’s technology. If the world’s most honest man (for grins, let’s call him Walter Cronkite) had said we went, maybe I’d be inclined to overlook some of these questions, but Walt and many of the private contractors involved with the decade long $multi-billion project attend Bohemian Grove every summer for 2 weeks and do the exact rituals the bible describes as “Evil in sight of the Lord”. Sacrificial fires to the Owl of Wisdom “Molech” are Canaanite rituals. They have been around for 4500 years and there is no reason to believe they ever stopped! The most trusted man in America told us on TV about JFK’s Masonic assassination and knew full well Masons were in the Eagle for the Moon Landings; he was raised in De Molay Freemasonry just like Bill Clinton who lied to a Federal Grand Jury, attends Bohemian Grove with Clinton, serving as the voice of the Owl and we choose not to question his integrity? Not smart.
Deep in foreign debt from WW2, the Moon landing was deemed necessary and sold to Americans by JFK, to regain US dominance in the missile race with the Soviets. The race began with Freemason FDR (he was involved with channeling and astrology as well) and Shriner, Jester, 330 Mason, Harry Truman jump starting Thule Society, Satanist, Josef Stalin’s Communist nuclear program using the atomic secrets learned in the enormously expensive, top secret Manhattan Project handed over by Soviet Ambassador J. Robert Oppenheimer. Soviets had no such project; Oppenheimer and Armand Hammer made sure they began the race ahead of the US. HL Mencken said “The goal of politics is to keep people clamoring for security and protection from a series of hobgoblins, all of which are manufactured”. The Manhattan Project was named after Manhattan Is., Wall St was a recreation of the walled fortress of Jericho; in the early 1600’s, it even had a wall stretching from the Hudson to the East River. It was purchased by Calvinist Puritans who brought “Nicolaitan Doctrine” (elevated clergy) to America in order to create a New Jerusalem, or as Francis Bacon put it, a New Atlantis, purchased for $24 in trinkets from the Canarsie Indians. X is the 24th English letter of Phoenician origin; it’s hard to over emphasize what this “X” represents to an occultist. The symbol of Osiris represents reincarnation and ritual incest (Osiris, Isis, Horus). It represents the concept “As Above, so Below” meaning the stars above must be re-created on the earth in order to liberate Man from God. Strange? Absolutely, but Hitler and Stalin believed Atlantean blood “Vril” ran through Aryan veins and it was their job to usher in the 3rd Reich. “X” is also the sign Emperor Constantine saw in his dream with “In Hoc Signo Vinces” to conquer Christianity by merging it with Paganism. The cross and X combine in the witchcraft symbol (2X4=8) to form the Sun Wheel, an 8 division Buddhist Mandala used to keep track of cross quarter sabats “Esbats”; or maybe all of it is just coincidence!
Stalin saved all the money US taxpayers shelled out making the A bombs and was given 11 time zones of land. Gen. Patton tried to warn of this and paid with his life at the end of the war. Russia quickly led the nuclear H-bomb, Rocket Race and had enough privacy to develop Nikola Tesla’s “Scalar EM” weaponry which today is used to modify weather, cause Earthquakes and other UN-natural disasters. Stalin said “The person who votes, counts for nothing, but the person who counts the votes, counts for everything”. The Soviets got out in front of the US in the space race with the first booster capable rockets, first orbit, first cosmonaut, first space walk and first rendezvous. They had also exploded the first hydrogen based nuclear fusion device, so we simply had to catch up in order to continue the Illuminati created cold war fleecing of taxpayer money. Never mind that the US and foreign presidents, Illuminati handlers, rich industrialists, TV news anchors, and corporation boards went to Bohemian Grove each summer for a little one on one time with the Canaanite Fire God, Moloch aka Satan. Communism sucked the financial life blood and 60 million lives out of the Russian citizenry but the Americans still had a democratic government of the people and for the people, or at least we thought so anyway. The Russians decided taking humans to the moon would not be possible when their canine cosmonaut “Arkla” was launched into high earth orbit beyond the Van Allen radiation belts, and died of radiation exposure, so it was up to a group of 330 Freemasons and German Nazi scientists to dream the impossible dream.
In 2003, a solar flare erupted and scared the ISS astronauts into crawling into a radiation protected area. The ISS is underneath the protection of the Van Allen radiation belts, yet the amount of radiation hitting the Space Station would have killed them in 10 minutes if unprotected. Apollo astronauts had no protected area, and operated through and outside of the magnetosphere; Why weren’t they worried?
All of the early astronauts, and managers were high level freemasons; C. Fred Kleinkenecht being the head of all Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the US had his brother in NASA. 330 Masons Neil Armstrong and Buzz “Lightyear” Aldrin set foot on the moons 1 inch dust covered surface on July 20th, 1969. Pres. Nixon said “This is the greatest day since creation” but I think God will compare it to the Tower of Babel. The Masonic House of the Temple of the 33rd sits east of Jesuit Georgetown University. A room dedicated to the Moon Landing in the basement has a picture of Neil and Buzz wearing Masonic loin cloths over their space suits. Aside from the post flight interview where Armstrong says he doesn’t remember seeing any stars in the moon’s sky, he has not granted a single interview about the event that changed the world and declined to attend the 40th Anniversary celebrations. Man, you couldn’t shut me up!
Tetras to KL-03
NASA sent up the Tetras communications satellite to relay information to the 20+ flight director consoles during training scenarios, which could easily have been used to fool the controllers during the real missions, and NASA had contractors spread out across the country so that very few people saw the whole project. News stories preceding Hurricane Rita’s landfall said that NASA’s Johnson Space Center had been relocated to Moscow. think the US is at war or was in a space race to the Moon with Moscow? Guess Again KL-03 is a RF Microchip which came out of the Apollo Program; it was tested on Malaysia 370 and is found in nearly every electronic device.

