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Ukraine “Frontier” of the Kievan Rus (Russian branch of the Vikings=6 Kings; Zelesnkyy the 6th President of Ukraine), home of exiled Sarmation “Priest-Kings” aka Cult of Saturn aka Melchisedekians (“Melek + Tzaddiq “Righteous Priests”) called Khazaria. The Mark of Cain and Mark of the Beast is likely the Six Pointed Chaldean Star of Saturn, a Hex or Curse in Witchcraft seen on Saturn’s North Pole and worn as Crypto Jewish Yarmulkes
  • Ukraine is Khazaria considered the ancestral home of the “Serpent People” and is considered the Heart of Russia and Heart of Israel.
  • Volodymyr means “Renowned Prince”; Sar means Prince; Sargon the Great was likely the Kennite “Canaan”, the first born “Prince” after the Flood by incest with his Cainite mother was declared “Legitimate King”. Sargon the Great’s mother (Rabbis claim she was Namaah, the sister of Tubal-cain) was a Temple Prostitute in Ur of the Chaldees; Kamala Harris is a Boule Society “Noble Caste” Prostitute; likely a Tranny, British citizen born in Bengazi (Cyrenaica=Synagogue of the Libertines founded by Phoenicians in 630bc Acts 2:10; 6:9) Libya (Phut) named Kamal “Lotus; Perfection” Aroush “Angel of Paradise”. Stephen “Crown” was the first follower of Jesus to be martyred by the Men of Cyrene. Coronavirus made its pre-planned debut on St Stephen’s Day 2020 (Dec 26) when an annular solar eclipse formed a Crown around the Sun (AT&T pseudo documentary The Sign may ring a Baal); St Stephen’s is also Day of the Wren, Sir Christopher Wren designed 311 steps into the Monument in London topped by Coronavirus after Freemasons set fire to London. Coronavirus was “Classified” a Pandemic on Purim 3/11/20 for this reason. Abu Kamal on the Euphrates was bombed on Purim 2021 to make way for the Kings of the East to travel to Armageddon (Rev 16:12)
  • Oleksandrovych Daughter of the Sovereign; Defender of Men
  • Zelenskyy means “Green” Pale Horse is “Green” and the Antichrist; worship of the Pale Horse results in “Death” of the personal Name, and removal from the Lamb’s Book of Life, necessarily resulting in “Hell” (Rev 6:8)  Green Man is Dionysus/Bacchus and Arab al Khidr. Blue +Yellow=Green in an imperfect light absorption; Blue and Yellow form Black in a perfect light absorption. Zelenskyy celebrated Easter with an interview featuring a Ukrainian soldier wearing the Totenkopf Rune “Death’s Head”, a symbol of Cain and Kennites, seen today in the Skull & Bones, Society 322 and Pirates such as the Vikings and Kievan Rus or Rurikids.
  • Sarmation “Priest-Kings” were exiled in Crimea (Ukraine), the world’s largest Pyramids are offshore of Crimea; Sochi “Flame” the site of the Russian Olympics featured a giant Chariot of Apollo (Apollyon, Abaddon Rev 9:11); Sochi is home to a giant statue of Prometheus aka Tubal-cain breaking free of his chains. 
  • CERN (Cernunnos “Horned One”) uses the 666 Logo and is a reference to “Little Horn” (Dan 7:8) After claiming the discovery of the Gravition aka God Particle, the Force Carrier of Gravity which gives Mass to Matter and Order to the Universe on July 4, 2012; CERN is now searching for the source of Black Matter.
  • Zelenskyy a Crypto Jew and likely Tranny (Antichrist will not desire the affection of women Dan 11:37) delivered an Easter message from St Sophia (Ein Soph the Gnostic primal emanation of God; Sophia “Gnostic Wisdom”; Sophistry “Double meaning words”) Cathedral in Kiev “Christ has risen”; Easter is Ashtoreth aka Turan and has nothing to do with Jesus!
  • Ukraine is promoted as Heavenly Jerusalem by billionaire and self proclaimed Messiah ben Joseph Igor Berkut “Golden Eagle”, a refuge for Israelis during the Gog and Magog War; Rev 20:7-8; Exe 38-39 state Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium, just over 1000 years away.
  • Zelenskyy and Putin are both WEF (World Economic Forum) Young Global Leader School Grads; the Russian=Ukraine War is Staged; both are also Crypto Jews. WEF YGL Grads include NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg, EU President Ursula von der Leyen, ECB (European Central Bank) President Christine LaGarde, French President Emanuel Macron, British PM Boris Johnson, Germany’s Angela Merke, Hungary’s Victor Orban and others.
  • Rabbi Jonathan Cahn claims he is a Levite Priest defended from Aaron; Jesus (Melchisedek Gen 14:18) replaced that corrupted Priesthood (Heb 7). Cahn-man claims he has been asked to sound the Jubilee Trumpet; a Jubilee follows the Shemitah Year when land is forced to go fallow; Russia, Ukraine (Breadbasket of Europe), China ceased Wheat exports; the US is stopping Fertilizer shipments to Farmers and inflating the cost of Diesel, the lifeblood of the economy: Commercial Aircraft (Kerosene=Diesel), Trains, Commercial Trucking, Farm Equipment all run on Diesel. A Jubilee reverses the role of Slave and Master; currently Esau is “Yoked” to his brother Jacob, but not for long (Gen 27:39-41KJV) Dan 7:6 3rd Beast (Edomites) hand over worldwide Dominion to the 4th Beast of Iron  aka WEF 4th Industrial Revolution; the parallel seen in the Black Horse (WEF) closely followed by the Pale (Green) Horse. Cahn-man claims Russia, Iran, Turkey uniting, fulfills Eze 38-39 Gog and Magog; it does not! Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium over 1000 years from now (Rev 20:7-8) Cahn-man claims rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem is a biblical requirement; not quite “Howbeit the Most high dwelleth not in Temples made with hands” Acts 7:48; Jesus will destroy that Temple and everyone in the House of Esau (Obadiah 18).
  • Zelenskyy means Green; Blue + Yellow=Green (imperfect light absorption) but Black in a perfect absorption of light; CERN working in Black Matter now, the theoretical Primal Material of Creation which has perfect absorption of Light (Lucifer).
  • 194 Nations are about surrender Sovereignty to the WHO (Logo is Rod of Aesculapius “God of Plagues”) on May 22, 2022 during the World Health Assembly Esau surrendering Dominion to Antichrist? WHO uses the Rod of Aesculapius Logo, the Serpent wrapped Pole represents Aesculapius aka Apollo aka Apollyon/Abaddon (Rev 9:11), the same “Destroyer” CERN uses is Shiva dancing the Nataraja “Dance of Destruction” in front. The WHO are the Theraputae of Pergamon, guardians of Satan’s Seat, the Throne of Satan kept on Crete (Caphtorim) traveled to Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon to the Phoenician city of Tyre, to Pergamon (Rev 2:13) to Berlin and allegedly to Moscow. The Theraputae have the ultimate weapon today using mRNA/mDNA Gene Therapy to alter the God given Human Genome to that of a Trans-human product having no Rights in Heaven nor on Earth.

