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Peter: Crucified in Rome and/or Upside Down?

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    The basis of the Catholic Apostolic tradition is Peter being designated the first Roman Catholic Pope; the Rock of Mat 16:18 however is Jesus’ Divinity not Peter. Peter then designates Linus and Linus Anacletus according to this tradition with no historical or biblical proof.

    Church Fathers were Gnostics
    Clement of Rome (ca 97 AD) first proposes Paul and Peter were martyred in Rome; Peter in 64AD by Crucifixion Upside Down, 3 months after Nero set Rome ablaze in order to blame Christians; Paul in 65AD by beheading. No biblical evidence exists to support Peter ever traveling to Rome nor being Crucified Upside Down. The tradition which forms the basis of Catholic and Papal Apostolic succession was the product of Gnostics. Pope Linus (d 76AD) becomes the second Roman Catholic Pope by this Gnostic tradition; 2 Ti 4:21 mentions Linus but certainly not as Roman Pontiff or Vicarious Christ; there has never been anyone appointed by Jesus to be Church Father or Pope.
    The entire New Covenant is based solely upon the Divinity of Jesus Christ and forgiveness of Sins via the Holy Ghost.
    Apostle is an office created by the laying of hands from Jesus Christ; every believer in Jesus Christ since John of Patmos is a Disciple. This lets out the Roman Catholic Pope; Catholic means “Universal” and Mormon Apostles.

    Gnostic Tatian trains Clement of Alexandria (ca 200 AD) the son of Gnostic St Valentinus, considered the father of post Crucifixion Gnosticism. He declares No Heaven, No Hell, No literal Blood Atonement and No infallible Word of God. Valentinian are literal “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes”; Valentine’s Day is Lupercalia “Day of the Wolf”

    Clement trains Origen a Eunuch (ca 250 AD) the grandson of fake Jewish historian Josephus. He codifies texts into the Hexapla (6 denotes the work of Man). He declares Original Sin, Infant Water Baptism, Pre-existence of Souls, Indestructibility of the Soul, Universal Salvation and Allegorical interpretation of texts resulting in Vaticinus and Sinaiticus (Syriac Peshitta) translations. Indestructibility of the Soul was adopted as Roman Catholic Doctrine by Black Nobility Pope Leo X at the 5th Lateran Council. The Arch-basilica of St John Lateran is the Jesuit HQ and considered the “Mother of all Churches Worldwide”. Lateran means “Hidden Frogs”, the 3 unclean spirits of Satan (Dragon, Serpent, Devil Rev 12:9), Antichrist and False Prophet. The Roman Catholic Popes realize they are not the Bishop of Rome; Sede-vacante is held vacant in the St John Lateran Basilica for the False Prophet.

    Origen trains Eusebius (ca 325 AD). Origen was a Theraputae aka Order of Perfectibilists of Alexandria Nag Hamadi School who edits Codex Vaticinus and Codex Sinaiticus. Theraputae of Pergamon worship Apollyon the “Destroyer” of Rev 9/11 and kept the Throne of Pergamon aka Satan’s Seat which Jesus warned of (Rev 2:13)
    The Roman Catholic Bible is based on (Vaticinus), originally commissioned by the Pagan/Druid 1st Pope Constantine the Great. Sinaiticus, written in the 4th century, is held at the St Catherines Monastery, the location Constantine’s mother Helena decides is the real Mt Sinai; Gal 4 however says Mt Sinai is in Arabia. 50 copies are distributed to the first Catholic Churches beginning the age of Nicolaitane Doctrine (Nico=Conquer + Laity); an Elevated Clergy of Priests is formed to Conquer the followers of Jesus Christ using the Sign of the Cross; really an X and IHS “In Hoc Signo vinces” (By this sign conquer) which represents Planet X “Jupiter”.

    Eusebius trains Jerome (ca 370 AD) who divides the 49 (7X7 is then stamp of Perfection) books into 66 (the stamp of man) and deposits Sinaiticus at St Catharines Monastery in Egypt; later to become the Orthodox (Syrian, Aramean, Greek, Russian, Coptic etc) scripture. In Dan 9:27 Sinaiticus uses “70 Sevens” rather than “70 Weeks” which becomes the basis of Dispensationalism , 7 Yr Tribulation and Jesuit inspired Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Eusebius uses Vaticinus to produce Jerome’s Vulgate which is placed in the Vatican Library. Constantine’s Druid mother Helena proclaims Mt Sinai is in Egypt rather than Arabia as Gal 4 states and institutes Relic Worship by claiming to find pieces of the True Cross, Crown of Thorns and Nails. A Lie, scripture says Jesus was Crucified on a Tree, not the Pagan Tau Cross. Rabbis today open Synagogues of Satan with the Sign of Shin celebrating the 3 nails Jesus was Crucified with.


    The only source of Peter being in Rome and Crucified Upside Down is the Apocryphal Book Acts of Peter which is why it was rejected from the Canon of “Inspired Texts” in the 2nd Century AD

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