The bible says 1/3 of the angels followed Satan. Canaanites worshipped Moloch, and influenced many others to do the same. Bohemian Grove rituals for 2000 world leaders are not just a night out with the guys! Bohemian Grove charter member, Mark Twain said “Truth was stranger than fiction because truth was obligated to stick to the possibilities” and “The world is a stage and we are the actors.” Here is a brief review of NASA’s incredible journey.
The bible says Creation is about 6000 years old. For a moment try to imagine being in orbit using thrust to completely stop all your lateral motion because they didn’t have an atmosphere to help them. Imagine what it would be like to be in searing heat while in the sun and extreme cold in shadow or shade. Imagine stepping out of a pressurized spacecraft knowing that nearly all motion, bodily functions, water, and food intake would be impossible. Finally as you look at the craters around you which were formed by space debris coming in at several times the speed of a bullet, imagine hoping that they didn’t hit the LM, LEM or you, because not only would you be dead, you would have no way home.
Neil’s footprints were a surprise to all, because estimates of the accumulated 3 billion years worth of dust were several thousand feet, not a measly inch. A nice clear, fully lit in the shade picture of Armstrong coming down the ladder shows it all, but who took the pictures? If the camera journeyed all the way there on the leg of the LEM being blasted by the retro rockets, it and the plastic film would have spent days alternating between 400 degrees below freezing to 2650 F above. Put film in an oven at that temperature and it melts, so why didn’t it then? An 80 cubic ft. scuba diving tank can supply about 60 minutes of breathing air. Liquid O2 (LOX) in the astronaut backpacks had to supply breathing oxygen for many hours if not days and compressed air for the pressure suits without mechanical aid plus air conditioning to compensate for the 2650 F sunlit environment and -4000 sub-zero shade. We live in a 14.7 PSI atmosphere at sea level. NASA says they were able to use 5 PSI of 100% oxygen in the suits. People climb Mt Everest without oxygen, so this is possible, but as the astronauts exhaled, that ratio would quickly change toward CO2 unless all of it was vented outside because the astronauts breathed the suit air, not from oxygen hoses. This would require a lot of LOX. To illustrate, airliners can supply supplemental oxygen using ½ gallon LOX tanks in the overhead bins for about 12 minutes, but the astronauts drove around in buggies several hours at a time for up to 3 days. How is that remotely possible? At 5 PSI, a spacesuit would feel like a fully inflated basketball. Now look at the Space Shuttle astronauts and try to imagine how Neil hit that golf shot let alone change camera film and drive the moon rover. I realize joking is normal, but Neil said he sliced the shot; without an atmosphere, this statement on arguably one of the more famous dates in history would have to be about as idiotic as one could get.
Explorer 1 registered lethal amounts of radiation and space debris
Space debris moves along at relative speeds of over 12,000 mph and the surface of the moon is indeed full of craters. Getting hit by a grain of sand at that speed would have been lethal, causing instant suit depressurization. Were they really that brave?
The sun ejects radiation which is unimpeded in space. This radiation heats the earth only after many layers of protection; Van Allen radiation belts, Magnetosphere, Ionosphere, Ozone layer and Atmosphere all work together to make life on earth possible. None of these exist on the moon, so astronauts were exposed to incoming sand bullets, lethal solar radiation (Gamma, X-Ray), microwaves, and lethal thermal energy (2650 F). The earth is protected from solar flares, but the moon isn’t. Flares dramatically increase radiation levels, knocking out power and radio communications on earth, so they would probably kill the astronauts instantly, and they happen all the time. Look up solar flare records during the lunar missions; you’ll find if difficult because NASA doesn’t publish many of them.
The dark side of the moon is colder than -400F (about 0K); the surface exposed to the sun heats up to about 300F depending on reflectivity, color, angle of incidence, shading etc. Space suits need to compensate for that in the unique environment of space where there is no way to evaporate or expand a coolant using a thermodynamic cycle. The suits therefore, needed to provide breathing oxygen, suit pressure, insulation from heat, and cold and shoes that would not melt or transfer the 300F or -400F heat/cold to the astronaut. Cooling of the suit using liquid 02 requires venting the liquid to a lower pressure and taking advantage of the associated expansion cooling. If you have filled a propane BBQ tank, you know how cold the valve gets when liquid propane is vented to atmospheric pressure. I suppose this could be done, but it would have to be done constantly, and allowed to escape to a lower pressure part of the suit, a very impractical if not impossible method. Your house A/C unit uses a condenser and evaporator. This system will not work in space since the evaporator cannot exchange its heat with the vacuum of space. That’s why a thermos is so smart; it knows when to keep things cold and when to keep them hot! The suits also needed to allow for the elimination of body waste and introduction of food and water while under pressure. This is not an easy task, in fact it’s probably impossible. Under at least 5 PSI, the suits had to allow for freedom of motion, and grip flexibility especially when hitting golf shots, changing plastic film in cameras and operating moon rovers. Again, probably an insurmountable obstacle when you think about it logically. When LOX levels ran low, the suits needed the ability to dump pressure and re-pressurize each time they entered the landing module and the LEM would need to completely depressurize each time as well, without an airlock. Think about the amount of oxygen this would take, and where the pressure would come from. If you figured this out (I can’t), building the spacecraft sturdy enough would pose another difficult task. Imagine trying to open a passenger door on an airliner at altitude. The door is about 3 ft X 7 ft and the plane is pressurized to about 8 PSI so there is 8 PSI X 21in. X 144in or about 24,000 lbs of pressure on the door. It would be the same inside the lunar lander, so look at the lander when you go to the Air & Space museum and see if it looks stout enough! One particle of space debris hitting the suits or space craft would cause a rapid decompression and instant blood boiling death for the astronauts, and they were out there for more than a week. That’s pretty gutsy if you ask me.
Space is a vacuum, it is not hot or cold, and is unaffected by radiation passing through it. Heat is defined as the total energy in a substance. Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of molecules in a substance. To illustrate the difference, the air inside a 5000 oven won’t burn your hand, but the walls of the oven will. They are both at the same temperature, but the steel has much more total energy. Radiation leaves the sun in a spectrum ranging from low energy radio waves, microwaves, infrared (heat), visible light, UV, X-rays and Gamma rays. In the vacuum of space, solar radiation moves unimpeded until it strikes solid material like say a space capsule. The temperature of space then, is 0 and the temperature of the capsule is merely dependent on the amount radiation it absorbs. It’s like breaking a rack of pool balls with all sorts of different sizes of cue balls I suppose; some would pass through the spaces some would not. High energy radiation like X and Gamma rays are deadly, and of no use to warm an astronaut or space craft. They are like little knives slicing through cellular DNA which causes cancer and/or cellular death. Van Allen radiation belts protect us on earth from these, but astronauts were outside of their protection, again pretty gutsy. Microwaves pass through suits and heat objects containing water quite well. Cell phones use low energy microwaves; they cause brain cancer and can hard boil an egg; another obstacle to consider. Infrared energy won’t pass through the capsule wall or a space suit, so it warms the surface it strikes, and no more. Infrared radiation is diminished by shading the target with something that intercepts this wavelength energy. Moving into the dark side of the moon results in rapid energy loss. The temperature inside the suits would change quickly unless large amounts of insulation were used, which they did not. The suits are plainly visible at science museums all over the country. Imagine being in the mountains where the atmosphere is thinner with a black windbreaker on. Even at say 300 F. you would be comfortable out in the sun because the color black absorbs all wavelengths of visible light, but in the dark you will cool down very quickly. Imagine being on Mt Everest with a black wind breaker on. If the Sun is hitting your body with radiated energy, you could stay warm. When it stops, insulation is the only way to keep body heat from exchanging its energy with surroundings; you would be frozen in an hour or less. Cooling and heating of a space suit is obviously not a simple matter, and being in space is very dangerous because deadly ionizing radiation is constantly being absorbed by the body. If astronauts were shaded for very long, they would have to keep warm by adding their own energy. If in the direct Sun, they would need to be cooled somehow. Space Shuttle astronauts do this by wearing thick insulation, having internal heating and cooling systems, only staying out for perhaps an hour or 2, and most importantly, operating below the Van Allen belts which shield them from ionizing radiation.
There are reports of space experiments located on the moon and unmanned rovers may have gone to Mars, but bouncing along the surface in an airbag on a one way mission without people and all the required human life support equipment is nothing like landing with people and taking off again. The Galileo spacecraft was sent to Jupiter, but its intent was to ignite the hydrogen atmosphere with nuclear fusion, and Cassini was sent to Saturn with the intent of delivering 72 lbs of plutonium for a similar purpose. The difficulties of sending humans to another planet vs. a nuclear bomb or remotely controlled buggy are 1000 fold more difficult.
After the 2nd moon landing, the US taxpayers became disenchanted with baseball games being interrupted by routine moon landings, so extreme peril was necessary to regain their attention and their wallets. The most trusted man in America, at that time was Bohemian Grove member, CFR member (read Constitutional traitor), CBS (all seeing eye), I’m all for wind energy, just not in my Cape Cod backyard, news anchor Walter Cronkite. 13 is the occult number associated with rebellion to God probably because Nimrod was the 13th descendant from Adam. The primary ritual used to rebel is called the Sacred Marriage; in the days of the Tower of Babel, these rituals were conducted in the upper room as hundreds of ziggurats attest to. Apollo 13 was a symbolic death and re-birth by the light event. In Freemasonry, the symbolic death and re-birth is called bing “Hoodwinked”; the initiate asks for light and he gets plenty of it. A similar ritual in the Skull & Bones Society at Yale has initiates inside double wide coffins which are lowered into a deep shaft. There are many others, but they all stem from Pyramid rituals in Egypt where the Sun’s light enters the Queen’s chamber on the solstice.
The Apollo rocket used was the Saturn V. V is the worldwide symbol of the Mother Goddess and Vengeance. It is the Roman numeral for 5 which corresponds to Vau, the 6th letter in Hebrew and that means nail; the 3 nails that were once used to fasten Jesus to the tree. The rocket literally means Satan’s nail! NASA put a trinity of Freemasons who swore “Vows” to Lucifer atop the rocket and named the program after the Greek god Apollo. The god Apollo came originally from Egypt as Horus, the falcon headed god with 2 eyes representing the Sun and Moon. Horus itself came from the biblical Horites, Canaanites who settled Mt Hor. Horus’ “All Seeing Eye” sits over the unfinished pyramid on the US $1 bill to illustrate America’s role in the “Great Work”; the presentation of a false Christ (Horus) to the world. Apollo 13’s riveting problem of an oxygen explosion (very similar to TWA 800’s lie of a fuel pump causing its explosion) was solved by “Squaring a Circle”. Oxygen scrubbers were refit as everyone who watched the movie knows, but less known is Nazi occultist Josef Goebbels said “With enough repetition, people can be made to believe a square is really a circle”. He got that idea from the serpent encircling the 4 corners of the earth called the “Oroborus”. The “Swastika” is the oldest symbol of the Sun on the planet, a symbol of the broken pre flood world. It became the symbol of the Theosophical Society and the Nazi’s plus being a symbol of the Boy Scouts before Hitler decided to use it. Squaring a Circle is impossible, but hey, so is gravitational orbits. Horus was said by the Greek historian Herodotus to have been born on a conjunction of the Sun and Moon at the end of the “Epiphi” (Satanic Epiphany), so Apollo 13 symbolically made its way around the dark side of the moon where a man-made conjunction provided Death and Re-Birth. All this occult nonsense stems from Genesis 1:3 “Let there be light”. Lucifer has convinced occultists he is this “Fiat Lux” which is why many of them deny Satan is real. Born Again Christians know very well that Satan is indeed very real and simply the real name of Lucifer!
Pink Floyd named an album about the dark side of the moon, and after JPL founder and avid Satanist, Jack Parsons (he was also great buddies with Scientology’s god-man L Ron Hubbard) blew himself up in his garage, “accidentally” he got a crater named after him on the dark side as well. Jack had embarked on a dark ride into black path Satanism of the Qabalah and had gone a little insane. The love of money is the root of all evil according to the bible, so where did all this money go?
Nazi scientists had their resumes touched up in the CIA operation Paperclip and made their way out of Germany in the post war years with the help of the Jesuits and the famous “Rat Lines”. They now got a big pay day. They all knew going to the moon was impossible, and still is. God is shielding us from the lethal rays of the sun and from Lucifer, but the Van Allen radiation belts and the earth’s Magnetosphere seem to weakening because Scalar EM weapons take trillions of watts of energy continuously out of the earth’s core (usually at the polar regions) causing the earth to spin slower, wobble and destabilize magnetic field. Isaiah (24:20) warned us the earth will one day reel to and fro like a drunkard, so we can’t say we weren’t warned!
The success rate of the US and or Soviet rockets in the 1950’s were dismal at best. In 1960, Kennedy admitted the US was far behind the Russians in heavy booster technology. What if we could restore public confidence in the defense industry by winning the space race, funnel boatloads of public money to Nazi cold war defense contractors and divert attention away from the very unpopular heroin pipeline called Vietnam War? The Mercury and Gemini programs demonstrated our capability to get into low earth orbit below the Van Allen belts. These belts start at about 1000 miles out and go to 40,000 miles, but high altitude nuclear fusion HEMP blasts in the 1950’s and 60’s increased their intensity significantly. Like birds in a cage, the Apollo program simply continued from low earth orbit? Hollywood was named after Druid magic wands, and Stalin said “Give me Hollywood and I’ll control the world”, so it was easy. NASA training was accomplished by sending data simulations to flight controller consoles, and a Hollywood movie set in the desert north of Las Vegas could be used to simulate the moon landing phase, and the Navy recovered the capsule 10 days later which never made it out of low earth orbit. Capricorn 1 was a movie which said this is exactly what happened, but the theme was so ridiculous, very few people paid attention. FOX TV also made a documentary about this a few years ago, but then again, very few people remember a Space Shuttle blowing up on re-entry in the movie Armageddon, the Titanic being ordered to turn in the wrong direction twice, Oil Storm showing a Cat 5 hurricane hitting New Orleans, Mel Gibson weighing his 2 9lb 11oz rocking chairs and smashing them in The Patriot, a terrorist diversion allowing gold to be removed from under the World Trade Center in Die Hard 3, or the FOX TV mini-series The Lone Gunman showing remotely piloted commercial aircraft being used to hit buildings in New York! Warning victims is a requirement of Qabbala, and the Illuminati have to take it very seriously because Satan is bound to this arrangement by God! Groom Lake and Area-51 are named after a Man (5+1=6, the number of Man) who will become the Groom of the Mother Goddess. If this makes no sense to you, good I can assure you are not an occultist, but you do probably need to ask a few questions and try to answer them just the same.
$Trillions taxpayer’s money (Kennedy is not included because he gave his life to correct his mistake) Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan spent on the Vietnam War, Space program, Cold War and Star Wars ended up in the pockets of the Freemasons, Jesuits, CFR globalists, and Nazi cold war defense contractors. Why do they want this much money? Why were all the early astronauts high level Freemasons? Why do most of the top level names in Government and Corporate America show up as members of Bohemian Grove worshipping the Canaanite God Moloch? Remember, Nixon, Kissinger, Poppy Bush, Shrub Bush, Gorbachev, Eisenhower, Reagan, Walter Cronkite, Steven Bechtel and 2000 more all party together for 2 weeks each summer! Historians know for certain that people of every generation have worshipped strange Gods like Marduk, Baal, Ashteroth and Moloch. When exactly did they stop doing this? If they did, why does the bible describe the Tribulation period? Isn’t just a little remarkable that we only had one non flying related fatal accident in the entire moon landing program when compared to the current space shuttle program? The Shuttle attains an altitude of 300 miles and makes no radical trajectory changes. Apollo made a 500,000 mile round trip voyage, with a separate spacecraft capable of lunar descent, ascent and 3 days life support, in full exposure to the Sun’s radiation using computers with less computing power than a modern day calculator! Von Braun calculated the size of the rockets necessary to too large to produce simply because gravity doesn’t exist. There is no ability to use a “Gravitational Slingshot” to enter orbit or return home. Trajectory must change using thrust, period. I realize Star Trek and Star Wars are “Sci Fi” but maneuvering in space at the speeds they claim is just plain stupid. One course change or acceleration to light speed would kill everyone instantly!
Gravity is an acceleration, not a force. To change an acceleration you need to supply force over a given period of time according to F=MA. NASA knew this fact and so did the astronauts. This is why they hired only well heeled Satanists, Nazi’s and 330 Freemasons to do the job.
NASA’s only pre Shuttle fatality occurred on the launch pad when Gus Grissom hung a lemon on the Apollo 1 space craft. Gus was calling attention to the inadequate technology needed to get to the moon. NASA chief James Webb resigned just prior to the launch of Apollo 1as well. These individuals may indeed have done the exact thing represented at the Crucifixion when one of the thieves recognized Jesus was God in the flesh and one did not. This is the only requirement for salvation; you can be forgiven for nearly everything you have ever done!
Congressional hearings determined NASA’s ability to get to the moon was dismal, and NASA’s Nazi consultant Werhner von Braun calculated the mission would need 3 separate rockets, each over 1300 ft tall weighing in at some 800,000 tons to do it. Why? Because gravity doesn’t exist, so to change direction, fuel is needed. During a training simulation, Gus had an accident when a “faulty” switch created an electrical arc in a pressurized 100 % oxygen environment. Roger Chaffee, Ed White and Gus burned to remind the rest they were playing with dangerous people. 18 months later, a Bohemian Grove member of the CFR announced to the world that 330 Freemason had just walked on the moon, and we believed him. The famous line in Animal House may come to mind “He screwed up; he trusted us”
A faulty wire caused an arc when an oxygen tank needed to be stirred in Apollo 13 at 1313 hrs on the 13th of April, 1970. Swiss Air Flt #11 flies around the Atlantic Ocean for an hour fighting a fire with $200,000,000 on board and pilot procedures that read “Land ASAP”. Go ask a commercial pilot if dumping fuel for an hour was a smart idea with a fire onboard! A “faulty” fuel pump wire created an arc in TWA 800’s fuel tank 30 years later but fuel procedures were not significantly changed to prevent this from happening again. Ask the NTSB why so many people saw something streaking toward the aircraft before the explosion or a 747 pilot if a trip to Europe can be flown with no center tank fuel. A piece of foam departed the shuttle fuel tank and accelerated from 0 relative speed to the point where it knocked off heat tiles designed to take nearly 11,000 mph re-entry speeds. Columbia disintegrates on the Druid holiday of Imbolg over the Freemasonic capital of the west. Foam gets blamed for its destruction as witnesses report house rattling sonic booms when it’s 40 miles high. Sonic booms don’t rattle anything from above about 30,000 ft. The rattling came from scalar energy heating the atmosphere in front of the shuttle to demonstrate destruction of any orbiting vehicle is easy and unstoppable.
Rev 9:11 Apollo comes to Earth You simply can’t make a 9 lb 11 oz rocking chair out of oak, yet Mel Gibson made 2 and broke 2 in the Patriot just ahead of 9/11/2001. $200 million movies don’t order steering wheels to turn the wrong way. 19 year old hijackers can’t slice 8 throats and pilot commercial jets like Chuck Yeager. Commercial aircraft aren’t strong enough to penetrate 6 separate steel reinforced concrete walls and leave no wreckage. TATP (Tri acetone, Tri phosphate) explosives can’t be produced in an aircraft lavatory. Richard Reid had no C-4 in his shoe. Foam can’t knock off heat tiles, and the US has no gold! Its time to WAKE UP!
Gus Grissom was a smart man voicing concerns about our ability to fulfill promises made by Pres. Kennedy to put a man on the moon within a decade of John Glenn’s 13 minute suborbital flight. Most of our rockets were blowing up rather than going up, and he didn’t feel that the spacecraft was technologically capable to complete the mission. Here are a few other anomalies that warrant a question or 2.
Why didn’t the astronauts take pictures of the stars or take a telescope? Pictures with light supplied from a single source (the sun) must necessarily have parallel shadow lines but most of the NASA pictures have shadow lines that intersect one another indicating alternative light sources were used, but none were taken to the moon. Why is the US flag shown waving without an atmosphere on the Moon? They are even putting this brazen picture up on freeway billboards today. Why didn’t the retro rocket thrust send moon dust flying on to the spacecraft? Pictures of all of them show them to be dust free and the feet sitting on top of loose dust. If the moon is billions of years old, why didn’t the LEM sink into the surface? Shaded photos are sometimes dark (like they should be) and sometimes well lit without supplemental lighting. Without atmospheric dust to reflect light, shadows must necessarily be 100% dark on the moon. Why did astronauts take nice color movies inside the spacecraft but only release copied black & white movies of the moon’s surface? Why did some astronauts describe the ship as noisy and vibrating during descent and others say the vacuum of space eliminated all such noise? Why did the moon buggies cost some $60,000,000 each? Why are so many NASA scientists fixated on Mars? It has no radiation belts and is too cold to support water. The love of money is truly the root of all evil.
Gold was stolen in WW2 and the Holocaust. These were real Jews, not the Zionists (Canaanites, Sepharvaim and Edomites pretending to be Jews) in “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt” (ref Rev 11:8 and Obadiah 15-20). Ft. Knox gold was used to pay for the Vietnam War. World Trade Center Fed Reserve gold was stolen from under WTC #4 and 5 on 9/11 in addition to billions of insurance dollars (Elliot Spitzer knew all about it). Today, it is estimated that a large percentage of 400oz gold bars are Chinese forgeries using Tungsten inserts; ask the Mormon Church about that as they were intimately involved with the Shenzhen Economic Zone in Hong Kong, laundering perhaps fake gold through the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. Oppenheimer watched the Trinity explosion in 1947 and quoted from Hindu Scripture “I have become the destroyer of worlds”. The Soviet nuclear missile crises, NASA moon missions, Star Wars missile defense shield and ground based missile intercept project has kept people on edge and made defense contractors very wealthy. By the way, there are no Star Wars satellites and never were any. That project (Project Blue Beam) was designed to create alien sightings, crop circles and one day to present Antichrist to the world. WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq 1 and Iraq 2 never made the world safer but made the rich, much, much richer. Iraq is geographic Babylon; its all part of the deal. Drugs from Vietnam “Golden Triangle” and Afghanistan “Aryan Triangle” (my term) flood the world and have at least a 1700% profit margin for somebody. $Trillions dollars have gone into the pockets a very few people. Yes Houston we do have a problem, its telling the truth! If this sparks your curiosity, check out the NASA footage on the Bart Sibrel’s DVD’s A funny thing happened on the way to the moon and Astronauts gone Wild. Or don’t and hope it all works out ok in the end!
The Yalta Conference gave enormous amounts of land to the Soviet Union. Churchill, a Druid and Hitler arranged the “Miracle of Dunkirk” to keep the war going and as Londoners were being fire bombed, Churchill smoked his Churchill’s in underground tunnels. Stalin’s Ukrainian Genocide led to his Gulags; Eisenhower starved 1.7 million Germans attempting to escape the Communists. Those people run Russia via the Russian Mafia today. Estimates are that 160 million people have died under Communist rule since its formal birthday on Beltaine1945. Hitler said far in advance that he would end his Reich on April 30th simply because he and Stalin were intitates of the same secret society “Thule Sociey” aka “Brotherhood of Death”. May Day is Baal’s Birthday after all. War with Iran is next; Russia and China are backing Iran. Reagan and Gorby were Bohemian Grove buddies and had been for a long time. Gorby set up Green Cross International on US soil thanks to Ronnie at the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco next to Queen Pelosi’s Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard; working 3 days/week in Washington is hard enough work to justify her new taxpayer funded C-32 Boeing 757. Reagan said the way to unite all the people of the world would be an alien invasion. I really have no idea when all this will happen; 12/21/2012 is my best guess, but I’, quite sure the Artemis Project and Project Blue Beam will be a spectacular birthday for “Sol Invictus” one way or another.
Goldstone, Redstone, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Artemis, Orion, Atlas, Saturn, Jupiter, Titan, Virgin Galactic and Cape Canaveral “Cloaked place of Cain’s bearers”; What more clues do we need? The Arab moon God is “Sin”

