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    Rick Wiles
    Re: False Teachers from May 2019 This is very helpful article explains why some of these preachers have false teaching for different reasons: (1) Blaming Jews e.g. Conspiracy World, Real Jew News; (2) Blaming Catholics: e.g. Eric Jon Phelps “Vatican Assassins”, Dave Hunt “Woman Riding the Beast”, Jack Chick (3) Rapture False Teaching: e.g. Barbara Aho “Watch Unto Prayer”, David Bay (Cutting; (4) Blaming Muslims: e.g. Joel Rosenberg and finally (5) Promoting Protestants: e.g. Nial Kilkenny ( Another red flag is those who promote idea of war or taking up arms for their county.
    Now I have followed Rick Wiles of Trunews from time to time and he is a moving target. He has changed and abandoned some bad teachings of the past; he is against rapture teaching; zionism and even is moving more towards anti-war. He put most of the prosperity gospel behind him (TBN) but I still think he holds some of those false teachings based on comments he makes. Based on introduction to his new book, he’s trying to go back to Christian history roots. He says he’ll emphasize Bible teaching more on the ‘podcast’; however recently the ‘shows’ have been boring because it is just a continuing rant against “jews who says they are jews but are not” – but I think he says they are? Also, he seems too accepting of false religious systems; for example calling catholics his spiritual brothers and sisters, etc. and taking the bait on questionable propaganda ’conversions’. He seems to be promoting the “unity” philosophy of copeland while having a less offensive presentation. Some have commented that he’s a secret world unity church leader with secret funding. I don’t know. Also, his constant rants seem to be fomenting the WWIII zionism vs islam Pike agenda ? Is that why they’re letting him stay on the airwaves? Anyway I did not read his new book (nor will I) for many reasons and because his Revelation teaching he has referred to is so off base, but I did read the forward to his book that was online; Here is an excerpt; there is a lot wrong with this in his acceptance of many gnostic teachings (although he has significantly improved on some other issues by apparently disavowing TBN but then mentioning it too much?). He has corrected many errors of the past, but still has a long way to go (like many of us). Does he have an agenda or not? I don’t know. He says (from book introduction, begin quote), “I am a follower of The Way, a disciple of Jesus Christ! I affirm the three ancient creeds of the true apostolic church:
    • The Apostles’ Creed,
    • the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed,
    • and the Athanasian Creed. (pro trinitarian)
    • I affirm the seven sacraments of the universal church.
    • I believe confession of faith in Jesus Christ and Trinitarian baptism in water are required for salvation.
    • I also believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion, the Eucharist, Thanksgiving Feast).
    • I do not believe in transubstantiation and a bloodless sacrifice on a church altar.
    • I agree with my eastern Orthodox and non-Roman catholic brothers and sisters who say that the Lord’s real presence in the Holy Communion meal is a “holy mystery” that cannot be understood by human minds.
    • By faith, we simply believe that our Savior is present in the Lord’s Supper nourishing our soul with his pure flesh and blood. In this regard, I lean toward traditional, conservative Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Reformed, and Methodist theology.
    • I study church history, particularly the ante-Nicene age and the Reformation age.
    I also collect and read very old Christian books. I see good things in almost all Christian denominations. Most of them began with a holy fire to truly proclaim the gospel of the kingdom and to defend the ancient faith. Along the way, however, doctrinal error crept in, and a lukewarm spirituality became the norm. Some became apostate and now ordain homosexual clergy, perform same-sex marriages, promote abortions, deny the divinity of Jesus, and invite witches, warlocks, and pagans to preach and teach in their churches. Such denominations and churches have departed the faith and can no longer be called Christian.
    I would readily join a new denomination that cultivates the best statements of faith, traditions, and characteristics of great religious movements in Christian church history. Perhaps they could name it the United Traditional Reformed Anglican, Presbyterian, Wesleyan Methodist, Lutheran, Primitive Freewill Baptist, Holiness Pentecostal, Eastern Orthodox, Holy Apostolic Old Catholic, African Methodist Episcopal, Evangelical Moravian, Messianic Disciples of Christ Assemblies of God! Forget it. That name won’t work. The outdoor church sign would be massive. City governments will never issue permits for church signs that big. The point I’m making is that I find good things in almost all Christian denominations. I can fellowship with members of most denominations and respect our differences. Sadly, many members of some denominations will not fellowship with me because I don’t worship their two-headed goat god: the rapture and Zionist Israel.
    Regardless, my soul yearns to know and practice primitive Christianity as found in the Acts of the Apostles and the writings of the ante-Nicene church fathers. The closer I get to original Christianity, however, the more alien and strange Babylonian Evangelical Churchianity looks to me.
    At the time of this book’s publication, I have been a born-again Christian for 41 years. Along the way, God has given me dreams and visions that gave me direction and/or insight into matters in my life. Indeed, the Lord gave me a dream about the Final Day before I was saved! It motivated me to go to church in 1978 where I heard the Gospel and eventually surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. Someday I will share it in another book.” (end quote partial excerpt).
    Another recent quote from a podcast called “TruNews’ Rick Wiles: A Christian Response to Michael Brown’s Neo-Nazi Accusations” with parts of the text description appearing here: December 11, 2019. An excerpt:
    “… I am a born again, Spirit-filled, Bible-believing disciple of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Nazis were a political movement of demon-possessed, occult-inspired, socialist, militant homosexuals who persecuted the Confessing Church in Germany. My wife Susan and I have been married for over 45 years. We have a diverse family. Our son is married to a lovely Philippine woman; thus, their two children are Caucasian-Asian. Our daughter and son-in-law adopted 8 children: two Russians, one Ukrainian, and five Latinos. Our family gatherings are little United Nations meetings. Our church ministry team is racially diverse too, plus employees who have physical handicaps… For the record, I totally reject Evangelical Zionism. John Nelson Darby was an occultist. Cyrus Scofield was a lying, deceiving swindler and conman. I am not a religious Zionist, nor a secular Zionist. I am a New Zionist! Old Jerusalem is not my eternal capital. Old Jerusalem is the harlot, the great city, Sodom and Egypt, the city that killed our Lord. It will be completely destroyed by fire when Jesus Christ returns to establish His everlasting kingdom on the new earth. Unlike today’s Evangelical Zionists, I do not idolize the State of Israel. I desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called my God: for he hath prepared for me a city. …” (end of second excerpt quote)
    What do you think? Many of us have been caught in these errors in the past or similar ones. He hasn’t exactly had a meteoric rise to fame although there have been some apparent short-cuts ? I do appreciate his work on the USS Liberty – because that was the issue that woke me up on a secular level many years back. It’s difficult to hurdle the vicious attacks that you have to endure when you’re so public. As for me, my local neighborhood website is so VICIOUS that I cannot even state a well documented fact without being pummeled by bully dissenters. But a secret following is sufficient I suppose ?
    Thanks again HR for all your wonderful information and inspiration (and prayers) 2 tests to go ….

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