Cyrenaica: Land of the Phoenicians Kamala (Amalek); Amalaka is a notched stone disc topping Hindu Towers representing the Lotus and/or Sun) Harris/Kamal “Perfection” in Hindu “Lotus”. Donald Trump gave Jesuit Pope Francis a Lotus Flower called Rising Above, his family wearing funeral attire. Trump played the role of the Phoenix holding a black globe between the Egyptian and Saudi Arabian dictators and danced the Ardah, Arab Sword Dance. Kamal Aroush is likely the son of King Idris “Fiery Prophet/Leader”, the Emir (Male descendant of Muhammad ie a Quyraish (Koreish Bedouin; Num 16:32; 26:10) of Cyrenaica. King Idris was also the Chief of the Senussi Sufi Muslim Order and Army. His full name El Sayyid Prince Muhammad Idris bin al Mahdi as-Senussi. al-Mahdi is the Shia Messiah “Antichrist”.

Jesuit, Knight of Malta Joe Biden will travel to Jerusalem ahead of the G-7 (77) Summit (June 26-28, 2022) to proclaim “Zion belongs to Muslims”; Jesus returns to Zion to reclaim His property (Zech 8:3). Liber Oz: Book 77 may ring a Baal; 77 is the atomic number of Iridium “Rainbow” the symbol of the Edomite national god “Qos” (Bow=Rainbow, Poison/Toxin and Simplest Fabric, likely Graphene); Saturn is the God of the Rainbow. Dan 7:7 describes the 4th Beast of Iron brought in by the WEF 4th Industrial Revolution; the 4th Beast is the 4th (Pale=Chloro=Green) Horseman “Death”

America: Phoenix of the New Age Biden-Harris cancel Oil/Gas leases in Alaska (ANWR and North Slope contain over 1 Trillion Bbls with a pipeline in place) and Gulf of Mexico (Deep Water Horizon stands atop oil reserves the volume of Mt Everest under 7000 psi with pipelines in place); Keystone Pipeline halted; Diesel the lifeblood of the economy: Commercial Aircraft, Commercial Trucking, Trains, Farm equipment; Diesel shortages hit eastern US. Fertilizer shipments cut by Union Pacific to farmers. Ukraine, Russia (both led to Hell by Chabad Lubavitch handled Crypto Jews and WEF Young Global Leader School Grads) China (One Belt; One Road to Hell via Armageddon) halts Grain exports. Black Rock Group led by WEF YGL Crypto Jew Larry Fink buying and Inflating property/rent prices with taxpayer Government funds (Social Security, Medicare, Gov’t Pensions, PBGC (Government insured Defined Benefit pensions 33M people) as Crypto Jew, FED Chair Jerome Powell raised Interest Rates; the predictable outcome of the intentionally created bubble bursting is a government in default, homelessness, the inability to buy or sell and Creditors at the borders. What better time to put in an Unconstitutionally selected, Phoenician, Sacred Male Prostitute (Solomon’s “Strange Women”) as POTUS?