/////God Particle////////

2015 “UN Year of Light” 2015 “CERN Year of Light” Lucifer is the “Light Bearer”. CERN is built over an Apolloceum “Temple of Apollo”; a Staged Human Sacrifice was filmed Aug 2016 in front of Shiva the Hindu “Destroyer”; Apollo is also the Destroyer of Rev 9:11 Abaddon or Apollyon.
The November 18, 2011 issue of the International Journal of Science “Nature” claims the hunt for the elusive Higg’s Boson aka God Particle or Graviton entered its endgame. Translated: Man believes he has the knowledge, ability and reached the appointed time to become a God.
On July 4, 2012 CERN announced 99.99% proof of the “God Particle” aka “Graviton” as the source for the magical Force of Gravity. The mass-less force carrier “God Particle” not only gives Mass to Matter but Order to the Universe at a theoretical energy of 137 GeV.
On Dec 5, 2015 CERN attempts to create Strangelets, at 1PeV. Particles able to exist in different Time and Space dimensions. On Dec 17 (Saturnalia) CERN announces finding a Gamma-Ray emitting particle more massive than the Higgs Boson “God Particle” Whether Graviton or Shadow Matter, you had better roll up the pant legs folks! The Bull Shit can’t get any deeper.
According to Albert Einstein, energy and mass are interchangeable in proportion to the square of the speed of light (E=Mc2). 137 equals the inverse of Arnold Sommerfeld’s calculations in 1916 for the “Fine Structure Constant”. (1/137.035…). Fine is derived from the Latin “finus” meaning “To Finish”. It also means “Of superior quality, skill or appearance; Free of impurities; Marked by elegance; To make pure or an Amicable settlement over land ownership”.
“Bell’s Theorem” of 1964 postulates “If Wave Functions in Quantum Mechanics describe real entities, it must include mysterious action at a distance”. Light and Gravity were described as a Wave-Particle Duality in the vain effort to unite Newton’s idea of Space, void of 3 dimensional matter and Einstein’s idea of space being a fabric of a 4th dimension including “Time”. This originated with Johannes Kepler an astrologer, mathematician and astronomer interested in alchemy and theological speculation writing “3 is the key number of the universe” and Robert Fludd, a Rosicrucian, alchemist writing “4 is the key number of the universe”. Unifying Gravity, Strong Nuclear, Electro-Weak, and Electro-magnetic “Forces” is called the “Theory of Everything” or “Grand Unified Theory” because Creation of the Atom is reconciled with Creation of the Universe in the Gnostic ideal. The “Holy Grail” of Isaac Newton’s Gravity Theory, Neil Bohr’s Atomic Theory, Erasmus and Charles Darwin’s Evolution Theory, Jesuit Priest Georges LeMatre’s Big Bang Theory, Albert Einstein’s Special and General Relativity Theories, and the current String and Brane (Membrane) Theories are set to be unified under 1 Theory of Everything. According to Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory, traveling at Speeds approaching that of light allows time to slow down, thus providing a 1 way trip into the future. According to his General Relativity Theory, Space-Time warping allows long distance space travel and time travel into the past. String Theory allows objects with no observable mass (ie imaginary particles) to vibrate and thus convey mass to matter. Brane Theory allows for multiple universes in multiple dimensions with differing sets of physics laws. It doesn’t do much good for man to become a god without a way to get to get to heaven for Pete’s sake! The is one eensi weensie problem with all these theories; God says space is nothing (Job 26:7).
Gematria assigns numbers to Hebrew letters; Kabbalah is Kuf=100 Bet=2 Lamed=30 Hey=5. Added they are 137. Physicist Richard Feynman put a sign in his office with just the number 137 on it to remind his colleagues how little they really knew about the field of “Electro-dynamics”. His colleague Werner Heisenberg said “Problems with Quantum Theory will only disappear when 137 is explained”. Edward Teller, father of Nuclear Weapons said he could develop 137 from Gravitation Theory. Albert Einstein said “We don’t understand 137”. The CERN Particle Collider has a rather unusual logo with 3 interconnected 6’s. One of its goals is to produce the Graviton, a hypothesized infinitely large yet mass less particle needed to prove the Theory of Gravity.
137 is denoted by the Greek letter Alpha; Jesus Christ, the author of the New Covenant wrote the New Testament by delivering the Word to Holy Men, moved by the Holy Ghost; He is also called Alpha.
On the 1st day of Creation, God said “Let there be Light”; on the 4th day of Creation, God said “Let there be lights”. The Holy Ghost is “Light”; the goal of Kaballah is to quantify “Lights”; 1/137 is therefore called the “Fine Structure Constant” or “DNA of Light”
The Trinity is Father, Son, Holy Ghost. For Kabbalists the Trinity is quantified as Father=58 + Mother=79; added they form the Divine Son=137
Jesus Christ is the Holy Ghost (ref 1 John 5:7KJV); the Angel of the Torah “Yofiel” also adds to 137 in Gematria.
Kabbalah is Chochma “Wisdom”=73 and Nevuah “Prophecy”=64; Wisdom + Prophecy=137.
Chabad is derived from the 1st 3 levels in Kabbalah: Chochma, Binah, Dat. Lubavitchers revere Kabbalah, the Babylonian Talmud and Zohar over the Word of God because they reject the Holy Ghost. Chabad is Messianic Judaism of the 2nd Temple “Maccabean” Period; inter-testament means between testimonies of God; during this period, Kaballists, Pharisees, Sadducee, Essenes, Samaritans, Zealots, Herodians (Edomites) and Hasmoneans codified Gnostic texts of the Apocrypha, Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hamadi Scrolls and added the Holy Feasts of Purim, Easter, Hanukkah and Christmas. Wisdom + Prophecy yields the Utopia achieved after Moshiach (Messiah) is revealed. Obviously not Jesus as Kabbalah rejects Him, this Messiah will come in his own name: al-Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha and an Alternative Christ.
Tzaddik are usurpers of the Melchisedek Priesthood; of Samaritan descent, they are mixed blood of Israel, Canaan through King Ahab and Jezebel and Edomite through Herod. Jesus is Melchisedek as Hebrews 7 makes very clear; He authored the Covenant with Abram, received his Tithes, installed David King over Israel and authored the New Testament after His Crucifixion. Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov prophesied Mosiach would be revealed in the year 5778 (2018 CE). A closer examination of 2018 CE (Common Era) is necessary. The ½ Edomite, ½ Hasmonean King of Judea, Herod died in the spring of 4 BC following the “Slaughter of Innocents”; Jesus was a “young child” of 1½ years at that point; His birth being Feast of Tabernacles, 6 BC. and 8 other companion sites, and list Dec 21, 2009 as the “Day of Divine Agreement and Understanding” aka White Horse; Dec 21, 2010 “Day of Divine Protest and Dishonor” aka Red Horse; Dec 21, 2011 “Day of Divine Judgment aka Black Horse and Dec 21 2012 “Day of Divine Redemption” aka Pale Horse (Antichrist). 12/21/2012 is the Solar Solstice and potentially the one Kabbalists refer to as 5778 (2018CE). It is Sol Invictus, the beginning of the astrological Age of Aquarius and the Mayan date when the Sun symbolically passes the “X” formed by the Ecliptic and Milky Way through the “Great Rift” at 11:11UTC on 12/21/2012 to complete the Hermetic Axiom “As above, So Below”. 5778 is Phi (1.618…) to the 18th power. Phi “Golden Mean” mathematically defines Kepler’s Elliptical Orbits, the pattern formed by Galactic Spirals, musical notes (Vibrating/Oscillating Strings), burial mounds, 3-D Labyrinths, the human body and Sommerfeld’s theories on electron orbits within the Atom. Divide the number by 137=42, the number of months in the Great Tribulation which begins following the Pale Horse. The bottom line is Kabbalists and Astro-physicists have looked everywhere but the Word of God in the vain effort to become God. I feel sorry for them.
1/137 is the probability an electron will absorb or emit a photon, the mass-less “Force Carrier” of Electro-magnetism. 1/137 is “The Magic Number with no understanding of Man”. Werner Heisenberg postulated the “Uncertainty Principle” said “Problem with Quantum Theory will only disappear when #137 is explained”. He never thought to look in the bible I guess. The equation for the “Fine Structure Constant” relates the speed of light in a vacuum, elementary electron charge, Planck’s constant and Coulomb’s constant in the effort to describe the interaction “force” between electrons and photons. When Wolfgang Pauli fell ill and was put in room 137, he predicted correctly he would die there. 137 is the number written by the Hand of God; therefore Kabbalists believe understanding it will put them in the position Moses was in on Mt Sinai when the 10 Commandments were delivered. 137 is the number associated with the GUT (Grand Unified Theory) or the Theory of Everything which seeks to unify the “Forces” of nature; Daniel describes this “God of forces” as Satan in Dan 11:38, and notice the children of Edom, Moab and Ammon escape his hand in Dan 11:41; they will however not escape Jesus Christ at the 2nd Coming as described in Obadiah..
137 is the 33rd Prime Number; Jesus was 33 at His Crucifixion. In Quantum Theory, matter with the Atomic Number of 137 will absorb 100% of lights photons contacting it; hence it is referred to as “Dark Matter”. Freemasons reach Sovereignty at the 33rd level; for this reason, term Illuminati (Illumined Ones) refer to people who absorb Light. Elohim stems from El the Phoenician “Lord” and the Akkadian “Ilu” as does and Babylon; Bab=Gate and Ellu the Akaddian/Assyrian words for Lord also mean “Shining Ones”. Rosicrucian alchemist Nicholas Flamel wrote “The father of matter is the Sun. The mother of matter is the Moon. His power remains perfect when transformed into material”. Sin is the original moon god of Assyria, identical with the Islamic “Allah” venerated at the Black Stone of the Ka’aba the light absorbing stone. Gnostics try in vain to explain the “Immaculate Conception” in this fashion as well as the Edomite Holy Day of Easter; Ishtar impregnated at first light on Solis Dies (Sunday) closest to the Full Moon after Spring Equinox.
Zoroaster means “Star Seed”; the Zoroastrian concept of Good (Ahura Mazda=Light) versus Evil (Ahriman=Darkness) will play out as WWIII in Iran. Iran is Aryan meaning Noble Caste; today’s Iran came out of the Green Revolution 33 years ago (1979) promoting messianic Islam of the 12th Imam “al-Mahdi”. Pretty amazing how science and religions are aligned eh?
Chlorophyll is the molecule in Plants which absorbs sunlight used to convert Carbon di-oxide and Water to Oxygen and Plant Matter. The Chlorophyll Molecule is made up of 33 Atoms. Chloro means Pale Green. Plants and Animals balance each other out in the Photo-synthesis Equation yet Global Climate Change is being blamed on Man. Man is an Omnivore so it is reasoned by Kabbalists the best way to increase Chlorophyll bearing Plants is to kill them which releases their Carbon back to the Earth. Eliminate humans, eliminate the need of animals to be raised for food which eliminates their production of Carbon in exhalations and intestinal methane. Eliminating Man also saves Trees used for shelter; a Win-Win for the so-called “Green Revolution” which will be used to justify the slaughter of 6 billion people from Earth. The North Georgia Guide Stones have put this in writing in 8 languages. The bible states “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved…” Mat 24:22 This reversal of Good and Evil is a Gnostic “Dualist” doctrine; Cathars “Perfecti” were liberated from their material bodies in 1244 and their wealth in 1311. “Every 700 years the Laurel grows green again” tells us why D-Day was 1944 and why 2011 may the year the Black Horse rider absorbs the world’s wealth.
In Gnostic summary; The “Hubble Parameter” proposed the Big Bang created Anti-matter and Matter 13.7 Billion years ago with left over Neutrino “Force Carriers” detected by OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion Racking Apparatus) oscillating between the two at faster than light speed. WIMPS (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) gather into MACHOS (Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects) aka “Black Holes” connected to other dimensions by “Rabbit Holes” (aka Worm Holes or Star Gates) leading to “Mirror Universes, Mirror Galaxies, Mirror Planets collectively called “Alice Matter”. These are measurable through RAMBO’s (Robust Associations of Massive Baryonic Objects) using experiments like ATLAS (A Toroidal Large Hadron Collider Apparatus), MINOS (Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search) and NuMI (Neutrinos at Main Injector). Zeus (a god) as a White Bull impregnated Minos’ wife Europa resulting in the Minotaur (Beast) in whose Labyrinth (Black Hole) is no escape without Ariadne’s “Weaving Spider” “String”. The Fine Structure Constant is One divided by an Irrational Number which always yields another Irrational Number. Isn’t it a little easier to ask Jesus Christ for the Holy Ghost? Now that’s a rational thing to do.

God Particle: Primordial “Black Hole” of “Darkness”, explodes in the “Big Bang”, forming the “God Particle” which switches on the “Force of Gravity” giving “Order out of Chaos” with “Infinite Energy” and “Infinite Mass” neither of which can be Created nor Destroyed. This causes “Infinite Work”. Seems like the “Great Work” aka “Order out of Chaos” is about complete.

2015: UN and CERN “Year of Light”; the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. Relativity presupposes “Gravity”, “Black Holes”, “Space-Time”, “Time Dilation” and “Universe Expansion”. CERN resumes proof Gravity is a massless particle called the “Graviton” giving Mass to Matter. “Stupid is as stupid does” Forest Gump

“Earth is in a fixed, central position, but the idea is unwelcome and must be compensated for using Spatial Distortion” Hubble
“We have no proof of Gravity Waves or Space-Time Ripples from the Big Bang. It was just dust” ESA (European Space Agency) Jan 31, 2015
“The Big Bang is real”. Pope Francis

The Speed of Light

The universe was only 6000 years old until the age of scientific reasoning, and even scientists estimated it was 2 billion years old 70 years ago, but as stars were observed out to 16 billion light-years, it became harder to convince sheeple of a big-bang beginning, since stars must explode into a supernova, or collapse into a black hole depending on which godless scientist you listen to, in order to create any heavy elements. Then, time must be added for these elements to attract to each other to form planets, (round ones at that) and second generation stars which are mostly hydrogen, plus the time it takes for their light to arrive on earth. Keep this in mind too, background radiation is constant at 2.730K (witch’s breast in brass bra) . In basic terms it means the universe is very homogenous and appears to have been made that way, not evolving out of some very chaotic event, like a Big Bang. Well, since energy and matter cannot be created out of nothing, no proof of gravity exists, nor is necessary to explain our weight or planetary motion, and no mechanism for creating any elements heavier than helium is known within stars, maybe Einstein’s light-speed constant needs to be examined.
Black Holes are necessary for scientists to explain galactic spiraling and have so much gravity, they suck in their own emitted light inside their “Event Horizon”. They are said to form when stars exhaust enough nuclear fuel to collapse. The only known source of light in the universe is nuclear fusion in stars, so if they collapse, isn’t that like getting a burned out, smashed light bulb without electricity to work? By definition, infinite gravity must smash all the atoms of hydrogen, so what would even create the light to begin with?
Einstein’s General and Special Relativity ideas are still theories, because light speed has not been experimentally observed to be constant, and quite frankly, from a biblical view, they are pretty silly. Einstein said light pretty much makes up its mind on arrival at a sensor, like an eye before acting like a particle or wave. By most measurements light speed appears to be decreasing, and rapidly at that. Black Holes are an attempt to explain distant starlight being “Red Shifted”. Something seems to be causing them to move away from earth at a few distinctly different speeds that are faster than the Big Bang model can account for, so pockets of large, invisible gravity were added to the system. These guys may want to read the part where Jesus says all liars will have their place in the lake of fire! Light is emitted as distinct packets called “Quanta” of different colors. Longer wavelengths appear redder, and shorter waves, blue or purple. If distant starlight appears redder than normal, one surmises a faster velocity away from earth has effectively stretched them. This violates physics principles, so invisible gravity was invented in the form of Black Holes to account for this effect. What if matter expanded, simply by its energetic vibrations? It has energy by virtue of its mass as indicated by E=MC2 you know. The second law of thermodynamics says energy must go down with time, so if the velocity of light were to decrease, so would energy, and this too does not violate basic common sense or physics laws. This single concept of expanding matter would eliminate unproven forces inside the atom and account for the atom’s inherent stability. It also eliminates the need for any gravitational forces at all, accounts for observed galactic spiraling, different distinct colors of light, and explains the entire spectrum of radiation from gamma rays, to radio waves as merely ejected packets of electrons. Further research can be done in Mark McCutcheon’s new book The Final Theory, but let’s look at it with an open bible.
If the earth’s surface began accelerating outward at 32 ft/sec2 at the time of Creation, and since we still observe this same acceleration today, our size must really be enormous, but since the earth as well as ourselves is being measured with a yardstick which has grown by the same amount, we would have no change in our frame of reference. To someone outside the Universe however, the filling of space would look like spirals, and not just any spirals mind you, but spirals which conform to “phi” know as the “Golden Ratio”. All life as well as the universe adheres to this ratio, so doesn’t that alone rule out chance occurrence and the “Big Bang”? Let’s suppose the universe is about 6000 years old, the earth and stars are not flying apart, and look at light from the perspective of expanding matter. As the earth or a star gets larger, absolute acceleration and velocity of its surface increases just as a balloon being blown up at a constant rate of acceleration. This affects light produced on a star’s surface because it has mass, and also affects the apparent speed of light when observed from say the earth because its surface is also accelerating . As time goes on, light would be more affected, because it’s being emitted from a surface which is accelerating toward its light packets more than closer objects. Objects farthest away would appear in slow motion, because their light packets are closer together as they contact the earth which is also bigger, and therefore moving toward those packets faster. Einstein said light was the same for all observers, no matter their velocity, and used the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887 to try and prove this idea plus the existence of an all pervasive “Aether” in space to carry the light waves. The experiment really didn’t prove either one because he assumed the earth is moving rapidly through space, whereas the bible says it is fixed. An “Aether” is necessary to transport a wave just as sound is carried in air, but what if light is not a wave at all? Packets of electrons ejected from expanding matter would do just fine without the “Aether”. Occultists since time began have called this “Aether” by names like solar and cosmic rays which carry deceased persons souls to the heavens, so this is not a new concept by any stretch. Let’s now see if light is affected by acceleration (changes in velocity).
Laser ring gyros are used in space and aircraft to measure acceleration. From this information, velocity and position changes can be calculated. They measure speed of light changes due to acceleration, so light obviously has mass and is affected just as we would expect. Light is not a mass less wave. Scientists are hampered by their belief in a ridiculously old universe, a constant speed of light, light being both a wave and particle at different times (wave/particle duality), and gravity which was first invented by a celibate grand master of the Prieure of Sion. Remember, according to the bible, the earth was created before the sun, so when did God invent gravity? One thing is certain; He didn’t tell us anything about it. If light speed is decreasing, the size of the universe gets a lot smaller. Perhaps trillions of times smaller than the 16 billion light-years+ now claimed. Einstein said the speed of light was the practical limit for any object which has mass, and not many years ago, computers had a theoretical speed limit bases on it. Electricity seems very capable of moving faster than light in conditions of super-conductivity where super cooling reduces sub-atomic resistance to electron flow (electricity). All these lies are placed one upon another by Godless scientists who will not give the bible story any credence or attempt to prove it wrong. Hey, I’m fine with their theories so long as they can offer proof rather than unsupported theory. Here are their unproven theories: Strong and weak nuclear force. Gravity. Constant speed of light. An all pervading “Aether” or medium for light to travel in. Space-time continuum or fabric. Infinitely long, massless force producing gravity strings in “String Theory”. Sorry guys, I’m allergic to b— s—!
Ockam’s Razor is a scientific axiom which says don’t add anything unnecessary to explain what you see. The bible says the earth is fixed, nothing about forces like gravity, nothing about galaxies flying away from each other, and infers an age of about 6000 years. From my vantage point, expanding matter, and decreasing light speed due to this expansion takes care of it. Scientists who generally reject silly notions like Creationism and Sin, say the Big Bang, Gravity, Black Holes, Relativity and 10’s of billions of years did all this with upward evolution thrown in of course. All of these unproven theories violate physics laws, thermodynamics laws, common sense and the Word of God. Take your pick, or come up with something else that makes sense. Better yet, why not begin talking to the guy who may indeed have made all of it in 6 days!
DNA of Light

“As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world” Jn 9:5
“And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” Mat 3:17
“…he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable” Luke 3:17
“For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved” John 3:17

The God Particle was announced on July 4th 2012 with 99.99% certainty; having a Mass/Energy equivalent to 125GeV to 140GeV. Leon Lederman (mother Rosenberg) wrote the book The God Particle: If the Universe if the answer, what is the question? Universe comes form Unum “One” and Versus “To Turn”; the same meaning as E Pluribus Unum “Out of many One”. It’s just a guess, but the God Particle may be announced soon as having a Mass of 137GeV. Science claims the God Particle gives Mass to everything in the Universe, thus it is also called “TOE” (Theory of Everything). Mass and Energy are equivalent according to E=MC2 thus “Infinite Mass” is “Infinite Energy”. The Universe is said to be Infinite in size. Force= Mass X Acceleration (F=MA). Work is Force X Distance (W=FD); therefore the God Particle represents completion of the “Great Work”; the presentation of the “God of Forces” from Dan 11:38 I have 2 articles on the God Particle, this one is about the DNA of Light.
The series “Flash Forward” featured a 2 minute 17 sec time lapse caused by a Particle Accelerator experiment “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it…” Gen 2:17 The series began 9/24 “…the high priest entered into the holy place every year with blood of others” Heb 9:24 The series Flash Forward is about Kabbalah; no it is not Jewish Mysticism; it is Gnosticism (Gnosis “Knowledge” + Sophia “Wisdom”).
There is nothing Jewish about Kabbalah.. Episode 2 featured an aging Nazi explaining Kabbalah is summed up in the number 137, the time in seconds of the worldwide “Black Out”. The book of Hebrews was written to people rejecting the New Covenant, made possible through the blood of Jesus Christ, preferring the blood of surrogate sacrifices. Kabbalah is the system which sprang from this rejection. The Nazi Swastika is in fact the oldest symbol of all, representing the broken Sun Wheel; repair of the Earth to pre-flood conditions is “Tikkun Olam” in Hebrew. This is the science of Kabbalah, Ka “Life Force” and of the Ka’aba “Enclosure”.
Gematria assigns numbers to Hebrew letters; Kabbalah is Kuf=100 Bet=2 Lamed=30 Hey=5. Added they are 137.
Physicist Richard Feynman put a sign in his office with just the number 137 on it to remind his colleagues how little they really knew about the field of “Electro-dynamics”. Werner Heisenberg said “Problems with Quantum Theory will only disappear when 137 is explained”. Edward Teller, father of the H-Bomb (“h” means God is with me in Hebrew Gematria) said he could develop the number 137 from Gravitation Theory. Albert Einstein said “We don’t understand 137, and until we do, we will understand nothing”. The CERN Particle Collider has a rather unusual logo with 3 interconnected 6’s. One of its goals is to produce the Graviton, a hypothesized infinitely large yet mass less particle needed to prove the Theory of Gravity. In Gematria, #137 is called Alpha; Jesus is also called Alpha.
Solar Radiation in the form of Gamma, X-Ray, UV, Visible Light, IR, Radio Waves and Coronal Mass Ejections of Alpha Particles (Helium Nucleii) contact the Magnetosphere and travel between the Earth’s Magnetic Poles. It is harnessed and re-broadcast by Radars for the purpose of Weather Modification, Volcanic Eruption, and Earthquake/Tectonic plate manipulation which was mentioned in the 2nd episode as a possible cause of the 137 second blackout. Interestingly, Russia cited Tectonic Plate movement causing an Electro-magnetic Storm which brought down AF-447; the 2nd episode showed airline CEO’s flying to restore public confidence in commercial aviation, reminiscent of the days following 9/11. I am only pointing this out because Kabbalah is the “Work on the Sacred Tree” taught by Solar Priests the same way for 4350 years. Theoretical Particle Physicists are in fact Solar Priests; the first being Kon-Torrs for “Priests of the Torroidal Enclosure. This Torroid (Doughnut shape) is the shape Solar Radiation makes when it contacts the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Today this is called the Magnetosphere or Van Allen Belts named after the person who discovered Man cannot survive in or outside of them. Jesus dictated Revelation to John in his exile on Patmos, about or perhaps exactly 66 years after the Crucifixion using the Holy Ghost. He uses the term Earth Dweller to describe people who worship Solar Priests and their Lies.
Kabbalah is called the “Work upon the Sacred Tree”; the Tree refers to the Crucifixion method of Nailing Jesus the Tree of Life to the Tree of Knowledge. Kabbalah means “To Receive”. “But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel. And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” Acts 2:16-17 The rest of Acts 2 is Peter, who once denied Jesus speaking of the necessity to accept the sacrifice of Jesus and be baptized with the Holy Ghost; specifically Israel who had Crucified Jesus who was their Lord and Christ. “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it…” Gen 2:17 Kabbalah is the tree of knowledge! “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” Rev 2:17 In Exodus 2:17 Moses stands up in Midian and waters their flock; later Moses delivers Israel and the Law. Since the Crucifixion everyone under the Law is cursed. The Great and terrible day of the LORD Joel describes is after the 2nd Coming; after all men have either accepted or rejected the free gift of the Holy Ghost. People are either of God or Mammon. “And there was a strife between the herdmen of Abram’s cattle and the herdmen of Lot’s cattle: and the Canaanite and the Perizzite dwelled then in the land” Gen 13:7 Lot chose Canaanite ways which resulted in Ammonites, Moabites and Hittite intermarriage with Edom; precisely these groups escape Antichrist in Dan 11:41 with the Six Pointed Star of the Moabite god Chemosh flying over Israel. “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb.” Rev 13:7-8 Kabbalah represents the Tree of Knowledge, “Earth Dwellers” have chosen over the Tree of Life.
Kabbalah is Chochma “Wisdom”=73 and Nevuah “Prophecy”=64, added are 137. Chabad (Chabad is derived from the 1st 3 levels in Kabbalah Chochma, Binah, Dat) Lubavitch are today’s Sanhedrin Priests, however as in the days when Jesus was on the earth they are not Jewish. The Synagogue of Satan Jesus described are Samaritans of mixed genealogy (ref 2 Kings 17:31) who revere Kabbalah, the Talmud and Zohar over Scripture. Wisdom + Prophecy yields the Utopia achieved after Moshiach (Messiah) is revealed. Obviously not Jesus as Kabbalah rejects Him. The Tzaddik are usurpers of the Melchisedek Priesthood. Jesus is Melchisedek as Hebrews 7 makes very clear; He authored the Covenant with Abram, received his Tithes and installed David King over Israel. Tzaddiq Baal Shem Tov prophesied Mosiach would be revealed in the year 5778 (2018 CE) Notice Baal is the Canaanite name for Lord or Master; the name translates to “Master of the Divine Name”. CE (Common Era) also denies Jesus; in all likelihood He was born in 6 BC which may make this date line up with Dec 21 2012 AD rather than 2018 CE. To be clear here AD means Anno Domini “Year of our Lord”; this is not Jesus referred to. I only consider the Date Dec 21, 2012 in the way it lines up with Deut 21:23 as a sign post; As Jesus was Crucified, the Earth will as well on that date by occult standards,
I don’t care to understand Kabbalah in the least so forgive me if this is confusing but Kabbalists seems to have deduced 5778 CE by raising Phi (1.618) “Golden Mean” to the 18th power=5778. This number is visible in human facial and body measurements as well as spirals in the cosmos, musical notes etc. Kabbalah is all about Gematria (numerology), so 76 X 76 (7+6=13, the number of rebellion, and 7X6=42, the number of months in the Great Tribulation) yields 5776 plus 1 for each factor=5778. 5776 divided by 42 then = 137. Just be glad you are not a Kabbalist; it’s very confusing. It is in fact the Science of Mammon. The LORD speaks to His followers through the Holy Ghost; false Spirits like the Angel of the Torah “Yofiel” whose name in gematria adds to 137 provide this type of knowledge.
Jesus is God in flesh for Born Again Christians; God is a Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. For Gnostics, the Trinity if Father, Mother, Son.. Why? Father=58, Mother=79 ; Father + Mother= Divine Son=137. The Presbyterian Church USA actually changed the Trinity from Father, Son, Holy Ghost to Father, Mother, Son; this is the Kabalistic Trinity. In the Zohar, Father and Mother are said to be “2 companions that are never apart”. Throughout history, the occult have celebrated this as the Divine Union aka Sacred Marriage and the ritual usually involves incest in 1 form or another.
The 26 letters of the English alphabet is of Canaanite and Egyptian origin. G=7, O=15, D=4 added give 26. Kabbalists use the Tetragammaton YHVH: Yud=10, Hay=5, Vav=6 added give 26 as well. Niels Bohr, the father of Atomic Theory concluded the maximum number of dimensions within the Universe is 26. This theory is now manifesting itself as Superstring Theory where Gravity is affecting the Universe in infinitely long yet mass less particles vibrating in many dimensions to create matter. A fitting name for this infinitely large yet mass-less particle made up of mostly Dark Matter is of course the God Particle. Why dark? Dark Matter absorbs all light.
The God Particle Theory claims the Primordial Black Hole exploded the Universe into being with the God Particle the first material. The Higg’s Field “Gravity” switched on immediately after the God Particle aka Graviton was produced and gave Mass and Order to the Universe. Sure, an I’m Santa Claus.
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle basically states the more we measure and observe atomic particles the more we affect them. 1/137 is the probability an electron will absorb or emit a photon; it is dimension-less and referred to as “The Magic Number with no understanding of Man”. The number relates to electro-magnetism measured in electron charge. The number relates to Einstein’s Relativity in terms of the speed of light and relates to Quantum Mechanics in terms of Planck’s Constant. When Wolfgang Pauli fell ill and was put in the Rosekreutz Hospital in Zurich, in room 137, he predicted correctly he would die there. Christian Rosenkreutz is the famous mythical founder of the Rosucrucian Society in 1437; he also magically erected the North Georgia Guide Stones in 1979 calling for the elimination of 7 billion persons from earth. 137 is the number written by the Hand of God; therefore Kabbalists believe understanding it will put them in the position Moses was in on Mt Sinai when the 10 Commandments were delivered. 137 is the number associated with the GUT (Grand Unified Theory) or the TOE (Theory of Everything) which seeks to unify the “Forces” of nature.
137 is the 33rd Prime Number. Atomic Number is the number of protons in the nucleus. Matter with Atomic Number 137 is yet to be discovered or named, but in theory it will absorb 100% of light photons contacting it. Jesus was 33 at the Passover of His Crucifixion; if He can do it, Kabbalists can too is their theory. Masons reach Sovereignty at the 33rd level; for this reason, term Illuminati (Illumined Ones) has become fashionable; they become Illumined by absorbing Light. The famous alchemist Nicholas Flamel wrote “The father of matter is the Sun. The mother of matter is the Moon. His power remains perfect when transformed into material”.
Chlorophyll is the molecule in Plants which absorbs sunlight used to convert Carbon di-oxide and Water to Oxygen and Plant Matter. The Chlorophyll Molecule is made up of 33 Atoms. Chloro means Pale Green. Plants and Animals balance each other out in the Photo-synthesis Equation yet Global Climate Change is being blamed on Man. Man is an Omnivore so it is reasoned by Kabbalists the best way to increase Chlorophyll bearing Plants is to Kill them which releases their Carbon back to the Earth. This has the added benefit of eliminating the need of animals raised for food and thus eliminates their production of Carbon in exhalations and intestinal methane. Eliminating Man also saves Trees used for shelter; a Win-Win for the Earth. The so-called “Green Revolution” will however be used to justify the slaughter of 5 billion persons from Earth. The North Georgia Guide Stones have put this in writing in 8 languages. The bible states “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved…” Mat 24:22 One need only read about the Pale Horse, who brings Death and Hell to see these are one in the same. Satan’s desire to be as the Most High God has shall we say made him “Green with Envy”.
137 is Alpha; Alpha is Jesus Christ; Jesus is God in flesh; Jesus is the Word. Jesus was a Man; All Men have 26 Chromosomes; God is numerically 26.A person’s blood comes exclusively from their father; Jesus’ did as well “For with God nothing shall be impossible” Luke 1:37 Luke 1 describes how the aged Priest Zacharias and his wife conceived John the Baptist at the Summer Solstice and gave birth at Passover. Jesus was conceived in Elizabeth’s 6th month of pregnancy and John leaped in the womb. That day is what we call Christmas today, but back was then Sol Invictus Day “Dies Solis”. Mary was a virgin engaged to Joseph; she was immaculately conceived of God the FATHER on the Winter Solstice and born at Feast of Tabernacles. Easter is a 9 month Human Gestation Cycle ahead of Christmas. The presentation or revealing of Sol Invictus is coincident with Hanukah “Feast of Dedication”. Christmas means Sacrificial killing of Christ and distribution of His body. Divine Union rituals held in Groves at Winter Solstice involve exactly that; only it is usually a child or slave that is used. Green Booths called Sukkot were used by Israel at Feast of Tabernacles to commemorate God being with them in the wilderness; it is only fitting that God in Flesh be born on that same day.
Groves are where Evil is done in sight (flagrantly) of the LORD. Rabbis replace the Holy Ghost, the Babylonian Talmud replaces the Word and Kabbalah “Tree of Knowledge” replaces the “Tree of Life”. It is then fitting Rosh Hashanah “New Year” and Yom Kippur “Day of Atonement” have been placed at the time of year when Feast of Tabernacles would take center stage. For Kabbalists, the most suitable sacrifice of all was offered so these “Days of Awe” have effectively replaced Passover when God led Israel with pillars of Fire and Smoke, watering rocks and a parted Red Sea. Personally, I think the latter is more “Awe” inspiring than the former.
Passover and Easter have nothing to do with each other. In Kabbalah, Mother=79. She becomes the equal of her mate on the Spring Equinox. Eostre, Ostarra of the Zoroastrian “NoRuz” (New Light) for Ishtar’s Day occurs at the Spring Equinox where Day and Night are equal. Father=58. 79 + 58=137. Fertility reaches its zenith at the 28th day “Full Moon” and pregnancy is 100% assured at “First Light” on the first Sunday “Soleis Dies”. The Divine Child “137” absorbs all light; therefore he is called the “Dark Lord”. For this reason, Black Virgin with Divine Child Statues were distributed by Knight Templars throughout Europe. Notice how Christmas, Lent, Easter, Madonna and Child, Groves (Christmas Trees), ornaments (sacrifices), lights (cauldrons of olive oil lit at the Temple), the Cross (Tree) have all deceptively replaced institutions of Jesus Christ. Jesus tells us in Mathew 23 to never call any Man Rabbi. Jesus was Jewish by genealogy and by the Law; still think Rabbis are Jewish? Might want to re-think that?
The Kabbalist day of the revealing of Mosiach is 5778. Israel became a nation in 5708 (1948 AD). Kabbalah claims the Spirit of God manifests in 10 Sephirot; the number of God is 7 which gives the 70 years from Israel’s creation to the arrival of their Messiah. Be Careful here! Jesus was born 6 years before this on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC. Herod ordered the “Slaughter of Innocents” in the Spring of 4 BC, so if 2018 is the planned arrival of the “Dark Lord”, the calendar will read 12/21/2012, the Solar Solstice.
The Mark of the Beast (Sun) will be 666, but where does it come from? One source is the number 216 which is the cube of 6 (63=216). It is also the cubes of the Mir (Pythagorean) Triangle added 33 +43 + 53=216. 216 is the number associated with “Sacred Architecture” and is also the number associated with the Earth’s Precession Cycle. Every 2160 years, the Earth’s Axis points to a new Astrological House. 2160 years ago Antiochus Epiphanes sacrificed a pig on the altar of the 2nd Temple with the axis pointing to Pisces; today the Swine Flu Vaccine may accomplish the same thing with the axis pointing to Aquarius. In Kabbalah, he 11th House is Antichrist, known in mythology as Zeus or Jupiter the “King Star”. 216 X the number of a Man 666=144,000. It is no coincidence Jesus “Saves” 12,000 from each of 12 tribes=144,000 in Rev 7. For excited Mormons, they need to read Rev 7 until they realize the Tribe of Dan and Tribe of Ephraim to whom 99% of Mormons belong (in flawed theory) is absent from the list.
666 is the number of a Man Kabbalists refer to as “The One”. Ritual sites such as the Cheops Pyramid, Angkhor and Stonehenge were built to capture this “First Light” at specific times of the Solar Year but what about light absorption by the Initiate of such rituals? According to Kabbalah 5778 is 66.6 Jubilee (50 years) Years after Moses saw God face to face at Mt Sinai in 2448. The Red Sea Crossing was actually in 1492BC, and the 1492AD date Columbus “discovered” the New World he referred to as New Jerusalem is no coincidence. Columbus was “Crypto”; Kabbalist in private, Catholic in public.
Astro-physicists claim the Universe is 13.7 Billion Years old. They also claim the Speed of Light is constant, so with their so-called “Dark Matter” evenly distributed throughout the Universe it is 13.7 Billion Light-Years in diameter. The Egyptian “Shemsu Horus”, Persian “Magi” and Greek Astronomers used the term “Aether”; today it is called “Dark Matter”is theorized to have the magical number or protons “137”, making it 100% certain to absorb all the Photons of Light contained in it. Get enough of this Matter in one place and “Black Hole” will form with an infinite amount of “Gravity” which pulls in all “Light”, giving “Mass” to all “Matter” with an Atomic Mass Number of 137. Sounds like Alice in Wonderland because Dark matter is in fact called Alice Matter. Brilliant, pun intended isn’t it? Too bad it’s all quite literal “Sacred BS”.
The Egyptian Priests of On (Heliopolis) worshipped the Apis (Apis means Word in Egyptian as does Bee in Chaldee) Bull and called the Creator and literal ancestor of man “Atum” The Word Atom comes from Atum. Atoms (in flawed theory) are held together by 4 Forces: Gravity, Strong Nuclear, Weak Force and Electo-Magnetic Priests of On absorbed “First Light” in the East with a Pillar called the “Ben-ben” said to contain the “Life Force” of the gods. One glitch, only Enlightened Man can absorb light; the rest will die in the process; hence the term “Flash”. “Atumic Theory” is really “Atomic Theory”, and a Theory it is having absolutely no proof. Atom’s have mysterious forces called Strong Nuclear, Electro-Weak, Electro-Magnetism and Gravity making Matter indestructible according to Isaac Newton and Neils Bohr; the problem is nobody had identified the source of “Infiinte Energy” for these mysterious “Forces” until the “God Particle” was announced on Independence Day (July 4th) in Geneva, where Wolfgang Pauli died in Room #137 of the Rosekreutz Hospital. Folks, “God shall not be mocked”! Daniel said this about Antichrist “But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces…” Dan 11:38 Earlier I mentioned this man is referred to as “The One”; this is because he will magnify himself above all including God; 137 divided by 137 is of course 1; the ONE on the $US ONE Dollar Bill. Notice it floats above the Pyramid because the Ben-ben is in fact that Pyramidion “Capstone”. The God Particle is the Capstone of the Great Work and the DNA of Light is #137.
137 is called the DNA of Light; a “Chen” Prime number not divisible by anything but 1 and itself. It is also the 33rd Prime Number. Chen means “Grace”. Rest is Sabbath; the 7th day of Creation. Jesus Christ is the Holy Ghost, the Word and God the Father in flesh. This Trinity “Father, Son, Holy Ghost” is not divisible by anything Man made; it is only theoretically divisible by itself. This is origination of the Yin-Yang and the Zoroastrian belief in a final confrontation of Good vs Evil. Kabbalists believe their Trinity “Father, Mother, Son” will one day be successful, especially if it is made of “Dark Matter” with the Atomic Mass 137.
“He” means “God is with us” in Hebrew; “He” was here at the beginning as Alpha and will return as Omega, but first, there is a little matter of the Beast who makes war with the saints, kindreds, tongues and nations in Rev 13:7. That Beast is the Dragon who first told Eve she would not die but become as gods. Adam listened to Eve and in where else but Gen 3:17 we are told “Cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life”. My Presbyterian pastor once told me the bible was just a story book; Sure!
Physicists claim the Sun’s surface temperature is 5778K; big surprise eh? Hydrogen fuses to form Helium “He” named after Helios, whose nucleus is Alpha particles; God’s name is “I Am He”. Can you see why Kabbalists believe by using Solar powered Electro-magnetic (EM) weapons they can defeat Jesus now? In their twisted world, like dissolves like. Ever heard the story Lucifer and Jesus were originally brothers in Heaven? This is where it comes from. Coronal Mass Ejections send these charged particles from the nucleus of the Sun to Earth at near light speed where the Magnetosphere guides them into the Earth at Polar Regions. Pause here to note Einstein calculated anything with Mass requires infinite energy to attain the speed of light with his famous but wrong E=MC2 equation.
The Earth’s core is magnetic; this interaction of the Earth and Sun is thus a Divine Union of sorts. An Alpha article has 2 protons but no electrons; the arbitrary symbol for positive is +. This symbol violates God’s 2nd commandment but nonetheless appears in most every “Christian” Church as well as most Egyptian hieroglyphics; the symbol is called the “Ankh” or “Solar Cross”. Laban, Aztec, Aztlan and Chlorox all mean “To make White”. Chloro is Pale Green and X is the symbol of Osiris, the Egyptian sun-god. To make White will be accomplished with Mass Sacrifice and this is how.
Reagan and Gorbachev famously ended the so called “Cold War”, but both men also attended annual Grove Rituals at Bohemian Grove where they burned fires dedicated to the Canaanite deity called Molech, a 40ft Owl which happens to be the symbol of Wisdom. Was or is there a threat 1000’s of Nuclear weapons will obliterate the Earth? Not if you are an Earth Dweller; that would be insane. Earth Dwellers live for and in the Torroidal Enclosure of the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Shortly after Nuclear Weapons were developed, stratospheric detonations designed to open holes in the Magnetosphere actually made matters worse by forming additional rings of radiation. Unlike NASA stories of Lunar and long range space exploration, Earth Dwellers know life cannot be sustained going through or outside of this protective “Enclosure” created by the Earth. This is the reason burial mounds are common throughout the world. Earth Dwellers are searching for a mass less, un-named particle that is not divisible by anything they can measure such as Phi (1.618 “Golden Mean”), Pi (3.14) or the natural logarithm e (2.7). The solution is in Revelation; they will hide inside the earth (ref Rev 6:15) and hide from the wrath of the Lamb (Rev 6:17).
Any person who does laundry will tell you like dissolves like. Alpha will be dissolved by + charged Alpha particles captured at the Poles and re-broadcast as Electro-magnetic waves. For 4350 years, Shaman have attempted to control or take credit for weather control, now they feel confident they have the ultimate weapon. The Greek symbol for Alpha is the same as the so-called Christian fish Symbol. The first 2 Commandments God gave to Moses face to face were “have no other gods before me” and “do not make any graven image or likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth”. That fish symbol is called the Labrys; it is a symbol of all 3. In the new movie “X Men”, Wolverine is Re-born in Water with Adamantium. Translated, “God hardened his heart”.
Hermes Trismegistus is said to have written the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes; Rosicrucians regard him as the greatest Alchemist; Miriam the Prophetissa is his alchemical counterpart. Her famous saying is “One becomes two, 2 becomes 3 and out of the third comes The One as the fourth”. This is the biblical 4th Beast described in Daniel 7:7. Aleister Crowley wrote Liber Oz aka Liber 77 for this reason; The 4th Beast Frees Man from God. Flt #77 hit the Pentagon at the 77th Meridian; the Pentagon is lined up with Meridian Hill, the Supreme House of the Temple, Washington Monument for this reason. Oz is the Emerald “Lightning” City of the Pale (Green=Chloro) Horse.
Carl Jung said “Probabilities in quantum physics, laws of nature and patterns of the cosmos will be solved when we understand 137.”Space, Time and Causality plus Syncronicity equal Alchemy”. Paul Dirac said “Once Arthur Eddington solved the mystery of 136 the obsession of solving 137 took over his life”. Werner Heisenberg said “Cracking the mystery of calculating the masses of elementary particles is one of the key aims of the Grand Unified Theory”. Flash Forward ties together Alchemy, Theoretical Physics, Greek Philosophy, Rosicrucian Philosophy, Psychology, Kabbalah, Gematria, Sacred Architecture, Pythagorean and Gnostic dogma and I-Ching.
7 is Rest; if you want to enter God’s Rest, you need to ask Jesus for Grace; He alone is the elusive Chen Prime “137” standing at the door, but you have to open it. The number 7 appears 137 times in Revelation because Revelation was delivered by the mass less, charge-less, un-definable, Holy Ghost. Science claims they are 99.99% sure the God Particle exists. The great thing is that you are 100% guaranteed to absorb it if you ask Jesus Christ for it.
The full article “God Particle” is at the top of the Science page; this article is an update. Science is derived from Scire “To Know”; Gnosticism Sires men who desire, Sophia “Wisdom” and Logos “Divine Word”; a way to express Wisdom in Creation as God did with His Word. The Higg’s Boson is the ultimate and blasphemous manifestation of the Serpent’s Lie. Please note one error; Chlorophyll has 137 atoms, not 33; 137 is the 33rd Prime Number.
RAMBO, MACHO, WIMP, Peon, P-Brane and Cracks are Science terms describing God’s Creation. No, I’m not joking! The Nobel Prize is named after Alfred Nobel, who invented Dynamite, a material designed to destroy creation. The Nobel Peace Prize in Physics for 2013 goes to Peter Higgs, the man who predicted the Higg’s Boson as a “Force Carrier” throughout the Universe. There is no such Force in Creation, only a warning about the “god of Forces” in Dan 11:39. The Nobel award came amid a Choir of CERN scientists in black robes singing his (His) praises. The Choir sang the “Particle Physics Song” to “Glorious Higgs” and the “13th Dimension”.
Cretians in the Lab
Peter=Small Stone; Higgs means “Son of Little Hick; Boson is a contraction of Boatswain meaning “Boy Servant”. Hick is a derogatory term meaning “Unsophisticated”; Hick was ultimately derived from “Hyksos”, the Foreign Shepherd Rulers of Egypt also known as Amalekites (Edomites who adopted the Canaanite worship of Molech). “The LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation”-Ex 17:16 What will the LORD do to the Amalekites? “I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven” Ex 17:14 Where are the Amalekites today? Under the ensign of Molech of course; the Flag of Israel! Read Obadiah, especially the part about “foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem” Oba 11. Israel is not Jewish in the slightest; they have cast their Lots for Marduk aka Molech.
The God Particle is the most obviously Blasphemous example of this war. Hyksos were expelled from Egypt just before the Exodus for among other things, worshipping God as an “Apis Bull”. Apis means Word, the Golden Bull at Mt Sinai, Arabia, Golden Calf Idols at Bethel and Dan and the Wall St Bull are all manifestations of this Blasphemy. The Hyksos then became known as “Cretians”; one of their own prophets described Cretians this way “The Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies” Titus 1:12. The Reprobates have reached new lows at CERN!
CERN scientists walk passed a statue of the Hindu god Shiva “The Destroyer” aka “Death” before entering the facility. The concept is the Creator (Vishnu in Hindu mythology) becoming the Destroyer much like God destroyed a world of Sin with the Flood, Dynamite destroys matter. 330 Freemason J Robert Oppenheimer quoted the Hindu Baghavad Gita “I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds” witnessing the Trinity detonation on the 33rd Parallel; Plutonium MOX Fuel in Fukishima is Oppenheimer’s destroying baby traveling from Japan (Land of the Rising Sun) through and above the Pacific (Peace) Ocean to the Americas.
Peter Higgs predicted, without a shred of proof, the existence of the H-Boson or Higgs Boson; for turning God into a “Hick Boatswain” is a lot like measuring the unproven “Force” of Gravity in “Newtons” or calling Black Hole Radiation “Hawking Radiation”; none of these have a shred of proof, only a gigantic dose of human pride and blasphemous contempt of God.
Science is not the only place blasphemous contempt of God is manifested;. In so-called “Christian” Churches, God is routinely turned into Santa Claus and His mother to the Easter Bunny; Cretians are at the Pulpit! T
he Phoenician letter H became the 8th English letter, a pictograph 8 for Eternity and the 8 survivors of the Flood. It is called the “God Particle” or “Graviton”, after the mythical source of 330 Luciferian Freemason/Rosicrucian Isaac Newton’s force called “Gravity”. Newton was not only a Liar, but the foremost authority on the building specifications of God’s Temple; one that will be built after the Millennium without the aid of human hands (ref Eze 40-48); Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Hawking and Higgs believed the Serpent’s Lie, they could become gods.
Infinite Force transferred over Infinite Distance and Time produces Infinite Work requiring Infinite Energy, an impossibility as absurd as the Jesuit inspired “Big Bang Theory” by Satanic Fr Georges LeMaitre upon which this theory rests. It’s called the “Great Work” for this reason, but a Satanic Lie nonetheless.
Gravity is a Grave Error
“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I come not to send peace, but a sword” Mat 10:34
The Nobel Peace Prize was coincident with closeted Sodomites and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations uses the Pale Horse “Death” logo) initiates George Clooney and Sandra Bullock (Bullock is a self admitted Witch, famous for her movies The Craft and Practical Magic) releasing the movie “Gravity” and the APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Coop) in Bali, Indonesia on “China Day”. John Kerry will finish the Asian trip in the Edomite (Hashemite) Sultanate of Brunei; Kerry made a similar trip to the Edomite “Hashemite” Kingdom of Jordan (Moab/Edom/Ammon) under King Abdullah II (Abd=Servant; Ullah=Allah, the Arab moon god “Sin” and Bahai Messiah Baha’ullah). Gravity depicts the destruction of the US Space Shuttle, ISS and Chinese Space Station “Tiangong” by an errant Russian missile and subsequent recovery (Masonic Death/Re-birth) in the Russian (Rus means Red) “Soyuz” (Soyuz means Union) capsule emerging from the Sea into a world of Gravity? Pretty obvious isn’t it? Red Union =Edom’s “Dominion” (Rev 27:40KJV) aka 3rd Beast of Dan 7:6. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals; also coincident was the Blessing of Animals on the same day by Satanic priests worldwide, like his namesake Pope Francis I.
“But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces…” Dan 11:38 The God Particle is this mythical “God of forces”; why were Bullock and Clooney chosen? “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all” Dan 11:37 Esau and the Edomite Dominion prophesied in Gen 27:39-41 KJV is here; a Red Union is not something you want to be part of! The real God does not Force anyone to do anything!!
“Until we understand 137, we will understand nothing” Albert Einstein
Kaballah is not Jewish; it is Babylonian! The word Kaballah yields 137 in Hebrew Gematria; the Greek letter Alpha is used to represent 137. 137 is the false “Tree of Life” (Lucifer=Serpent) God warned of. The occult version of the Trinity: Father (58) + Mother (79) = 137. Chocmah “Wisdom”=73; Nevuah “Prophecy”=64; Wisdom (73) + Prophecy (64)=137. Jesus is Alpha=137; the “Light” God created on Day 1 is the “Holy Ghost”; recall “lights” of the Sun, Moon, Stars weren’t created until Day 4. Jesus is Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End is the Holy Ghost which is why the Unforgivable Sin is Blasphemy (Rejection) of the Holy Ghost. The place we spend Eternity is defined solely on our relationship to God through the Holy Ghost.
The inverse of 137 is the Fine Structure Constant 1/137. Physicists expect the upper limit of energy for the “God Particle” to be 137 GeV (Billion Electron Volts); conversely the lower limit of the Fine Structure Constant is 1/137 and 1/128 the upper limit. Paul called Science “Vain Babblings” in opposition to God’s Word (ref 1 Tim 6:20 KJV); Science and Scripture are nearly always in opposition. Think the reputed age of 13.7 Billion years and size 13.7 Billion Light-years of the Universe is chance coincidence? 137 equates to the Masonic “Grand Architect” “G” in the center of the Square and Compass and Star of Molech and Chiun (Ammonite version of Molech) aka Hexagram or Beehive. Essentially, Sandra Bullock played the part of the Queen Bee, Clooney the part of a Sacrificed Drone (Essen or Curete) in Gravity.
Revelation is the Prophecy of Jesus Christ; the number 7 appears 137 times. Jesus was 33 years at the Crucifixion; Masons attain and go beyond “Sovereignty” at the 33rd Degree; 137 is the 33rd Prime Number, a number that men like Wolfgang Pauli, Paul Dirac, Arthur Eddyngton, Richard Feynman, Werner Heisenberg and Albert Einstein were obsessed with understanding. They never got there because none of them would submit to the Holy Ghost! 137 is called the DNA of Light because a prism divides Light into the 7 colors of the Rainbow, a Halo that always remains relative to the observer with Light refracting in a range of 420 the number of months in the Great Tribulation. Folks, the 42 months are going to get very difficult and may begin anytime; It’s High Noon at the OK (3 6’s with your Left “Sinister” hand) Corral and time to establish a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ! “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” Rom 1:22 Belief in Heisenberg’s “Uncertainty Principle” or Einstein’s “Relativity Theory” seems rather foolish compared with the Certainty of Salvation through Jesus Christ!
137 is the so-called “DNA of Light”; Lucifer the “Light Bearer” demands Sacrifices of those who reject the Sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ; this is why Jesus said “Except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved…” The world will soon be turned into a giant “Killing Field” with 137 at the center.
CO2 and CH4 (Methane) result from Human waste and decomposition; this Plant Food (Fertilizer)acting with Sunlight and Chlorophyll produces O2 and Plants. Chlorophyll has 137 atoms. This is the justification for UN Agenda 21 (21 is the age of accountability ie adulthood) and the elimination of “Useless Eaters” proposed by men like Prince Phillip who has stated his desire to be “Re-incarnated as a Killer Virus to do something meaningful to curb over-population”. The same words are on the now 33 yr old Georgia Guide Stones because America will lead the way to this “Sacrifice”; a Holocaust (Fire Sacrifice) giving rise to the New World Order as a Phoenix rising from its own Ashes; “New Atlantis” if you will. War with Iran? The Green Revolution is 33 years old; the War was planned long ago. Rockefeller Center uses Atlas as its logo; the Rockefellers made a fortune supplying weapons to both sides of WWI and donated land for the United Nations; WWIII was planned long ago. Notice CERN made the initial announcement the search for the “God Particle” was in its final phase in the 11/18/11 issue of Nature; the UN Meditation Room is 11ft X 18 ft X 33 ft around a 13,000 lb Lodestone Altar illuminated by a single shaft of Light sitting in front of 11 Chairs for a reason. The chairs will not remain empty for long! Notice also how Presidents sending our youth to die on the battlefield always thank their parents for their “Sacrifice”? A “Sacrifice” for “Freedom” refers to dying for the Freedom from God. America is one gigantic “War Machine” named after Amurru the Edomite (Red) Serpent and Shepherd god.
Chloro=Pale Green; Shiva is Death, the Pale Horse used on the CFR Logo. The Green Man (Bacchus, Dionysos, Lucifer) is becoming Green exactly 700 years after the assets of the Knights Templar were seized in 1313. “In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again” Cathar Perfecti. C55 H72 Mg N4 O5 (Chlorophyll) has a single Magnesium Atom at the center; Mg is Atomic Number 12; Jesus in the center of 12 apostles is mimicked by the Zodiac, the Sun (Lucifer) in the center of the Zodiac in Heliocentric Theory. Earth is Fixed; Heliocentric Theory, Evolution Theory, Big Bang Theory and Gravity Theory are made-up Luciferian nonsense! Magnesium burns White Hot; a symbol of Jesus returning with a White Robe and Eyes of Flame at the 2nd Coming, of “Brimstone” (Sulphur, Magnesium) used to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Clooney and Bullock know this) and Thermate (Sulphur, Magnesium, Aluminum) used to destroy the “Twin Towers” on 9/11/2001. “Ground Zero” means “Sight of a Nuclear Detonation”; in addition to Thermate Demolition explosives, Demolition Thermo-nucs were used to melt the center support frame.
Daniel had a vision of an Idol of Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron and Clay. Hemoglobin (Red Blood) is similar to Chlorophyll except Magnesium is replaced by Iron; spilling blood is necessary to the Luciferian War machine. Iron is the center of the periodic table of elements; even theoretical nuclear fusion (creation) of elements heavier than Iron is impossible as it takes more energy (Endothermic) than the reaction produces; this is why Scientists will now search for Dark Energy; a concept called TULA “Dark Sun” originated in Egypt. The TULA Society aka Thule Society is the Brotherhood of Death into which John Kerry, GHW Bush (George Scherff Jr) and GW Bush were initiated. Stalin and Hitler were also initiates; WWIII will make WWII “Pale” in comparison. Why Dark Matter? The probability an Electron will emit a photon is 1/137; the theoretical substance Dark Matter with Atomic Number 137 would absorb all visible light. God describes Space as Nothing; I’ll stick with that!
Peace Sign or Death Rune?
The Peace Sign is called the “Broken Jew”. The 2 fingers represent Father (Abba) and Mother (Aima); in Science the number 137. Satanists use the Peace Sign as the “Sign of the Bowman”, a symbol of the coming “Beast”. The shadow of the Peace Sign is “Baphomet” the Templar GOAT (God Of All Things) is a symbol of Satan. In Germany, the symbol is the Celtic “Todersrune” meaning “Death Rune” commonly used by Druid Priests. Witches accept Satanic Initiation by turning the Cross upside down and blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ in past, present and future.
Nobel Peace Prize recipients are a list of Luciferians: Woodrow Wilson (WWI, Federal Reserve, Spanish Flu), Elihu Root (Skull & Bones), Dag Hammarskjold (UN Meditation Room), Kofi Annan (Oil 4 Food Swindler), Mikhail Gorbachev (Cold War), Barack Obama (ending Afghanistan War), Teddy Roosevelt (Spanish-American War, Philippine and Hawaiian slaughter), Al Gore (Global Warning Lie), and my personal favorite Henry Kissinger (Vietnam War, South American Wars) who said “Soldiers are dumb, stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars”.
“There is no Devil in the Craft”-Sandra Bullock Craft is Witchcraft; Masonry is also called the “Craft”. “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up” Dan 8:23 Sandy needs to realize, the Devil is the “God of Forces” to whom Edom surrenders their new found “Dominion”. The king of fierce countenance who understands dark sentences is about to make his debut! Time is Chaos and Time is Up folks! “Order out of Chaos” is here; it’s Time to establish a One on One relationship with Jesus Christ while there is still Time to do so!


“Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” Gal 6:7
“…the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved” Psalm 93:1
“…the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved” 1 Chr 16:30
“He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.” Job 26:7
“So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.” Josh 10:13
“The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose.” Ecc 1:5
“The sun and moon stood still in their habitation” Hab 3:11
“Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.” 1 Tim 6:20
“And God called the dry land Earth…And the evening and the morning were the third day…And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also…And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.” Gen 1

Gravity as a “Force” of nature was first proposed in 1687. To produce a “Force” and transfer that force over distance requires “Energy”. Where is the energy source for Gravity? Suppose for a moment Newton was correct. Imagine 2 objects suspended in proximity to each other without friction. The “Force” of Gravity would necessarily cause motion of the 2 objects according to Force=Mass times Acceleration. In the case of the Earth and Sun, the smaller object is subjected to greater acceleration than the larger one, so at this point one can easily see a contradiction with the bible passages quoted above.
Consider this: Without “Gravity” defined as a “Force” there would be no possibility of a Big Bang, Matter creation from a Big Bang, Black Holes, Worm Holes, Space-Time Warping, Time Travel, Antimatter, Antigravity, Gravity Waves, Light Speed Travel, Geologic Time Scale, Immense Size of the Universe, Chaos Theory, or Aliens traveling to earth. Reducing God to the theoretical smallest particle of His Creation “God Particle” might not be a good idea! The rest of this article will examine proof of Gravity, Mass and Acceleration.

The CERN Large Hadron Collider was severely damaged trying to prove Gravity exists in the smallest pieces of matter called “God Particles”; so-named because they give “Mass” to everything in the Universe. Of all the sub-atomic particles, the Graviton is considered the smallest and highest energy. The “Dark Knight” was a portrayal of Jesus Christ as the Joker; Masons make similar jokes abut Jesus, portraying Him as the Jester. NASA’s Genesis Rocket crashed in the Utah desert trying to prove the Sun is the source of Atomic Number 6 “Carbon” which forms the basis life on earth. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life…” Jesus said God existed as a Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and that these 3 are one. Carbon also exists in 3 states: Amorphous Carbon, Graphite and Diamond. CERN tried and failed to prove the existence of a particle of pure energy which travels instantaneously everywhere in the Universe. You don’t suppose God is trying to tell us something do you? What did CERN hope to find? Why does it use a logo with 3 6’s?
Jesus said He is Alpha and Omega; Alpha particles are Helium nuclei. The Sun combines Hydrogen to form Helium in the process of Nuclear Fusion and Coronal Mass Ejections send these particles from the Sun’s nucleus to Earth. Auroras form when these charged particles contact the Magnetosphere and are guided through the atmosphere to the Polar Regions. The probability that a Photon of Light is either emitted or absorbed is 1/137, so in theory a material with Atomic Mass 137 will absorb 100% of Light. Einstein said any object with Mass traveling at the speed of light attains infinite Mass and infinite energy. Infinite “Gravity” would then attract Light to the point where none escapes in a “Black Hole”. Is that what is meant by Dark Knight? Before moving into a more scientific definition of Gravity, notice 3 groups escape the grasp of the biblical Antichrist; Edom, Ammon and Moab (ref Dan 11:41) does this mean people aligned with them will also escape?
An endless attractive force emanating from all matter, the warping of 4-dimensional “space-time” fabric, infinitely long yet infinitely small, mass less super-strings vibrating in 11 dimensions, gravity waves, self annihilating photons, Dark Matter, Aether, small mass less particles called “gravitons” also called the Higg’s Boson “God Particle” are all equally viable, yet equally ridiculous scientific options for answering why we don’t float off the earth and why the earth stays near the Sun. The most basic physics equation used to describe motion is F=MA which means a force applied to anything with mass will result in an acceleration. The other basic physics law states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed which essentially means you don’t get anything for nothing. Big Bang Theory violates this for sure. Work is defined as the transfer of energy according to the equation W=FD. In other words, applying a force over some period of time will result in moving something with mass some distance. Since force production requires energy, where did the energy come from?
Albert Einstein proved mass could be converted into a lot of energy by the equation E=MC2 where C is the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). The subject of another article, the speed of light has not proven to be constant, but nonetheless, converting mass to energy has been demonstrated to people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki or in the several thousand nuclear tests conducted by countries possessing these weapons. The so-called “Force” of gravity is a transfer of energy causing work, so in any of its many forms requires some kind of mass or other power supply. Isaac Newton was the first to declare the existence of this force of gravity. He assumed the moons of Jupiter were held in their proximity to the planet by an invisible force, and the idea of gravity gained traction (pardon the pun) within the scientific community. Question: Why did he do it?
An element with Atomic Mass of 137 would theoretically absorb light; if light had mass it would therefore attain infinite energy and its electrons would also move at light speed. Physicists call this “Dark Matter” but there are a few problems. Einstein said “We don’t understand the number 137”. Werner Heisenberg said “Problems with Quantum Theory disappear when 137 is explained”. Father of Nuclear Energy, Edward Teller said he could develop “Alpha” from Gravitation. Wolfgang Pauli said Grand Unified Theory depends on 137 and knew he would die when he was rushed to hospital room 137. Peter Higgs called Gravity the “God Particle”. Recall, the Serpent told Eve she would be as gods and never die; Oops!
Element 137 “Graviton” is called the DNA of Light. 137 is the 33rd Chen Prime Number; Chen means Grace. Remember, Carbon exists in 3 states: Amorphous (Without Form), Graphite and Diamond as God does in Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Creation had God the Father similar to Amorphous Carbon; God the Son as soft Carbon. Pencil lead is Carbon; Jesus said He is the Word and the Book of Life; Why Pencil? What is written in the Book of Life can be erased; what is written in the Word in Stone cannot be changed. Diamond is Carbon lacking impurities produced by high temperature (energy), high pressure (force) and water. Element 137 is infinite energy, infinite force and like the Holy Ghost, free of impurities. Like Water changing State by becoming Steam, Carbon changes state into Diamond. This hardening was put on display in the latest X-Men movie where Wolverine experiences re-birth clad with Adamant, the same material Jesus as the Holy Ghost uses to Harden a person’s heart. The Gravamen of such weighs down a person’s Soul with infinite Gravity Are we getting any closer to seeing Gravity Theory is really God Theory?
Chlorophyl absorbs Light, converting Carbon and Water into life bearing plant proteins and oxygen; it has 137 atoms in its molecules. Everyone knows about the Pale Horse bringing Death and Hell with him; Chloro means Pale Green. The Revelation is a book written via the Holy Ghost, completed after physical death of Jesus Christ. Creation took 7 days, and occurs 137 times in this book. His last admonition is to not change His book under penalty of being erased from the Book of Life. Make any more sense yet?
Kabbalah assigns numbers to Hebrew letters in Gematria. 137 is Kabbalah written in Hebrew. Is this why 137 is called Alpha? Carl Jung said “Probabilities in Quantum Physics, Laws of Nature, Patterns in the Cosmos, Space and Time relate to 137 t form Alchemy” (paraphrased) Alchemy is Transformation which for Kabbalists occurs by liberating one’s Soul from Matter. How does one do that? Overcoming Gravity. Aristotle said “Everything has a Soul that is drawn off with Sulphur leaving a blackish residue as the Corpse”. I mean not disrespect here as I was once in the Military but the “Corp” refers to drawing off one’s soul; although forgivable, Love God and Love our Neighbor is not possible in conditions of War.
In Kabbalah, Wisdom=73, Prophecy=64; added equal 137. Father=58, Mother=79; added equal 137; the theoretical number of Gravity. It may seem like Gravity Theory has been proven from simple observation, but this is not the case. Gravity unifies Religion, Science, Gematria, Gnosticism, Pythagorean and Greek Philosophy and I-Ching into a “Theory of Everything”. It is the Alchemical Stone that leads to the solution of the Great Mystery. The Father of “Hermetic Wisdom” is the mythical Hermes Trismegistus “Thrice great Hermes”; the Emerald Tablet of Toth attributed to him generated the axion “As above, so below”. His equally mythical female “Mother” counterpart, Maria Prophetissa generated the axiom “One becomes 2, 2 becomes 3 and out of the 3rd comes The One as the fourth”. The Theory of Gravity is the biblical 4th Beast. It is the root of Zionism and the end of the Tree of Knowledge, whose axiom was “Ye shall be as gods…and never die”. I say let’s hack at the root of Gravity and all its branches will die with it; its Lie stems from Gen 1:3 and ends with Rev 19:7 when the real source of Infinite Energy “Light” arrives to remove impurities from Creation. 13 is the number of Rebellion; Satan becoming the Light God said was Good in Gen 1:3 is described in Rev 13 as the 4th Beast. You don’t suppose 19+7=26 by accident too?
Reading history texts covering the last 4500 years, no mention is made that I can find concerning gravity or any other force resembling it. One can find Ka, the Life Force of the Sun, but nothing about Gravity or a Force moving the Earth. Think what you want, but Akkadian, Babylonian, Persian, and Greek astronomers were pretty smart and made no mention of forces causing what they saw. Here is how Webster’s Dictionary defines Gravity. Force of 2 sufficiently massive bodies, proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Alternative definition: Importance and serious consequence. Oh, gravity only applies to sufficiently massive objects, great! I’d go with the 2nd definition because if it weren’t for gravity, the Big Bang Theory would have never been proposed, nor would any of our current physics theories like Space-Time fabric being warped by gravity into Black Holes and/or Worm Holes, or Time Travel. Black Holes violate the most basic thermodynamics and physics laws and nobody will ever see one because they suck up any light they would theoretically create; scientists claim they create elements such as carbon, iron and other heavy elements, but even Nuclear Fusion theoretically ends with Lithium and nature only proves the creation of Helium. Don’t you think we should prove the existence of Matter with Infinite Gravity first? If we don’t do that, production of heavy elements by them is a moot point. Gee, scientists might have to admit God created them; I’m sure they shudder at the thought of giving Him credit!
Let’s look at a few more definitions. Graviton: Hypothetical particle having no electric charge and no rest mass. Physicist Peter Higgs calls this the “H” Boson, the cause of gravity, and of course “Higg’s Boson” is supposed to be discovered by the Large Hadron Collider (read big money pit) at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland. Oh, I see, when you accelerate this hypothetical particle with no mass, it acquires some. Since Gravitons are God Particles, does this mean God is also merely hypothetical? Besides being another violation of the most basic physics laws, and how do you prove a hypothetical anything? If it has no mass or charge; good luck accelerating it! It’d be like boxing a ghost, so I’d have to say this must be a Fig Newton of somebody’s imagination! The reason why the Gravitron is called the Higg’s Boson is very simply because without gravity, every scientific theory opposing the bible falls completely apart; Big Bang, Mass, Luminous Aether, Warped Space-Time, Black Holes, Worm Holes, Orbits, Matter production in collapsing stars, Antimatter, Antigravity, Time Travel, Alternative Universes and the Magical Material with Atomic Number 137.. Without gravity we would have to take God’s Word for Creation; now wouldn’t that be a novel idea?
One may recall the Starship “Enterprise” was powered by Antimatter on Star Trek. Did you notice everyone’s name on the “Bridge” was a name of Satan? Ohura (Ahura Mazda is Persian fire god), Spock (Vulcan is Canaanite fire god), Kirk (Scottish for Priest or Church), Checkov (Russian for son of the devil). The opposite of Creation (Matter) is destruction (Antimatter); when the 2 come in contact, scientists claim it may result in a release of Infinite Energy; maybe that’s why Chaos is another name of Satan too! “…avoiding vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.” 1 Tim 6:20 KJV Consider yourself warned; science is falsely so called, but God Particle? God is a Spirit existing in a 4th dimension Paul referred to as “Height”. Exactly how does God become some hypothetical 3 dimensional particle? Answer, you did notice the 3 6’s in CERN’s logo, right?
Gravity Wave: Gravitational Wave. Boy, that clears it up Mr Webster! Let’s look at Wave: A disturbance propagated in a medium. Sound and Sonar fine; boat waves too, but just what is the medium in space that conducts these waves of gravity? In space, there is nothing to push against to propagate any waves, let alone hypothetical mass less ones. Space has been proven to be a vacuum; now if scientists want to start talking about Firmament, I’ll be right there, but for now I’d be happy if just one of them could tell me why the atmosphere is not being sucked away from the earth! “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.” Job 26:7 Even Job said there is nothing out there and his book is perhaps the oldest book in the bible (ca 1500 BC). Gravity is similar to Tension. Pulling anything requires Friction. What is in space that could generate friction? Can’t Scientists at NASA see Satellites travel in a near frictionless environment?
“Gravity” is the Force that theoretically accounts for orbits and travels instantaneously across the Universe. Astronomers guess it to be about 13.7 billion light-years across from observing the current speed of light and light’s apparent “Red Shift”. “Gravity” does this with enough force to make stars millions of times larger than our Sun travel in elliptical orbits and when in the form of a Black Hole it absorbs 100% of its own light. Go ahead, ask one of these geniuses to prove how it’s done by these hypothetical particles with no mass!
Force (weight) is acceleration multiplied by mass; in the case of Earth this acceleration is 32 ft/sec2. If matter expanded continuously (God may have made it this way where the internal energy of its mass would cause it to exert outward pressure), the acceleration of the Earth’s surface would explain what we have come to call “Gravity”. How about proof? Newton regarded space as a sea of energy called “Luminous Aether”. In 1887, Michelson and Morley tried to prove the existence of an “Aether Wind”, but their experiment failed to prove the existence of the Aether or any proof of Earth motion. The Word of God states Earth is fixed and not moving; .the scientific community assumed that the Earth was moving. 2 light sources, 900 apart aimed at a mirror, reflected their light into a prism. The idea being one aided by this assumed motion would show a velocity difference, but none was observed. In this experiment, the Word of God proved correct.
Space is a vacuum just like Job said, “Nothing”, so claiming gravity holds the atmosphere on the earth against the suction force created by the vacuum of space is absurd. You can prove this yourself by turning on your vacuum; the low pressure created inside the tank tends to equalize with the surrounding higher pressure and the air is accelerated down the nozzle. Shouldn’t the atmosphere also do this? If gravity is actually holding the atmosphere in place, it should be denser over mountainous terrain (more mass), but obviously this is not the case either. Physicists and Professors likely continue the obvious charade because when they step out of line, their University and Science Foundation endowments go with them. Who can blame them, being cast out as a Liar with no money isn’t nearly as much fun as collecting Nobel Prizes and making millions writing new editions to Text books. Don’t believe me? Ask a college Physics Professor what proof he has Gravity is real.
The equation Newton invented for gravity is F = G M1 M2/R2 Basically, all this equation says is the force of gravity equals the mass of the 2 objects in question divided by the distance between them squared. The G is just a gravitational constant adjusting the force for different size objects; a fudge factor if you will, because that’s all this is anyway. The force between two objects gets weaker the farther 2 objects are apart from each other by the squared term, which necessarily causes a non-circular interaction and one with less curvature the farther apart the objects are. Example: A thrown baseball or a bullet fired parallel to the surface of the earth will always return in a parabolic arc. A parabolic arc is a section of an ellipse, not a circle. The acceleration of Gravity on earth is 32 ft/sec2; the squared term defines an arc which can never be circular. If a bullet or rocket attains enough velocity, the ellipse stretches into a hyperbola which does not contact the earth. This is called an orbit. By definition, parabolas and hyperbolas are, not circles and never can be. Satellites appear to orbit the earth and planets appear to orbit the Sun in elliptical paths, not circular paths, but as will be seen, that doesn’t necessarily mean their paths through space are curved. Astronauts are not thrown to the outside in their orbit of earth, because they are not changing velocity or direction. NASA may claim they “fall” around the earth, but falling at “0” acceleration is impossible by definition. No acceleration is floating with no changes in speed or direction.
We already have a problem, which I will address later in that the bible says in several places, the sun and moon move with respect to a fixed earth, but let’s look at why orbits appear to be elliptical first. Satellites are launched on rockets like the space shuttle. They accelerate to “Escape Velocity” at more than 1 G, which is the acceleration at the surface of the earth. They shut off their engines, causing the force to drop to 0; everything on it or in it starts floating, and they coast, seemingly around the earth at “0” G. This, by definition is no acceleration. Obviously, they cannot be following any sort of curved path and have no acceleration; anyone who has been on an amusement park ride knows this. If the “Force” of gravity were on them, yes, the flight path would curve, but an equal and opposite reaction would occur to oppose this force.
For an observer standing on earth, a satellite which is merely traveling in a straight line at constant velocity appears to rise from the horizon and then fall as it passes. We see this all the time at night, but gravity is not forcing it to fly a curved path because there is no acceleration, so why does it look like it is “Orbiting” the earth? The answer is surprisingly simple, but most physicists refuse to answer the question for some very complicated reasons.
One explanation is expanding matter and hence an expanding earth. We already know that matter is simply contained energy. If matter were to expand at a constant acceleration, it would account for the apparent “Force” of gravity, elliptical orbits, the non-escape of the atmosphere into space and resolve unanswered physics questions dealing with atomic theory of matter. Briefly, atomic theory holds that opposing forces called the Strong Nuclear Force, Electro-Weak Interaction, Electro-magnetism and Gravity exist in atoms of all matter. Electro-magnetically charged particles are accelerated to near light speed using extremely strong magnets and slammed into each other. Like a hammer hitting a rock, smaller particles of matter are ejected. Mass is essentially contained Energy as Einstein’s famous E=MC2 indicates. In theory, particle physicists believe Mass is produced by the smallest particles, dubbed the Higg’s Boson, H-Boson or God Particle. I won’t bother trying to describe it because it hasn’t been observed. It’s only theoretical because Mass is indeed everywhere and most scientists do not consider God the Creator of this Mass; the Sun and Stars, Black Holes, or Quasars are usually given credit. Matter and Energy can neither be created nor destroyed is the most basic axiom in science. Matter and Energy are therefore said to be indestructible. Protons with positive “Charge” and Neutrons with no “Charge” are theorized to be in close contact with each other with opposite “Charge” Electrons in surrounding “Orbits”. Why would opposing electro-magnetic forces between Protons in the nucleus form indestructible matter? Why would an oppositely charged Electron with far less mass “Orbit” this Nucleus forever? Ask a physicist to explain where the energy for all these imaginary forces come from and get ready for some tap dancing.
Try this simple experiment: Tie a string on a golf ball and spin it. If Gravity were a “Force” similar to the tension in the string, why is the golf ball orbiting your hand in a circle whereas Orbits are observed to be Elliptical? Let go of the string and the golf ball will fly off instantly in a straight line. Now imagine plucking the Sun out of the so-called “Solar System”. Would the planets do the same? Einstein said the speed of light is the theoretical limit for any object with mass, so would Earth continue orbiting the spot where the Sun was for some 8 minutes (time for light to arrive at earth)? Congratulations, you have just disproved Newton’s “Theory of Gravity” and most of Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity”. In the planetary orbit example, “Escape Velocity” is the speed needed to remain a constant distance from the expanding surface of the earth. Launch angle changes horizontal velocity as well as vertical velocity. The earth is spherical, therefore once a satellite attains “Escape Velocity” it will not return to the surface and can orbit the Earth in any number of parabolic arcs.
An interplanetary craft which has accelerated beyond escape velocity approaching say Jupiter, would appear to fly in a curved path as it speeds past, because the surface of Jupiter is accelerating toward it as well. If its velocity is less than the much higher (due its larger size) escape velocity of Jupiter, the spacecraft would impact the surface. If at escape velocity, we would observe an orbit and above orbital velocity we would observe an apparent curved path as it passed into outer space. Confused? Just remember “0” G means no acceleration and therefore, constant speed and constant direction; no curves. If a spacecraft’s velocity slows below escape velocity for a planet the size of Jupiter, the path would appear to conform to a parabola and impact the surface just as one would expect if a rock was thrown horizontally on earth.
Now consider a tetherball in circular orbit about its pole. It is held in a perfect circle by the force of tension in the rope. If gravity is a similar type of force holding objects in curved paths, why are circular orbits the exception, rather than the rule? As a planet appears to orbit the Sun in an ellipse, it necessarily travels closer at its perigee and farthest at its apogee. Since gravity is a force which gets weaker with increasing distance, how does a satellite or planet reverse course on its return path at its farthest point? Quite clearly, gravity theories have problems, but perhaps a better question is why was it proposed in the first place?
1st century historians recorded that Phoenician astronomers (Canaanites living in modern day Lebanon) in 1500 BC proposed the universe existed as a dual principle consisting of Aether and Air. The Word of God says all people on earth are divided into 2 groups; God and Mammon, represented by the genealogy of Esau and Jacob; one group hates God and God hates them, and the other follows God through the Holy Ghost and believes that Holy Ghost through Men, wrote every Word correctly in the word of God. I’m just trying to prove that fact as best I can. There is no mention of forces of nature anywhere in the bible; those were created by people involved with Witchcraft. By definition, Witchcraft seeks to control the 4 forces of nature: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Fire or “Luminous Aether” was viewed as the connection humans had to the pantheon of gods around them. “Pantheism” is simply the belief that gods exist in everything we see and Aristotle admitted this idea. This idea persisted until the mid 17th century AD when Isaac Newton proposed the universe was held together by a force called gravity. The idea of the Luminous Aether was relegated to the mythological dust bin until today’s re-naming of it called “Dark Matter”. Gravitational Space-Time fabric is simply the Luminous Aether having come full circle describing this same ancient concept under the new name “Dark Matter”.
Telescopes were invented which showed planetary orbits were elliptical and soon, larger telescopes showed galaxies were made of billions of stars separated by millions of light years distance, and they too were in elliptical orbits. The subject of another article, the only reason astronomers believe the Universe is so large is by assuming the speed of light is constant and by observing “Red Shift”, an apparent stretching of light wavelengths. Energy of Red Light is less than Blue Light; this is why the sky looks blue. A light vane spins in the presence of light, so doesn’t this simple device tend to prove light has Mass? If you threw a baseball fast enough to head out into space, and hypothetically, the surface of the Earth expanded toward the baseball; wouldn’t you observe less velocity? In essence, isn’t that what astronomers may be seeing in Red Shift?
Gravity is supposedly a force which according to Newton gets weaker with the square of the distance the objects in question are apart. Elliptical orbits are just not explainable with gravity. Did scientists admit their earlier mistake? Of course not, they invented more exotic and invisible forces leading to what we now call Space-Time Warping. Note: These apparent stellar motions can easily be explained by increases in the size of matter. Observed distances in the universe increased exponentially to the point where the force of gravity was a ridiculous explanation for the orderly, elliptically spiraling arrangement of stars and galaxies (note: Galaxy is not in the Word of God only Stars and Constellations), and with these tremendous size increases, so went the apparent age of the universe and the confusion is only beginning. 2 camps of people; those who believe what the bible says and know the universe is only about 6000 years old, and those who succumbed to this type of explanation. Which ever camp you opt for, realize nobody has ever proven one concept in the Word of God (Masoretic Textus Receptus; Authorized Bible “KJV”) to be false, and it says everyone will die and be judged as accepting what God says and doing what He says. Real hard isn’t it Love God; Love our Neighbors.
Sir Isaac Newton is an interesting name. “Sir” is a British Title which means “Knight in service to the Queen”. British derives from “B’Rith” for “Covenant by Birthright”. Isaac was Esau and Jacob’s father who gave each a blessing from God; Esau being the older twin, was entitled to that “Birthright”, but sold it to Jacob for a bowl of red beans. Newt is a lizard and Newton was far more interested in the building materials for Solomon’s 3rd Temple in Jerusalem than he was about Gravity. He interpreted the 70 Weeks in Daniel 9:24-27 as being years, the 2300 Days in Daniel 8 as years, the 1290 days and 1335 days of Daniel 12 as years and with Francis Bacon is considered the father of modern “Science”. Both men were Rosicrucians “Order of rose and Cross”, just remember, Paul said “science is falsely so-called” and “No part of scripture is of any Private Interpretation”. Enough said.
200 years after Newton, Space-time was proposed to be the fabric of space so that far distant objects could have an effect every other object in the universe. Despite the lack of proof offered by Michelson and Morley, the concept the Luminous Aether returned under the Einstein. During a solar eclipse, he viewed starlight coming from behind the Sun had apparently displaced from the calculated position. An expanding surface could have accounted for this apparent shift in position, but Einstein said this was evidence of a phenomenally strong, yet invisible force field which “Warped” space. “Black Hole” or “Dark Matter” now curves Space-Time fabric which allows for Aliens traveling to Earth from great distances without dealing with impossible accelerations as well as Time Travel which allows Man to avoid the Judgment after life the Word of God promises. He said to imagine a “Black Hole” as a giant whirlpool, an ancient concept first proposed by Minoan’s on Crete and later by Tibetan Shaman as a “Labarum” or “Holding place of Demons”. Finally, there was enough matter to account for the missing gravitational attraction in the universe, but how were these “Black Holes” formed?
Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, but “Black Holes” somehow became endowed with infinite amounts of a force (requiring infinite energy) called Gravity. Defining a Black Hole using Gravity before proving the energy source for Gravity is called “Circular Logic”, a hallmark of Einstein. He said “If facts don’t support the conclusions, change the facts”. The supposed Force of Gravity in a Black Hole is so strong, light cannot escape, so what exactly is Light.
Light is part of the discharge (electron streams) caused during the conversion of Mass to Energy. Light is produced when 4 hydrogen atoms combine to form helium during the process of nuclear fusion in stars. Gamma Rays, X-Rays, UV, Visible Light, Micro Waves, IR, Radio and ELF are simply different energy levels given off when Mass is converted to Energy. If stars collapsed to form Black Holes, infinite gravity would smash the light producing helium and hydrogen atoms into their elemental particles (Quarks or God Particles) and therefore not produce any light. Ever seen a Quark flashlight? No, you won’t either because Quarks don’t produce light. Why would a smashed flashlight produce light anyway? Obviously, this theory has basic problems. I won’t get into modern physics descriptions of light here; frankly they are very bizarre. Basically, self annihilating regions of Anti-Matter and Matter. Fine, but let’s prove God didn’t create Matter before we start claiming He created an Anti-God! Fair?
You can’t say we weren’t warned, because Paul told his friend Timothy to watch out for falsely so-called oppositions to the Word of God called Science (1 Tim 6:20KJV). If you have a new bible, “Science” will have been changed to “Knowledge”, to hide this fact. Scientists seem willing to cover for Einstein by suggesting stars that use up their nuclear fuel would collapse in on themselves to form a “Black Hole”. This idea should have raised eyebrows because how does something lose its energy source and then acquire infinite energy for infinite gravity? This idea violates the most basic Thermodynamics Laws but fits in nicely with the ideas of the Alchemists searching for the meaning of Transmutation, Transformation, Liberation and Element 137. Some of today’s scientists assume the universe will one day collapse in on itself in a reverse of the “Big Bang” because of Gravity Theory and turn into 100% Dark Matter; the mysterious Element #137.. One can see that “Gravity” was needed to even consider an alternative creation event like the “Big Bang”. Ignorance cannot explain overlooking the most basic Physics and Thermodynamics Laws, so by definition it becomes a willful Lie. The Word of God states all liars shall have their place in the Lake of Fire, so you can’t say we weren’t warned! Not an ordinary sort of lie either but BS. Apis is “Word” in Egyptian. God was represented by the Apis Bull and annually venerated every solstice with the “Running of the Apis Bull”. This Bull came originally from Crete where annual sacrifices of Athenian youths were offered to Zeus in games called “Bull Leaping”. Once again, Paul warns us in Titus that Cretians are liars, evil beasts and slow bellies. So what do we do at the Solstice today? Mass means Sacrificial killing and distribution of the host; in this case Jesus Christ is Liberated at Christmas. Soon, this Liberation of Matter will be applied to all of Mankind using the electro-magnetic energy supplied by the Sun, interacting with the Earth’s Magnetic Field and broadcast over Creation and it may be sooner than you may think. Apis Bull Festivals, Bacchus Festivals, Dionysiac Festivals, Saturnalia, Hannukah and Christmas are celebrated on the same day and its not by accident! Newton and Einstein were Cretins as far as I’m concerned, and most of what they taught can be proven to be BS. Folks, you can serve God and be part of Jacob through the Holy Ghost or serve “Mammon” and be destroyed with all of Esau’s spiritual progeny. It’s really just that simple and always has been.
The lies have not stopped! Collapsing stars are now said to not only produce infinite gravity, but they start burning their own nuclear fusion by-products (Helium). Lithium and Carbon are claimed to be a production of Helium Fusion making humanity a creation of Solar waste products; Nice eh? From a physics and thermodynamics perspective this is called “Perpetual Energy”; an impossibility. Physics teachers now are concluding without any proof that stars burning hydrogen begin burning helium when they run out of fuel, and not content with this nonsense, they have extrapolated this fusion up to the creation of carbon and even iron so that life can be created from a Black Hole. Recall the Genesis Rocket crashed in the attempt to prove this nonsense. Heavier elements such as iron pose even more problems for science. Even theoretically, iron fusion is “Endothermic” meaning it uses more energy than is created, so the crazy train must stop at some point. I wondered why iron would be popping up on physics forums and the answer was surprisingly simple. Daniel described the final beast kingdom as being part clay and part iron; the end of the evolution train or top of the elite pyramid if you will is iron. Freemasons are today’s followers of Tubal-Cain, the father of artificers of brass and iron; the human equivalent of Vulcan the Canaanite fire god. They view themselves as Iron Men.
NASA’s Genesis Rocket crash in the UT desert after its parachute failed with Tom Cruise’s helicopter pilot from MI-3 attempting the snag. MI-3 like Scientology is indeed Mission Impossible just like the discovery of Carbon in the Solar Wind or Element 137. It was collecting samples from the solar wind; I guess they assumed carbon and iron would be in the samples. Oops! Oxidized Iron forms Rust; the Universe got old and big by observing Red Shift; Esau was born Red. Red means Magic. His “Witness” is called “Jeger-sahadutha” which is Chaldean Magick.
About 50 years ago, theoretical scientists proposed gravity was actually caused by “Super Strings” which connect every atom in the universe with each other, but where they get their power from is still a mystery. For string theory proponents like Stephen Hawking, these infinitely long strings vibrate in different dimensions creating all the different combinations of atoms which make up matter. A guitar can’t make music all by itself, so we still need a force to vibrate these strings. Today, some scientists propose these strings are mass less. Nice thought, but you can’t generate force unless you have mass, so we are right back where we started. Welcome to Circular Logic. The Word says it was Created as a perfect place and it will return to that condition only after Man accepts God; what do you say? In case it’s not obvious yet, “Science” is a false religion and likely the worst one on Earth. “Atom” is derived from the Egyptian sun-god “Atum”. Egyptian Solar Priests of On (Heliopolis) taught Atum was both Creator and ancestor of Man. Phoenicians called him El who looked like a Monkey and Darwin became the father of Evolution by teaching this nonsense.
The Aether is a necessary, but false concept to be a conduit for “Force”. Much like waves form in water or air, scientists now claim gravity waves transit space. Nice try, but in a vacuum (Bible uses the word “Nothing”), this is impossible. Gravity is an unproven “Force” which was invented for some very diabolical reasons. If gravity doesn’t exist, interplanetary space travel, including the moon, is a one way ticket and virtually impossible, because velocity and direction can only be altered using rocket thrust. At present, this requires too much fuel and enormous accelerations that are very hazardous to human life. For example: Space aliens traveling to earth would need to use extremely high velocities because the nearest star “Alpha Centauri” is nearly 5 light years away and most stars are claimed to be millions of light years away. Whether their planet or the earth is moving is moot; any course changes during the voyage would literally smash their atoms into their elemental particles; imagine riding a train at millions of miles per hour around a curve because that’s what it would be like. Imagine what it would be like accelerating to these velocities. The human body can handle about 5 G’s, but can only function well at about 1.5 G’s. Either acceleration value would take years to attain the required velocity for inter-stellar, travel and the deceleration would be just as hard to deal with. Sorry, but Star War’s jump to light speed and Star Trek jump to warp speed is just plain silly and impossible!
Newton says gravity gets weaker with the square of the distance so it should be obvious it cannot account for the spiraling of stars within our galaxy, let alone spiral galaxies we can see in telescopes. Black Holes violate the most basic physics principles, so why is the term even used by scientists? Ockam’s Razor says it’s wise not to introduce anything more than what is necessary to explain what’s observed. To think, this unproven force of nature began thousands of years ago with the Aether, the same gas doctors put you to sleep with! Isn’t it time to wake up?


Day 1 “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light” Gen 1:3
Day 4 “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven t divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.” Gen 1:14

Light: Something that makes things visible; affords illumination; Electro-magnetic radiation which causes organs of sight to react; an illuminating agent; particular illumination in which objects take on a certain appearance; revealed to public notice or knowledge; to bring light; to be3 made visible.
“The best place to conceal something is out in the open”-Hitler.
The Word of God is out in the open and easy to read, yet why do people not believe what it says? “Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given…because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand…By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive…their eyes have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them…many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see and have not seen them.” Jesus Christ in Mat 13.
Genesis 1:3 and Gen 1:14 speak of 2 distinct and separated kinds of “Light”; seeing and understanding the first “Light” is the goal of this article.
The Catholic Church taught and evidence suggests most people believed the universe was only about 6000 years old until the age of scientific reasoning blossomed under the enlightenment of the Italian “Black Nobility”. The “Age of Enlightenment” skyrocketed after Galileo discovered Jupiter’s moons and Newton proposed they were held in “Orbit” by the Force of Gravity. Scientists estimated the Universe was 2 billion years old just 70 years ago, but as stars were observed out to 13.7 billion light-years distance, that lie had to be modified. Fact: Stars fuse Hydrogen into Helium. A small amount of Mass is converted to energy which is “Radiated” in the form of Gamma, X-Ray, Ultra-violet “UV”, Visible Light, Infrared “IR”, Microwave and Radio Wave. The latter “Waves” are misleading as a Wave is a displacement of a Medium; for example, hearing is accomplished by pressure waves traveling in air, but hearing in this sense is not possible in Space. Helium fusing into heavier elements is theoretical and based on observation of Radiation from the Sun and Stars. The energy required to fuse Helium into Carbon or Oxygen is far greater than the energy required for Hydrogen to fuse into Helium, so production during the Big Bang is impossible. Thermodynamics Laws state Entropy goes up over time and overall energy goes down; the heavy element fusion reactions are out of sequence.
Radiation of all types is collected by “Observatories” sensitive to each specific type such as Gamma and X-Ray, Optical and Radio Telescopes. All atoms “Radiate” energy at different energy levels; Mass Spectrometers detect this, along with other sensing devices that are used to determine a Star’s chemical make-up. Keep in mind, they are all greatly affected by the speed of the energy “Light”. Red Shift is observed in Star Light and Stars called Red Giants are given credit for producing Carbon; their redness resembling “Soot”, but if the speed of light is slowing down rather than being constant as Einstein proposed, the redness can be explained by that slowing. This is probably the single biggest factor in proposing a very old Universe rather than a 6000 year old Universe as Scripture plainly states. Heavier elements are theorized to be produced in older large stars, collapsing stars, Supernova explosions, Quasars, Pulsars and/or Black Holes. Perhaps not coincidentally the Dog Star “Sirius” is now theorized to be a Carbon producing Star and it was the Egyptian Priests who taught Sirius was home to Trans-migrating Souls. Did they know Science would have a tough time explaining Carbon production?
All “Big Bang” based theories depend on Gravity, yet the creation of matter out of nothing is a violation of Newtonian Physics. Science has made it their Holy Grail to convince sheeple of a Big Bang beginning in order for the Sun and Stars to usurp God and Creation. The Theory goes like this: Stars exhaust their Hydrogen fuel and begin burning Helium fuel. Theorists claim they either explode into Supernovae, or collapse into points of Infinite Gravity called Black Holes depending on the amount of Gravity in them. Don’t you think one should prove the existence of Gravity first? Black Holes have Infinite Gravity, which is then overcome in a giant explosion similar to the original Big Bang. In theory this fuses heavier elements into the 116 or so varieties of Matter we see in the Universe. “Houston we have a problem!” At this stage, even in theory, the energy required to produce these elements is increasing as the energy available is decreasing according to basic Thermodynamic Laws of “Entropy”. An illustration is a Thermos; whatever is inside loses energy rather than gaining energy. Theoretical Nuclear Fusion reactions are Exothermic below Iron and Endothermic above Iron. They convert mass to energy and “Radiate” that “Exothermic” which can be detected, but above Iron, the reactions require more energy than they “Radiate”, so how in the world can any of this ever be observed, let alone be proven? I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but Endothermic Fusion is just plain stupid. For the heaviest elements, exotic “Nuclear Synthesis” theories have been proposed, but again, the energy requirement is increasing as energy available is decreasing, so it’s just Theory.
Big Bang Theory rests on Matter creation and the ejected Matter being attracted to itself by the Force of Gravity. Both are rather large assumptions. The elements then “Accrete “Attract or Grow” into Planets. Over tremendous lengths of time, these elements somehow form spherically shaped planets “Orbiting” (Planet means Wanderer) their respective Stars. Astronomers claim Planets suitable for life have been found; but just how does one observe a body that does not “Radiate” energy? The evidence is at best circumstantial, and again based on Gravity Theory. On Earth, a Magnetic Field, Atmosphere, Oceans and Life emerged with human beings acquiring Spirits and Souls. Magic isn’t it? Chaldean Magick to be more specific! To think, all this happened in an environment having nearly no molecular motion where background radiation is 2.73K or -4600 F. In addition to this unimaginable Cold, Space has no Pressure, very deadly Radiation and very little Light. “Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed”, so where did it come from? No proof of Gravity exists, nor is necessary to explain our weight or planetary motion, so why did Newton propose it? No proof of any elements heavier than helium has ever been observed within stars; the equations are based on Red Shift of Star Light and Theory. Questions: What is Light? How is it produced? How fast does it travel? Einstein said Light-speed is and has always remained constant; has this been proven? Finally, is the Light of Gen 1:3 anything like the “Lights” of Gen 1:14? If you have ever tried to explain what the Holy Ghost is to a person who denies God, you know what I mean. First, let’s (pardon the pun) “Look” at the “Lights” of Gen 1:14 that “Radiates” from the Sun and Stars.
Black Holes are necessary for Astronomers to explain galactic spiraling and Red Shift of Star light. Black Holes have so much Gravity, they suck in their own emitted light inside their “Event Horizon”. In order for Gravity to pull in Light, a Force must be generated and that requires Mass according to Newton’s equation F=MA. If light has Mass, a beam from a flashlight should act much like a thrown baseball. The curve is always parabolic “Elliptical”, not “Linear” and the apparent “Relative” velocity should slow exponentially, not remain constant. The only known source of light in the universe is nuclear fusion in stars, so if they collapse, isn’t that like getting a burned out, smashed light bulb without electricity to work? By definition, infinite gravity must smash all the atoms of hydrogen, so what would even create the light to begin with? Einstein observed the curving of light during a Solar Eclipse, but attributed the phenomenon to a Black Hole rather than simple Newtonian physics.
Radio and Optical Telescopes observe “Red Shift”. Is this an increase in the Wavelength of Light? Or is this an increase in the interval between packets “Quanta” of Light? If energy decreased over time, the latter would be expected. Does “Red Shift” mean Stars are traveling at different speeds or is the Light they produce simply traveling at different speeds? The “Emission Spectrum” of Stars is used to determine their chemical make-up; the claim is made that some Stars fuse Helium to form Lithium and even Carbon, but the Speed of Light affects the color of Light, so this may be explained by eliminating Einstein’s claim of a constant Light speed. Carbon is the Holy Grail of Astronomers who believe the Sun Creates the “Stuff” of Life; for believers in the Word of God, it is God Himself who produced Carbon. Einstein said Light Speed was constant, so the adjustment was accounted for in his Theories on Relativity. He married his relative, but he failed to prove Relativity; it’s a Theory and a relatively stupid one at that, relatively speaking! Waves travel by displacing a medium such as Water or Air. Space is a vacuum; the bible uses the word “Nothing” (Job 26:7) so it’s relatively stupid to call Light both a particle with mass as well as a mass less wave which cannot travel in a vacuum isn’t it? If you have a “Light Mill” or have seen a picture of a “Solar Sail” it is pretty obvious a mass less Wave cannot produce the Force observed to rotate the mill or push the spacecraft. A few years before Einstein, Michelson and Morley devised a simple experiment with 2 flashlights at 900 angles, aimed at a mirror reflecting the light through a prism to establish whether Space was a medium or whether the Earth was even in motion through it. The experiment concluded Space is not a medium and the Earth is not in motion. That information agrees with Scripture, but the Zionist Einstein ignored the simple evidence and designed a theory so complicated, nobody can explain it.
“Over the last 300 years, at least 164 separate experiments of the speed of light have been published” -Dr. Walt Brown “In the Beginning” p232. His book is available free online at Australian astronomer Barry Setterfield studied the results and concluded “the speed of light has apparently decreased so rapidly that experimental error cannot explain it”. M.E.J. Gheury de Bray published in the scientific journal Nature “If the velocity of light is constant, how is it that, invariably, new determinations give values which are lower than the last one obtained. There are 22 incidences favoring a decrease, and not 1 in favor of an increase in the speed of light”. V.S. Troitskii at the Radiophysical Research Institute in Gorky independently concluded “the speed of light was 10 billion times faster at time 0”. He also concluded the 2.73K background radiation and most “Red Shifts” are attributed to the decreasing speed of light. The measured age and size of the Universe is profoundly affected by the Speed of Light; perhaps by factors of billions. In 1960’s, the measured Speed of Light decay seemed to stop. Why? The method of measurement changed from Orbital to Atomic measurements and as will be seen, Atomic Clocks on Earth are subject to Acceleration whereas Orbital measurements are not.
At this point, there is experimental evidence to conclude Light generated from Stars like our Sun has Mass, its observable velocity is decreasing and this type of Light is biblically different from the Light God Created on Day 1.Einstein’s Relativity Postulates, state Light Speed is constant and independent of the velocity of its source. I believe he proposed them to cover for the original lie Newton proposed in Gravity Theory and here is the simple proof. The Earth’s surface is accelerating outward at 32 ft/s2; this is simple observable fact. Force=Mass times Acceleration (F=MA), so is this observed acceleration caused by the Force of Gravity? Is the Acceleration simply due to expanding matter? Or is it due to some other phenomenon? Atomic Time is measured using Cesium-133 vibrations and is slowing compared to Orbital Time which is usually measured by the Solar Year. Objects in space, whether they be Satellites, Planets or Stars have no acceleration; Space Shuttle astronauts float inside their ship rather than being thrown to the side as an amusement park ride would do. This Orbital measurement of Time is therefore not subject to acceleration whereas Atomic Time measured at the Earth’s surface is. This is similar to the decrease in of the velocity of Light in that Light like the Space Shuttle is accelerated to a particular velocity and then coasts. Another example is a baseball tossed vertically; as it leaves your hand, the Force on it becomes “0”; it follows a parabolic arc back to Earth with its apparent velocity slowing to “0”, reversing, and accelerating to maximum velocity at impact. Its velocity is never constant and if Light has Mass, it’s velocity should not be either.. For Light, this initial acceleration and velocity are far greater, but it still acts as an object with Mass should, which we observe as “Red Shift”. The apparent spiraling of Galaxies can be accounted for as simply a natural consequence of expansion of matter rather than the product of the unproven Force of Gravity. Light was Created on Day 1, Earth on Day 3 and the Sun and Stars on Day 4. Obviously the “Light” of Day 1 is not the “Lights” of Day 4 and if Gravity had been part of Creation, Earth would have been pulled into the Sun very shortly after.
Einstein’s General and Special Relativity ideas are only theories not facts. Light speed has not been experimentally observed to be constant, and from a biblical view, they are pretty silly. The crazy train must stop somewhere or his theories would lead to Warped Space-Time, Black Holes, Time Travel, Worm Holes, and Alternative Universes; we wouldn’t want that now would we? Star Light is simply radiation that the organs of sight in our eyes react to. Unlike Sound which travels as pressure waves through a medium such as Air or Water, Light needs no such medium. Scientific measurements show light speed is decreasing exponentially. Black Holes are an attempt to explain distant starlight being “Red Shifted”, but Gravity is a Force which has no observable energy source. The “Light” of Gen 1:3 cannot be the “Lights” of Gen 1:14, so what do Scientists claim is really “Light”?
Dark Matter is the theoretical material which absorbs all “Light”; hence it does not “Radiate” and cannot be detected. Vibrations of this material occur in multiple dimensions including “Time”; pretty handy if one needs to escape the Judgment of God eh? Super-String or Super-Symmetry Theory proposes to unify Gravity, Time and Light, but ts this the “Light” God said was “Good”? All Waves travel at some sort of velocity, so the aim of Science is to unify Light, Matter Creation and Gravity in some sort of “Standing Wave” called GUT for Grand Unified Theory.
Science claims there are 4 fundamental Forces inside the Atom: Strong Nuclear; Weak Interaction (Radiation); Electro-magnetism (Charge) and Gravity (God Particle). The energy source for these Forces is also Theory and has never been proven. All Atoms “Radiate” energy at various levels of temperature (energy). “Light” coming from the Sun and Stars reacts within our eyes to make things visible, but how does one describe the “Light” of Gen 1:3? For a Born Again Christian, the Holy Ghost is God and is as real as anything else, but explaining it to someone who has not been given the ability to perceive or understand it, the debate becomes “Mission Impossible”. Question: What does Science claim is this “Holy Ghost”?
Helium Nuclei “He+” are invisible to the human eye or ear, but are ejected from the Sun during Nuclear Fusion. The Greek “Helios” and Roman “Sol” is the mythical sun god, which generated the name Helium. Christmas is in fact the Pagan “Sol Invictus”, the birth of the invincible sun made possible through the sacrifice of Christ. The Holy Ghost was provided to Man after the sacrifice of Jesus; the acceptance of the Holy Ghost is a Marriage Covenant with the Sacrificial Lamb. The alternative to this is a Marriage or the Sun and Earth. Helium nuclei are positively “Charged” (Electric) particles which contact the negatively “Charged” Earth’s Magnetic Field. The Energy travels between the Poles and forms a Torroidal Chamber called the Magnetoosphere. The first Priests to recognize this and coduct the ritual of Sacred marriage were in fact called “Konn-Torrs” for Priests of the Torroid. There is no new thing under the Sun because this was 4200 years ago. Recall, the Egyptian Priests taught Sirius was a Carbon Star which generated the “Stuff” of life. Sirius “Star of Isis” is the Arab star “Al Qalb” known to Mormons as “Kolob”; Siriusly folks, it’s time to Wake Up!